Sunday, December 23, 2012

NEW YORK Bedtime at Katherine Heigls house can take a while. As a mom of two daughters and ­seven other kids of the four-legged variety, she likes to give each one special attention.

The Emmy Award winner says first she tucks in her girls, 4-year-old ­Naleigh and baby ­Adalaide, who turns 1 in April. Then she takes her seven dogs through their own nighttime ritual.

I literally put each one to bed, and every one of them gets hugged and kissed before they go to bed, she laughed in a recent interview. It sounds absurd because there are some nights where youre like exhausted!, but theres never a night where I dont want that time with them.

The actress has channeled her love of animals to ending animal abuse. Shes launching a line of pet products called Just One, and portions of the proceeds go to help programs that foster, train, neuter and rescue animals.

Merchandise ranging from pet collars to apparel and accessories for people is available on the company website,

Its been an interesting and long process developing this, and it feels so rewarding and exciting that its coming to fruition, the 33-year-old actress said.

Recently she even helped fund two transport flights to send animals from Los Angeles kill shelters to North Shore Animal League on Long Island, New York, which is known as the worlds largest no-kill shelter.

Heigl understands not everyone can afford to help the way she can, but says,  If every person does one small thing to help one pet, that could be the solution to the whole problem.

Heigl says she bought her first three dogs  miniature schnauzers  because I just didnt know any better.

Since then, shes been turning to rescues.

One dog I rescued from Rhode Island while filming 27 Dresses. I love older dogs. I think people dont realize how much easier they are than puppies. I think they just sense or know that they have you to thank.