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    Re: Biopsy needed on dog's paw

    Not exactly!  I'm not religious but it's in the bible about dog saliva being a good thing!   PS:Test completed!
    Luke something about the leper re: bible reference.  Just kidding about the test, it seems no matter what I say you always have to have the last word!  I'm done on this thread anyway.  So I won't respond to any more posts here, unless it's from the original poster!

    Well, I'm not trying to have the last word - we were having a nice conversation as far as I can tell.  Yes, the passage I found is in Luke.  It states that the dog licked the leprosy wounds (ew), but didn't comment on whether that was good or bad for Lazarus.

    That was a mean thing to do/say.

    You can take this as my last word to you in any thread for any reason.
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    Re: Biopsy needed on dog's paw

    Daisy had the mass removed today and is doing fine (she LOVES the warm blankets that the vet gave her) and DH is on his way to go pick her up. Now we just have to wait a week to ten days for the lab results to see what the lump was. It seems like a long time to wait but at least we know that whatever it was it is now off of her.