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    I hate pit bulls

    Took my 22lb terrier hiking today in the Blue Hills.  We were hiking up the trail when I see someone with a pit bull coming down the trail.  I saw the dog was on leash, but I figured to give it a wide berth anyways.  The owner of the pit had the same idea so when we pass each other we were a good 20 yards a part.  Suddenly I hear shouting and look up to see the pit bull charging us.  Apparently it wiggled out of it harness.

    I stepped in front of my dog and when the pit bull ran around me, I kicked it in the head 3 times.  The kicks to the head had no impact and the pit set on my dog.  I kept kicking it in the head when I tripped and fell.  The owner showed up and started kicking his dog in the head as well.  His dog and my dog were locked up.  The pit was big, probably a mix.  Weighed probably 70lbs.  We were both kicking his dog in the head when it finally let go.

    My dog was limping but not much blood.  

    The pit bull got a solid "bad girl" from its owner.  He should have beat the shit out it as punishment for launching an unprovoked attack.

    I washed out my dogs wound with some water and took him home.  Washed the wound out more thoroughly and saw there were 2 bites.  Shaved the area around the wounds and saw they were worse than I initially thought plus my dog was still limping so I took him to the vet.

    They thought his front leg might be broken but the X-ray was negative.  They shaved his shoulder and it revealed several bites.  He had bites on both sides of his shoulder.  The entire area looks like hamburger meat.  

    Ive seen 2 unprovoked attacks on dogs.  Both times they were by pit bulls.

    I don't think all Pits are bad, and certainly the owners bear the blame.  But there are entirely too many bad pits with clueless owners.  And how am I to know which pit bulls have good owners and which have bad owners.

    Just ban the breed.  None of this muzzle nonsense.  And for the good pit bull owners, I say too bad.  Why should the rest of us be put in danger because you think a dog bred to kill other dogs would make a good pet.
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    Re: I hate pit bulls

    Seems like a very controversial subject,  Petco forum has an ongoing debate about pit bulls also.

    I have never owned one, but if I did, I would muzzle the dog whenever I was off my property (fenced in yard) to avoid potential liabilities, if nothing else.
    Same thing for a german shepherd or any other aggressive breed or mix. 
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    Re: I hate pit bull dogs