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    Bad treats?

    Just wondering if anyone else out there  bought some treats from the "treat bar" at the Petco up on 114 near Liberty Tree Mall this weekend? We bought the pooch some on Sunday. We gave him one Sunday night and two on Monday and he was violently ill all day Monday. I'm not sure it was definitely the treats, but that's the only thing that changed in his diet on those two days and he was completely fine before and now that we stopped letting him have his "cookies". He's had them before without any problem so I'm wondering if it was just a bad batch maybe. If anyone else bought up there this weekend and noticed their dog was sick after eating the bar treats let me know. I called the store and told them there might be a problem but the person on the phone said "ok, i'll tell the manager." who knows what actually happened, dogs get randonly sick but it just seems awfully coincidental and the poor little fella was sooo sick. 
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    Re: Bad treats?

    I would call Petco back and make sure you speak to a manager/supervisor,  also you can visit their website  www.petco.com  and report it.    An elderly dog or one that has medical issues could have dire consequences from the symptoms you described.             PS:  As a precaution they should remove the products in question from the shelves immediately.    Petco customer service # 1-888-824-7257
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    Re: Bad treats?

    Sorry to hear about your sick puppy. It very much sounds like it is indeed the biscuits. In a case like this, I find it is best to talk to the manager directly.
    I don't have a dog, but fish - and I buy fish tank supplies and fish food. I never liked the store you mentioned. Even though in this case, it might not be the store's fault. I hope you brought the leftovers back and got a refund. - Pingo