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    moving to a new home

    My 6 yr old Shih Tzu has only known one home in his life.  However we will be moving soon into a new home.  Any suggestions on how to make the transition go as smooth as possible?
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    Re: moving to a new home

    I think the same is true for pets as it is for people, home is where the heart is - where you and his bed is will be home.  Set up his bed/special place first and give him lots of praise and treats as he sniffs out his new home.  If you want any rooms to be off limits, decide on that now and never let him in there so he's never confused.  For instance, we don't let Gracie upstairs, and if we moved I'd be sure to never let her upstairs in the new place.  

    Pets, of course, pick up on our anxiety, so be happy when you introduce him to his new digs, and he'll be happy, too.  He'll trust you.
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    Re: moving to a new home

    Keep his regular stuff ie: dog bed, old blanket (don't wash anything) set things up where you want him to sleep etc.,  short frequent walks (baby steps) outside and around the neighborhood.

      He may bark more (let him do his thing) until he gets used to the new sounds and learns what is normal or not.

    Give him more attention than usual and reassure him things are okay, familiarize him with stairs, steps etc.

    I think dogs adjust better to change than cats, he should be fine in a couple of weeks...however if you see signs of separation anxiety talk to your vet about treatment options.

      Good luck.   PS: Don't leave him unattended outside even in a fenced in yard for at least a month,  sometimes they get it in their head that they have to find their way back to the old place.

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    Re: moving to a new home

    Never moved a dog, but my cats found the packing process to be HIGHLY stressfull.  They settled into the new home without to much fuss, but the process of packing up and getting OUT of the old apartment left them both highly stressed.  Since the packing was a multiday process there wasn't much I could do about it either, though in retrospect I wish I'd asked my vet for a sedetive for my older cat at least (note: DO NOT use drugs on your animal during the actual "on the road" portion of the moving, if your pet has a bad reaction to the drugs it can be very difficult to help them during that part of the process).