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    Durable Dog Toys

    So Daisy and Lily are doing much better together this week... but I now have two dogs that REALLY like stuffed toys.  So I feel like I'm always fixing toys they've ripped apart and broke the stuffing out of.  (not to mention pulling stuffing out of their mouths and picking it up off my floors and furniture)

    Are there any suggestions for durable soft toys?  Ones with squeakers would be even better. I saw on another thread something about stuffingless toys... who makes them and where can I find them?

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    Re: Durable Dog Toys

    Hm, I've never had a stuffed one last.  I've tried many "good" brands, too.

    But, if they will be happy with soft fabric and not necessarily need stuffing to be happy, Gracie loves the stuffingless critters.  They are long, furry creatures with no stuffing except for the heads that have a squeaker.  Gracie loves them and they last a long time. (I cut the squeaker out of the heads, though, because she hates those.)  She's had her current one for a few months, a rooster.  I get her the bird varieties because, well, she's a bird dog. :)
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    Re: Durable Dog Toys

    Try Skinneez stuffing free dog toys.  They are fairly indestructible.  They'll eventually get pulled apart but that's not necessarily a bad thing - they can get a little gamey after a while.
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    Re: Durable Dog Toys

    my dog loves squeeky toys but she can destroy a toy that is labeled "indestructible" -- i bought her a stuffingless one - a skunk - that has a squeaker in both the tail and head -- she has yet to rip the squeaker out and she plays with it all the time in the house -- you can play tug of war with it as well -- this is a dog who i buy bad cuz's for by the dozen cause if she gets the ball indoors she tears the squeaker out in a matter of minutes -- we manage to mostly keep those in the car for our off leash walks -- you can get the suffingless ones at any petsmart -- they are reasonably priced
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    Re: Durable Dog Toys

    bamboo combat dogs toys are incrdedibly durable, the fabric is made from bamboo, but feels like a thick nylon and all of the stitching is reinforced and protected.:

    you can also just google "bamboo combat toys" and get a ton of results from amazon.
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    Re: Durable Dog Toys

    awesome!  thanks everyone... I think the girls will be getting some Christmas presents :o)