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    Pet hair removal

    This may be old news, but since I just found out about it I wanted to share in case anyone else out there is driven as crazy as I am with dog hair. I got my car detailed yesterday, and they introduced to me a stone (looked much like a pumice stone) that takes off embedded pet hair from cloth seats. It was magical when he showed me how it works. You can use it on furniture as well. I'm getting mine directly from the automotive shop where I got my car worked on but I found another source online.

    Here's a link: http://www.lanescarproducts.com/pet-hair-removal-stone.html
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    Re: Pet hair removal

    Thanks Kinga!  I am def going to order that.  My dog doesn't shed, but oh my does my 2 cats ever!  Sounds like something you can have forever. 
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    Re: Pet hair removal

    Thanks!  I always had the misconception that short haired breeds "don't shed much."  I couldn't have been more wrong - Gracie sheds a sweater's worth every day!