Fall Photos 2011

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    Re: Fall Photos 2011

    TT, the Tibetan Mastiff is both very similer and very different from most other mastiff breads, the differences are striking, and not just because of all that fur, I suspect its the result of some rather strict evolution in a society that didn't have the connections to the outside that the European mastiffs did (the breed literally comes from the Tibet region of the Himalaya's) plus the high altitude throwing in some curve balls.  They're also generally smaller and faster than, say, the English Mastiff (though some breeders in China are trying to change that, for the worse in my opinion).  Theres some signifigant temperment differences too.

    He does ok on steps, even the steep ones to the pool.  He doesn't care for them, but thats more because we don't have alot of steps around the house than anything else.  Those legs won't get signifigantly longer.  We're expecting, at most, another 2-3 inches in height out of him by the time he's full grown.

    And yes, he's my handsome baby!
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    Re: Fall Photos 2011

    Here's Gracie at Crane Beach today, her first salt water experience.  And, what's more "Fall" than a hunting vest on a Black Lab?

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    Re: Fall Photos 2011

    Kar - Bosco loves going to the beach - it's quite amusing to see him try to catch the small waves. I can't get over how patient Gracie is in posing for your photos. Bosco may be a month older, but Gracie is much more mature and obedient! I wish they could be friends, too - maybe some of it would rub off on him :)
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    Re: Fall Photos 2011

    Thanks, BP!  I should admit, though, that she's definitely not posing, I just take pictures until I catch what appears to be a good pose rather randomly.  Gracie doesn't try to catch the waves - she had one crash over her head and then she ran like mad toward the shore to avoid another such experience with every wave after that.  She seemed to think it was a fun game, though.  So, Bosco would be running in while Gracie would be running out!