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    Blue Buffalo recall

     I think a while back there was a post about what you feed your dog and someone mentioned Blue Buffalo.
     I just got an email about a recall on their dry dog food and wanted to get the word out, just in case.  It's just for a hiigher than normal amount of Vitamin D, so nothing deadly, but still...
    Here's the link:
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    Re: Blue Buffalo recall

    If anything, I think this speaks well of the company—addressing the problem quickly even though it poses a health risk to only a tiny segment of the dog population. And seriously, THAT's how you write a press release: a clear and realistic assessment of the threat, warning signs to watch for, actions to take, even an offer to foot the bill for vet testing expenses. Accidents happen, no matter how well an operation is run: it's how you deal with them afterwards that will cost you customer loyalty—or keep it.
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    Re: Blue Buffalo recall

    Thanks, tirbird!  It was me - we feed Gracie Blue Buffalo's Fish and Oatmeal for Large Breed.  Thankfully, it's not on the list.  We LOVE BB!!