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    Medication pricing and recommendations

    Getting ready for our annual exam for Cody at the end of the month and as much as I love his vet and wouldn't go anywhere else, I'm often hit with sticker shock at check out.  Sometimes it's because of the cost of his blood tests for kidney issues, but it's also because his meds are so expensive.  He's a senior dog with kidney problems that often requires specialized meds that won't irritate his kidneys further.  Last year he had an infected cyst on his paw and a special antibiotic for him that wouldn't harm his kidneys was $150 for 30 days!

    This year I'm going to try to prepare ahead of time and look into more affordable options for prescriptions and over the counter the meds before I go to the vet. That way if he's prescribed something I'm not locked into getting it at the vet's office and have a plan in place that's more affordable.  Any suggestions for where people get heartworm medication and also where to get reasonably priced pet medication prescriptions (online or offline pharmacies)? 
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    Re: Medication pricing and recommendations


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    Re: Medication pricing and recommendations

    I have a dog that's diabetic and his insulin and needles can be pretty costly.  Since the insulin and needles are the same that is used by humans, we are able to buy it at a pharmacy and use our flexible spending account to pay for it.

    If you are able to buy it at CVS or some other pharmacy, then you too would be able to use your flexible spending account.  It doesn't make it any cheaper but at least its reduces your income tax bill.