The Boston Anthem team has identified a problem
in our community, something I am sure you have witnessed
yourselves—there is a huge disconnect between the college students,
native Boston residents, between the wealthy and lower income residents, etc.


To bridge this huge gap, Berklee student Eytan Nicholson has created
and mastered a jingle for the City of Boston in order to create a
unified identity for Boston and all its community! Take a look at
our Kickstarter campaign ( link below ) to see what research
and development went into creating this jingle as well as what
steps we are taking to make this happen.



A few members from our team discussed the jingle and
concept with members in the Mayor’s Office. The feedback
we received was in order to make this vision a reality we
need the Boston community to accept this jingle as the
official Boston anthem.


Call to Action!:
Therefore, I am asking you, the Boston community, to 
rally together and make this a reality by donating to
The Boston Anthem Kickstarter campaign. We only have
4 DAYS LEFT to reach our goal and this project is 75% funded!
Please help us out as we really want to bring the community



Kickstarter campaign:     ONLY 4 days left to contribute!


Article in Berklee Groove:

Thank you for your time!

-Gabriel Doty