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    Do dogs get Pink Eye?

    My 4 month puppy's left eye was ooozy yesterday.  Today the white part is pink, but it doesn't seem as ooozy as yesterday although it definitely looks watery.  It doesn't seem to bother him.  Should I wait it out and see if it clears on its own or should I have him checked out by a vet?
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    Re: Do dogs get Pink Eye?

    Yes, dogs can get eye infections.  (I'm not sure if they are susceptible to technically the same infection as Pink Eye, though.)  I don't have concrete medical advice about this.  BUT, if it were me, and I'm a panicker, I'd wait until tomorrow (unless it takes a turn for the worse today) given that it seems better to you today than it was yesterday.  I'd leave it totally alone and keep a close watch on both how it looks and any change in his behavior regarding the eye.  I know simple eye infections can get better on their own so I'd see what happens in the next 24 hours. 

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    Re: Do dogs get Pink Eye?

    Dogs can get pink eye, conjunctivitis and other eye infections.  It could also be an allergy or irritation, like dust got it in and has worked its way out.  In high pollen times, my dog's eyes get runny and gunky.  Like Kar, I am a worrier when it comes to my dog, but I would watch it for another day, keep it as clean as you can and use hot compresses.  If it gets worse or he starts pawing at it or rubbing his eye against the rug or couch, I'd take him in. 

    Also, what kind of dog is it?  If he has "buggish" eyes like a chi, boston or pug, their eyes are more exposed to things like dust and debris.
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    Re: Do dogs get Pink Eye?

    Max has had a couple of eye infections. Both from allergies. I use the Terramycin robingirl linked to.

    However- there are two kinds of eye infections: bacterial and viral
    The Terramycin only treats bacterial.

    You should keep the eye clean in the meantime. Twice a day you can take a warm, moist cloth or paper towel and wipe the eye to clear away excess eye goop.
    Be careful not to use the same cloth on the other eye, and be sure to wash your hands, as you don't want to spread the bacteria.

    Also, don't let him rub at it. use an e-collar if necessary.

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    Re: Do dogs get Pink Eye?

    If the oozy stuff is colored in anyway you may not want to wait to go see the vet, colored tears are more likely to be a sign of an actual problem.  If its just weeping clear then its possible its an allergy reaction or something in the eye.

    My cat has allergies, its incentive for me to keep up on the housework, cause it never fails, I'll miss dusting a corner and she'll go stick her nose in it and end up with one or both eyes swelling and weeping.  Usually goes away in a couple hrs to a day.  The vet said that as long as that holds true then she's fine, if it lasts longer than that then I need to bring her in.

    Just be carefull and if it doesn't go away definetly get him into a vet, an eye infection left untreated can cause blindness.
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    Re: Do dogs get Pink Eye?

    Yes one of my dogs had it twice when he was a puppy but that was about 8yrs ago and he hasn't had it since. He did not care for the eye drops :(
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    Re: Do dogs get Pink Eye?

    Penny had very similar symptoms the first week we got her.  I brought her to the vet and they diagnosed conjunctivitis and said its extremely common.  They gave me some eye drops for her and within a week it cleared up.

    I tend to be cautious so my advice would be to schedule an appointment with your vet. 
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    Re: Do dogs get Pink Eye?

    The doctor will give you something, for sure, if you go just in case it's bacterial and drops or ointment would help.  But, it's possible for conjunctivitis and other eye infections to clear up in a week or so on their own (I just had a stye, actually, that did).  No harm waiting 24 hours to see if it improves.  I say that because he won't go from the symptoms he has to blindness in 24 hours and there's no guarantee that the prescription would help, anyway, because the vet can't diagnose whether it's bacterial or viral.  The only way to know is if the stuff you get from the vet makes it go away faster than it would on its own.  It's hard to tell even then because you obviously didn't try it both ways, lol.
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    Re: Do dogs get Pink Eye?

      http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=9674   1-800-562-7169      Terramycin antibiotic opthalmic ointment   it's reasonable, and it works, also available at     http://www.carealotpets.com/Products/Terramycin-Ophthalmic-Ointment-Tube-35-gm__1736.aspx       1-800-343-7680 

      Great for the "bug-eyed" types, I use it prophylactically with good results.   It's not drops, it is an ointment,  just get a tiny amount in there, close the eyelid and gently rub for a second to get it all over.  No prescription required,  I'm sure I've avoided a few trips to the Vet because of it.

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    Re: Do dogs get Pink Eye?

    Pink, How are you?? Miss your posts.. I know you are busy now. But you are missed : )
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    Re: Do dogs get Pink Eye?

    HI Lejaf,

    A dog whose eye is pink and has discharge should always be checked out by a veterinarian as soon as possible. While it very well could be a mild irritation or self resolving conjunctivitis, it could also be something more serious like corneal ulcer.  Corneal ulcers can progress very rapidly and the sooner that treatment can be started the better.  Again, that may not (and I hope that it isn't) the issue with your dog, but best to rule it out and the only way to do that is with a veterinary exam. 

    Hope that helps and I wish you good luck with him.

    Dr. Lisa Maciorakowski, Angell Animal Medical Center