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    Re: Cats and Dental Care

    I have been bitten too Alf but my cousins daughter who had 2 cats got bit when they were fighting and she tried to break them up. She got a serious infection.  But if I recall correctly, the bite was actually to the bone.  Can you imagine one tooth going to your bone!  Ugh..  I do have a great vet now Kar, you just have to be careful you are not paying for things that are unneccessary and that will probably come into play when Gracie is older.  And you are generally charged for a visit as soon as you walk in the door. I agree with Ruth about the cats breath.  If either of mine changed I would have to have them cleaned.  Right now, so far so good.  Good luck Alf
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    Re: Cats and Dental Care

    Thanks, everyone.

    His breath smells like cat breath; not pretty but not worrisome. It smells like tuna fish.  I think that is normal cat breath.  He eats just fine.  I only feed him dry food, in addition to human food and cat treats.  I have no doubt that he would eat any raw food or bones if I gave them to him; he eats pretty much everything, or at least tries it.  I'll try the CET additive and some chews [and maybe look into the bone thing] and make an appt w/ the new vet.  I'll probably wait a month or 2 before another vet appt just to let him recover from the last appt.  If he hadn't needed his shots, I would have walked out of there sooner b/c I did not like how they were treating him.