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    PetSmart Vets?

    Has anyone had any experiences taking thier pet to the vets at PetSmart (Banfield)?  Good or bad - We are getting a new puppy and he will need a checkup, so I am looking into vet options.
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    Re: PetSmart Vets?

    We take our 4-month old puppy to Banfield, and they've been great.  The one we go to isn't anything like the Petco that robingirl describes.  We never wait longer than a couple minutes to be seen, and we do have a personal relationship with our vet.  She and all the nurses know us and our dog very well.  They are really good with the dog, and he's totally comfortable with them.

    I think the best thing about Banfield is that they offer a Wellness Program that will save you a ton of money.  We pay about $400 for the year, and it covers all office visits, vaccinations, and spaying/neutering.  It's a great option, at least for the first year of the puppy's life.

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    Re: PetSmart Vets?

    I had used Banfield vets and I don't question the quality of care, I do not like the Banfield company and their practices. Google them for consumer reviews. I noticed the Banfield I went to changed hands a few times and I wasn't crazy about the new vets coming in. Also, the staff, while caring, are also trying to sell you add ons to you plan, which could alter your original contract. One thing I did notice is that they push a lot of vaccinations on you. Many privately owned vets hold off on certain shots simply because the animal might not need them and there's been cases where animals given too many shots develop sores (or cancer) at the injection site.

    Bottomline - use Banfield if you have a pet that has a chronic condition that needs treatment often. I had a cat with asthma and needed to get a shot of cortisone between his shoulder blades every 3 or 4 months. Since Banfield allows you unlimited office visits, that was a great deal and saved me money. But with a perfectly healthy kitten or puppy? You probably won't need it beyond the first year, after you get neutered and required shots and stuff.  Pay attention to the contract you signed and how/when you can cancel it. Financially if you are really worried about vet costs, you may be better off purchasing pet insurance through the ASPCA, OR setting aside the monthly fee you used to pay into a savings account or something interest bearing if you get hit with a big vet bill down the road someday.

    Hope this helps. Good luck with your puppy.