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    Dog bitten on tongue

    My sister-in-law recently adopted a 5-year-old yellow lab, and we tried (unsuccessfully) to introduce my pug to her last night.  SIL said that her dog sometimes growled at other dogs, so I kept my dog's leash tight in case.  My dog sniffed her a bit and she seemed fine, then out of nowhere she lunged at him.  My dog didn't cry at all, and he didn't seem hurt, until I noticed his tongue.

    It looks as though the lab bit his tongue; there is about a 1/4 inch slit in the side of it.  It bled a little at first, but the bleeding has stopped, there is no swelling, and he is eating and drinking normally.  He's been licking at the air more often though, almost as if it feels weird to him.

    I've been told we have no reason to worry since the tongue is one of the quickest parts to heal on a dog, but has anyone had any experience with something like this?  Is there anything I can do for him in the meantime?
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    Re: Dog bitten on tongue

    Gosh, Pugs, that's horrifying!  Although, like you said, thankfully it's not as bad as it could have been, and if he's eating and drinking normally I'm assuming you don't need to do a thing.

    So strange for a lab - I wonder if it was abused.  Did you SIL get its history before adopting a vicious LAB?  You've got to go some to get a lab to behave that way...  Does it have rabies?
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    Re: Dog bitten on tongue

    The lab wasn't abused and she doesn't have rabies, but the situation is a little odd.  My SIL's cousin breeds labs, and SIL adopted the mom.  However, she is pregnant with her last litter right now.  So they took a pregnant dog and moved her into a new environment with a new family, which didn't seem like the best idea to me.  Once she's ready to have the puppies she is going back to the breeder for a bit, then she comes back to live with my SIL permanently.

    I'm wondering if the combination of being pregnant and being taken out of her environment has made her more aggressive.  Either way, my dog won't be spending any time with the lab again! 

    He's doing much better now, and his tongue seems to be healing up already.  He was a little clingy that night, but he seems back to his old self now.  He's pretty tough for a little guy.  :)
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    Re: Dog bitten on tongue

    labs can have aggression problems just like any other dog. It could have been any number of things- some big dogs don't like small dogs, some dogs aren't good at reading other dogs' body language. If she's a breeder dog, chances are she doesn't get to spend a lot of time with strange dogs or dogs of different breeds.

    and a possibility is that he bit his own tongue because she snapped at him and he had to flinch very quickly. Max has bit his own lip before in a similar way, he tried to grab something very quickly and one of his eye teeth caught on it, it healed very quickly.

    his tongue should be fine. just watch for redness and swelling. if you want, you can try to put a little appe clider vinegar in his water, as it can help stave off infections.
    sorry you had a scare! but it's a learning experience, that's for sure.
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    Re: Dog bitten on tongue

    The dog should be OK.  My dogs get in fights with each other from time to time and every now and then one's tongue gets bit.

    Your sister will have a handful.  It doesn't take much to set an aggressive dog off.  It can be looking eye to eye for just a little too long.  One carrying their head too high - a lot of stuff.

    The best way to introduce 2 dogs is on a walk.  Start out with the dogs away from each other and gradually bring the closer as they walk side by side.  Meeting nose to nose can be threatening. 

    Trust me, I have a terrier that is quick to go after other dogs.
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    Re: Dog bitten on tongue

    DWL's right about the walk. plus having the dogs on neutral territory helps.