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    Has your dog ever helped you get a date?

    A survey by Klooff reveals dog breeds that help people get dates.

    Find out which dog breeds help attract men and women to their owners here:

    Has your dog ever helped you get a date?
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    Re: Has your dog ever helped you get a date?

    No, but I did meet a wonderful Realtor while I was walking my dogs. 
    He was also walking his dogs and we got to talking and he gave me his card. 
    He turned out to be extremely helpful.    
    So, yes, you are more likely to meet and interact with other people if you are walking a dog.    
    Where it might lead (if anywhere), that's another story!
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    Re: Has your dog ever helped you get a date?

    Would have, if I were still single!  We have a Victorian Bulldog (Sadie); very affectionate and gregarious.  It amazes me the number of people who will compliment her, especially women and kids.  I should add, we got her from the Humane Society (of Ann Arbor).  If at all possible, if you're dog/cat shopping, make it a point to visit your local HS.  Those critters very much want someone to love them.
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    Re: Has your dog ever helped you get a date?

    I joke with my husband that it's too bad he didn't get our dog before we met.  Our little pooch (who we think is a lab/collie mix) loves people and he's such a cutie that people are always stopping to greet him and ask us questions about him.  He would've made a great "meet a date" dog.
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    Re: Has your dog ever helped you get a date?

    Choose the right dog breed to attract suitors

    By Tenley Woodman | Saturday, October 6, 2012 | | Lifestyle Photo
    Photo by Angela Rowlings

    That guy with the German shepherd? Must be marriage material.

    The woman with a poodle? Watch out, she is probably high maintenance.

    A survey by the startup behind the new pet-centric smartphone app Klooff claims your pet dog could be sending all the right or wrong signals to potential suitors.

       The kind of dog that you own, that you are a parent to, really projects the person you want to be or you are,   said Klooff founder Alejandro Russo, 24, of Santiago, Chile.

    Klooff surveyed 1,000 people online and in dog parks in Santiago, New York City and Los Angeles.

    The top five breeds for attracting female attention, in order of most desirable to least, are German shepherds, golden retrievers, Labrador retrievers, Siberian huskies, and French bulldogs. Beagles, poodles, chihuahuas, Labrador retrievers and golden retrievers are most likely to lure men.

    Boston dog owners and workers in the South End werent surprised by the findings, but did squabble over some of the details.

       Labs and goldens definitely imply happy people,  said Sarah Gazdowicz, 25, a sales clerk at Polka Dog Bakery in the South End.     Chihuahuas imply a nervous person.

    According to the survey, Labrador retrievers made men appear as great dad material, while chihuahuas painted their female owners as high maintenance or dumb.

       Guys who own pit bulls and Rottweilers were characterized as sketchy or slimy.

    Marie Galvin, a Fort Point Channel resident and hat designer, is aware of peoples assumptions when they see her with her 2 year-old chocolate brown chihuahua, Maxx.

    Chihuahuas are always thought of as high maintenance because of Paris Hilton,  Galvin said.

    But as the survey shows, and as Galvin has witnessed with her husband, smaller dogs work in a guys favor.

    Girls probably hit on him more when hes walking (Maxx),    said Galvin.      When girls see straight guys with little dogs they are attracted to them.   It makes (the men) appear secure with themselves.

    Larger breeds do the same for women.

    But Michele Jacaruso, a dog walker and Labrador retriever owner, thinks humans are the ones who impact their pets image.

    Dogs always reflect their owners, regardless of their breed,   said Jacaruso, a South End resident. If the owner is neurotic, the dog will be neurotic.

    Jacaruso said it is true with her and her 11-year-old black Lab, Garvey.

    My dog does things to aggravate, just like I do,   she said.

    Whatever the breed or disposition, the survey offered hope for dog-owning lonely hearts.

      Owning a dog makes you more attractive than not owning a dog.    People really prefer someone that is a dog lover than one who is not,    Russo said.  They think its like a red flag that you cant commit.

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