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    Dog gives me gray hairs... but I love her just the same

    So we built a wood gate on our deck to allow our pup to sit out on the deck and enjoy the sunshine. She loves it out there, but couldn't be trusted to stay up there even if we just turned our backs for a second and because we haven't putin the fence in the yard yet, we didn't want to take a chance.
    Our pup was out there on Saturday and Sunday and we were so pleased with ourselves as it seemed to make her so happy to be outside and we didn't have to be quite as diligent, though we didn't leave her for more than a minute or so and stayed in ear shot.
    Today, I opened the back door to let the girl go sit in the sun and then started cleaning up inside some. A minute later, I hear a scambling out on the deck and realize she has ducked into a space that is about 6-8 inches square where the gate meets the deck and is falling down the deck stairs. The deck is about 25 feet off the ground and the steps are steep.
    I'm horrified and thinking the worst as she tumbles down the entire flight of stairs, but she pops up and starts running circles in the yard. I run down after her and grab her collar to get her up the deck stairs. In her excitement/stunned state of running up the stairs, she started falling through the openings between the stairs... giving me my second heart attack in a minute. I picked her up and removed her from the opening between the stairs and carried her into the house.
    While I love this darling dog, I think she is going to cause me to age more quickly. Between the keeping her "quiet" after her spay (she was cleared yesterday for "normal" activity) and her daring escape attempts, I'm surprised I haven't had to visit the doctor myself.
    And for those concerned, we will be adding some latice to the bottom of the gate. Turns out a 6 x 6 space is big enough for a 50 pound dog to fit through.
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    Re: Dog gives me gray hairs... but I love her just the same

    You'll feel much better when you get the yard fenced in, it makes a big difference!

      Even then you still have to keep an eye on them you never know what they'll get into!  

    PS: She'll learn to navigate those steps like a pro in no time,  you'll see!  

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    Re: Dog gives me gray hairs... but I love her just the same

    teacher, I can totally relate.  It's been one thing after another with Gracie since we got her.  I'm currently monitoring her right leg for any sign of her favoring it after she pulled a muscle a couple of weeks ago.  It's 99% healed, it seems, but how much activity is too much?  We walk in the woods, and there are ticks, fisher cats, bears, coyotes, etc to worry about constantly.  She is fearless with vehicles and has, on occasion, leapt off the rock wall onto the driveway directly in front of the UPS truck.  DH takes her hiking, and she has no fear of heights going millimeters from the jagged, steep edge.  She's always finding something disgusting and potentially harmful (bones, disease, etc) in the woods.  She has a hunting vest, but could get shot.  The salt on the road burns her feet.  I could go on and on, but hopefully this is enough for you to feel commiserated with. :)

    ETA:  Oh, yeah, how could I forget six months post-knee-surgery?!  Talk about gray hair.  I feel like I held my breath the whole time especially when she got the infection and we thought she'd need another surgery to remove the plate.  Oh, and after she fell on it...twice before the 3 month mark.  OMG, I'm getting anxious just thinking about it.
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    Re: Dog gives me gray hairs... but I love her just the same

    Oh, teacher, so sorry to hear about this!  It sounds like you're doing all the right things, though...and the sooner that fence gets put up, the better!
    All I can say is, she's still a puppy, and they are by definition high energy...hang in there, she'll start to calm down a bit once she gets used to the rules...and in the meantime, keep that eagle eye on her.  It sounds like you handled the situation well, for what it was...

    I take it you're doing some obedience training with her?  Sounds like it. 

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    Re: Dog gives me gray hairs... but I love her just the same

    It's true they do calm down as they mature, I actually like my dogs better after the age of four or so, they seem to be more intellectual!