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    Feral/Stray Cats spay/neuter and rabies shot $50.

    Massachusetts-Boston area-   


    Alliance For Animals
    232 Silver Street
    South Boston, MA 02127-2206
    617 - 268- 7800

    The mission of the Metro Action Clinic includes:
    To reduce, and ultimately eliminate the killing of healthy, otherwise adoptable dogs and cats at area pounds and shelters, simply because they are surplus or cannot be sheltered. This is accomplished by providing affordable, accessible SPAY/NEUTER services to anyone in need of those services, thereby preventing the birth of unwanted animals.

    Other surgical procedure - e.g., dentistry, hernia repair, biopsy, hematoma, amputation, ear-tipping ferals


    AfA has also launched a program with Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, where feral cats are taken for free spaying and neutering - and any other necessary medical treatment - by fourth year veterinary students.
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    Re: Feral/Stray Cats spay/neuter and rabies shot $50.

    Some more options for low cost spay/neuter    http://armv.org/clinics/         cats and dogs

    Not sure if the info in the previous post is current.    MSPCA also offers spay/neuter programs