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    submissive dog

    i go to an area high school that has lots of fields where they allow leash free dogs when the kids aren't playing on the fields -- there was an incident (well there have been many but i have a question about this one) last week where a dog who has been known to be aggressive on occassion "attacked" another dog -- the other dog is very submissive and doesn't fight back -- my dog was not involved but i was there and witnessed the whole thing -- very strange reaction from the owner of the aggressive dog who i am friendly with at the fields and who i thought was doing a great job with this dog who had been returned to the shelter by two other families -- its a long story - but my question is today i was told by this dog owner and her friend that "submissive dogs shouldn't be at off leash parks because of the pack mentality of dogs and they will get "attacked" -- i believe the opposite - that aggressive dogs shouldn't be at the off leash park -- i know dogs are dogs - believe me, mine's not an angel - but has any one every heard that before - submissive dogs cause the problems and shouldn't be at the off leash park?
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    Re: submissive dog

    I've always heard, and believed, that aggressive dogs should not be let off their leash at a park. Aggressive dogs, or dogs with aggression issues, won't only attack submissive dogs, they'll attack dogs that they perceive to be challenging them. I can't understand why anyone would think that the dog that's doing the attacking is less responsible for the fight than the dog that was attacked and didn't fight back.
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    Re: submissive dog

    I agree.  Aggressive dogs are the problem.  Their owners are rationalizing their own bad behavior by letting their mean dogs off leash by saying the submissive dogs are the problem by the nature of dogs and packs.  That's ridiculous.
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    Re: submissive dog

    THis is absolutely ridiculous!!
    Aggressive dogs have been known to 'challenge' children too. Who will this dog owner blame when it bites a child? Pet owners who put their animals in harm's way really anger me. And I definitely consider ignoring your dog's biting and aggression to be harmful and risky. At a minimum, the dog is stressed out because it doesn't have a strong leader (which should be their human). At a maximum- worse case scenario, it bites a person and ends up euthanized. A little training and strong leadership go a long way and are a dog owner's responsibility!
    Oh- if this were me, I wouldn't let my dog around this aggressive one. And I'd call the local municipality (parks department) and tell them there is an aggessive dog frequently in the park that is not under control by its owner. When it comes to my own dog, I do not take chances with his safety!
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    Re: submissive dog

    Your firend is the reason why off leash dog parks are a really bad idea.  His dog is basically a bully that picks on weaker dogs. 

    Reading the thread really made me angry at your friend.  He's clueless about dogs and is putting everyone at danger.  It's not his dog's fault.  It's the clueless owner's fault. 

    Hopefully your friend will figure it out before something tragic happens.

    I get the sense that the dog should have never been allowed to be adopted.  I hope your friend doesn't have or plan to have children.

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    Re: submissive dog

    Hands down agree with Kar.  They are trying to excuse this.  Shameful..
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    Re: submissive dog

    Stable dogs don't attack submissive dogs.  There's no reason to attack them - they are already submitting.  I can understand a fight breaking out when 2 naturally dominant dogs meet for the first time.

    I've seen a lot of aggressive dogs.  I take a dog training class specifically for aggressive dogs.  When a dog demonstrates aggressive behavior towards another dog, the dog should sharply corrected.  The dog needs to understand in no uncertain terms that attacking another dog is in no way acceptable.

    I don't even let my dog show aggression towards squirrels unless I say it's OK.

    Most people think that dogs need to run around with other dogs.  No.  Dogs need discipline.  Only after a dog has discipline can it run around off leash.

    The aggressive dog is the primary reason I will not allow strange dogs to approach my dog. 

    I am so disturbed by this dog owners actions.  The inclination is to blame the dog.  The inclination is to wish their dog ran into big strong dog that didn't tolerate it's aggression - but that would be punishing the dog for the owner's behavior.