moral dilemma - to get cats or not

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    moral dilemma - to get cats or not

    1. Cats SHOULD be exclusively indoors. They live longer, healthier lives that way.� Some argue that this is cruel to cats, who should not be locked up indoors.� Anyway, I'm not fighting this one - we live in Boston so the cats would be indoor, at least for now.� I knew she was going to say this and I am one who lets her cats outside.� But that's my cats.� Born under a barn, they started life feral.� Most cats born indoors can and should be kept indoors.� If you live in the city, either keep your cats indoors or don't have cats. 2. Cats do not give a #### if you leave them alone. They might if they're used to you always being there and then suddenly you're not, but if you always leave them for work and for a weekend night, they will be fine.� I would like to believe this, it would help me rationalize, but don't you think they want some human companionship?� I don't want cats who don't like/care about people.� What's the point then???� Again, it's all about the routine.� They learn the routine quickly and come to expect it. They do sleep most of the time.3. Unless you're going away for a week or more, cats don't need a sitter. We leave them for long weekends 3 or 4 times a year and they're fine.� What if they get a hairball and choke?� Seriously?� Am I being really lame/over-worried?� You are being overly worried.� If you are afraid to leave them, don't get them.� You certainly can't be with them all the time so what's the difference between one hour and three days? 4. Big girls don't let their mothers guilt them.� :) Cats can b
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    Re: moral dilemma - to get cats or not

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