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    cat that bites

    does anyone know what to do when you go to pet your cat and they bite?  He is also very strong and holds on and will dig his claws in arms also he will grab ankles while walking.  Why does he do this??

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    Re: cat that bites

    if this is new behavior, then he could be sick or injured.
    if he's always acted this way, he just may not be the affectionate type.

    I had a cat, Rascal, that liked to be pet, but if we picked him up he'd claw the heck out of us. Same with being brushed. And if Rascal was not in the mood to be pet, he'd bite or claw. If we ever touched Rascal's tummy, he'd immediately attack. Cats have very unique personalities.
    Have you tried only scratching his head or back? sometimes cats are very particular about where they like to be touched and where they do NOT want to be touched.

    if you found your cat as a stray, he just may have never had a person touch him in a kind way before. It may take a while for him to learn to like being pet, or he may learn other ways to show affection, like playing.
    It took 2 years and special treats to get Rascal to like being brushed.

    If you just want to stop the biting all together, I'd recommend spraying him with a water bottle when he attacks.
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    Re: cat that bites

    I second everything Pink says.  It sounds like a stray that is not use to human contact.  If it attacks you, def spray with water.  Let us know how you make out. 
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    Re: cat that bites

    My cat did/does this.  Spraying w/ water works, as does grabbing him by the scruff of the neck and holding him off the ground [it doesn't hurt him but it makes him pay attention].

    You have to let the cat come to you. I got my cat from the pound as a kitten, but he was a biter from the get go.  It wasn't until he was about a year and a half old that he crawled into my lap and I heard him purr for the first time. I had just moved, and he had a change of personality. 

    Sometimes his over aggression is b/c he has pent up energy and if you play w/ him [throw a toy around] he will relax and let you pet him after playing. He now loves being petted, and being brushed, but it took some getting used to for him. 

    You may just need to show your dominance. He won't bite my husband b/c my husband let him know who's the boss. I still baby him, so he will turn on me for no reason, or else lie in wait and attack me as I come around the corner. 9 times out of 10 he wants to play, but sometimes he's just in a bad mood.  When that happens, I grab him and stick him in a room by himself for about 20-30 minutes till he calms down.