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    Do you have an overweight pet?

    There is an article in today's Globe that says the percentage of obese pets in America is growing. Why? According to the article, it's because of the growth of sugary pet treats, the normalization of obesity in the human population, and the trend of rewarding pets with food for everything they do.

    Do you have an overweight pet? Do you take offense if someone tells you your pet is overweight? Why do you think your pet is overweight? Does your pet's weight concern you?

    Here is the article:
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    Re: Do you have an overweight pet?

    I followed advertising's lead when we got Gracie and promptly bought Pupperoni and other such treats almost as soon as we brought her home.  I casually looked at the ingredients one day (it never crossed my mind that it could be seriously bad for her), and WHOA, the first ingredient was corn syrup!  I thought it would be chicken or liver or something...ignorance was bliss.  Needless to say, that was the last of those.  I was ticked that those things were even available and marketed to pet owners and even moreso at myself for not looking at the ingredients first.  It was like we were training her with Twinkies.  After that, I bought cheap chicken livers, hearts, gizzards and just stewed them on the stove.  Quick, easy, cheap, and nothing artificial.  Not to mention she'd learn about anything for that.

    Gracie isn't fat, but it's a battle.  From 5:00 - 8:00 she whines at the food door for more.  The vet says she needs to lose 7 lbs so she's NOT STARVING.  It's her breed, the Flabrador.  I save the baked skins of the pumpkins I use for our cooking and put them in her Kong as a low calorie treat that takes her awhile to dig out and things like that to occupy her until she gives up and goes to bed.  It's tough on all of us to keep her slim and trim.

    ETA:  Forgot to answer the "take offense" question.  Gracie is our first dog, and I didn't know that a dog might cry for more food if they really didn't need more.  So, she whined, and I fed her more.  She whined some more...you get the idea.  She got up to 85 lbs - kind of chunky.  When the vet informed me of this, I was definitely not offended!  I was happy to know so I could do something about it.  Now, she's a healthy 77 lbs.  The only reason she should lose 7 more (which would put her on the skinnier side) is that the surgeon who did her knee operation told us 70 lbs is where she should be to reduce the risk as much as possible to the other knee being torn.  77 lbs, however, is not overweight for her, per se.
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    Re: Do you have an overweight pet?

    Just like people they need to move more and eat less!

    Treats can be things like carrots (low calorie and filling), measure the amout of food you're giving them, unless they have a specific condition that dictates otherwise, no pet needs to eat more than once or twice a day.

      I admit indoor cats are more of a challenge but there are toys and activities you can engage them in to provide exercise.  I don't mind when the vet tells me my pet is overweight. 

     Obesity can lead to health problems and $$$ for treatment if you don't take steps to reverse it.  With dogs... get out and walk!

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    Re: Do you have an overweight pet?

    No, I have a 10.5 week kitten and if I let him, he'd eat all day. But I don't. Instead, I play with him whenever I can, and I know that's not always easy, but it's really what they want - love and attention, just like people, which many don't get and is why many people are overweight too. Give more love and you'll get more love, and lose pounds at the same time.
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    Re: Do you have an overweight pet?

    I DID have a cat that was overweight, not necessarily b/c he ate too much (well, maybe), but b/c he's an indoor cat...hard to excercise. Fortunately/Unfortunately, I had to rush him to Angell Memorial for a UTI. After a lot of stress and $1200, I took ALL of the vet's advice. He's been on a prescription wet diet for 2 years now. He loves the food and has lost 7 pounds! Back to his fighting weight...and I probably added a lot more years to his life. The canned wet food isn't as expensive as you may think...about $1.10/can.
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    Re: Do you have an overweight pet?

    No, my pit bull is trim b/c I love her and I'm careful about what goes into her body.  I buy good dog food that has top notch ingredients.  When I was training her, I used food, but the idea with training is that eventually, you don't use the treats anymore.  If you love your dog, you will keep them healthy and control their weight.  Same goes for your own body.
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    Re: Do you have an overweight pet?

    Kar - love the Flabrador nickname! Bosco's a big boy - close to 90 lbs. - but he isn't fat at all (his vet says he's perfect, although I already knew that!) but if left to him, he'd certainly munch all day. He whines at the 'treat door' (my home office where I keep the big box of his biscuits) as well and has the 'if you loved me, you'd give me a treat' look down pat. I thought my mom had perfected the guilt trip but she was an amateur compared to Bosco!

    The thing that surprised me so much when reading the Globe piece was the calorie count in the dental chew and rawhides. I don't give him many rawhides but he does get a dental chew in the morning even though I brush his teeth as well. I just checked the bag thinking that I'd missed something but calorie counts aren't listed. I do check the ingredients list but I was still surprised at that.

    I'll have to ask the vet at Bosco's next checkup to see if there's an optimal daily calorie count for him and try to figure it out. Hopefully I'll be better at watching his calories than I am at watching mine!
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    Re: Do you have an overweight pet?

    Hey, bp!  Good to see you.  Dr. Oz had a vet on to talk about this issue and Dr. Oz had his own 6 month old Black Lab puppy on the show.  The guest vet told him his pup was a little overweight, lol!  Anyway, it was the vet who used that name, and I stole it. :)
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    Re: Do you have an overweight pet?

    Our cat Tom was once overweight and diabetic. I had to give him shots. Now that he has lost weight (on a diabetic maintenece diet), he's fine, frisky, and shot free.
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    Re: Do you have an overweight pet?

    Both pups are slim and trim, no matter how much or what I give them they just run it right off.  I've actually tried to put weight on Apollo and he just runs it right off  or puts it into his next growth spurt.  No puppy fat on either one of them!

    My younger cat is decidely chunky though, unfortunetly theres not much I can do about it right now as its a side affect of the diet I have to feed my older cat, and I've never had any success with feeding the cats differently.  I do my best to keep her excercised so that she doesn't pack on too much, she loves chasing the red dot of the lazer pointer.

    I wouldn't be offended if someone pointed out to me that one of them was on the chunky side, heck, I call Trouble my "pudgy kitty" all the time these days, cause she is!
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    Re: Do you have an overweight pet?

    kitty, congratulations for getting Tom off insulin.  Awesome!!