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    Re: Too cold to housetrain?

    Kar - a voice of reason.  I think deep down I knew the answer and just need some encouragement to stick to it.  It does hurt to see him uncomfortable. 

    I have followed, and enjoyed, your Gracie threads.  You could start a side business as a trainer.  Thanks.
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    Re: Too cold to housetrain?

    Yes!  Check out the Weatherbeeta brand.  I love this coat!  It has a velcro belly flap that makes it secure but easy to put on and off.  It's very warm.  When I take it off her, the outside is fridgid and the inside is toasty.  I have pictures in the Frostbite thread.  The things on the side are the velcro strips.  It comes in XXS sizes, too.  I got mine at Pet Street Mall.com.
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    Re: Too cold to housetrain?

    Nov, glad to help.  I KNOW how hard it is, and I'm truly tearing up for you I can relate SO WELL to how it is breaking your heart.  I guess you know that if you've been following the Gracie saga.  As others have assured me, it means you are a good, responsible owner.

    Another thing you probably know from reading my threads is that at 9 weeks your pup may not have a very strong mind/body connection about needing to go.  So, don't have your expectations too high.  People regaled me with stories of their "smart" dog who learned in one day to be housebroken.  I was miserable, it took Gracie so much longer.  But, come to find out, they were talking about much older puppies or even adult dogs.  It makes a huge difference.

    We're here for you!!  I think anyone who say, "Ooooh, a puppy, HOW FUN!!" has never raised one.  But, on the other side, we have a fun dog, now, and you will, too.
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    Re: Too cold to housetrain?

    Do NOT SCR_W CONSISTENCY.  You will be sorely sorry.

    We have a 9 month old puppy so I just went through all this.  There willl be many times you need to be consistent and do things they don't like for their own good.  Like whining in their crate to come out.  Too bad.  Unless they have to pee or p00, they need to learn self control.  Are they happy?  No, but they will be.  Our pup loves her crate and hardly ever complains about it because we were consistent and didn't give in to her heart sickening whimpers.  I actually CRIED myself to hear her, but I didn't give in, and I'm glad I didn't.

    Housebreaking is hard enough.   Do not confuse the puppy about anything for any reason.  Life is black and white to a dog.  Period.  They simply do NOT understand "sometimes this, sometimes that."

    If the puppy runs back inside, physically put him out.  I would actually bundle up myself and go out with him/her and give the command "Go pee" until they did.  I'd be standing by with a treat, of course. 

    It's cold, but oh, well.  I know it's heart-wrenching to do anything that makes your pup uncomfortable, but you'll thank me, I swear.

    You can read my chronicals of the same thing (it was monsoon rains when I was potty training Gracie) and read all the wonderful advice I got here in "Crate training 8 week old puppy" or something like that.  It was the beginning of July.

    Good luck!  You came to the right place.
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    Re: Too cold to housetrain?

    Max hates the rain and the cold, but he goes out because he knows that as soon as he does his business he gets to go back inside.
    As soon as he picks up on the idea that he'll get to go back in once he does his business, he'll tolerate the cold. Especially if there's a treat in it for him.
    You might want to put a coat or something on him for days like today when it's so very very frigid. Puppies are a lot more sensitive to the cold than adult dogs.
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    Re: Too cold to housetrain?

    That's great news, Nov!!  Yes, you're right, walking does "get things moving."  Also, you might want to think about having him go where you won't have to scoop.  Wherever he learns is is spot is where it will be forever.  I made a mistake that way and wanted her close to the house so I could see her, and I missed the opportunity to have her always choose to pee and p00 in the woods at the edge of the backyard.  WHOOPS!!  Also, remember that pee is caustic to lawns.  Not a problem now, but...

    Our coat arrived in a few days from www.petstreetmall.com, and the price was excellent.  I'd say if you have a sweater you can probably wait for the coat.  The Weatherbeeta is very forgiving for size.  Read the reviews and make sure you get a size smaller than he measures for.  Everyone was right!  And, if it's too big this year, you can easily just adjust it since the strips are velcro - just tighten it beyond where it's designed to go.  That way maybe you can use the same coat next year.  I don't know big those breeds get...
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    Re: Too cold to housetrain?

    Once the wind died down he was willing to stay out a couple of extra minutes and has been going! I also took him further from the house so he had to walk a little extra to his spot - hopefully that got things moving a little too. He wears a sweater, but this is supposed to keep up for about five days so today we will go buy a coat. 

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    Re: Too cold to housetrain?

       For sure - you may have to bundle up,  but dashing inside immediately can't be allowed to work.  If pup wants to go in,  the message is- then squat and do it now.    Like everyone's Mom used to say,  the sooner you do it and get the chore over with, the sooner you get to do what you want.

         Unless you actually Can't  go out -  being on that same outside of the door as pup eliminates any survival instinct panic to not be shut out in the cold  and abandoned  when a warm place is right in there.

          Also,  know that pups feet take 3-5 months after birth to develop the callous - thickening of skin - that means they do not feel the cold as quickly.

        To a pup, except some snow dog breeds,  stepping on below 20 degree (including windchill) ice, snow or ground, is like pressing your face against a metal lamp post at 0  degrees - it burns.

         You may have to make at least cursory booties.

         Cheap pup booties - take an old or unmatched adult sock,  make 2 seams down the middle, cut apart,  each sock is 2 dog socks.
         Better - any turtle neck or other with a double thick cuff.  Sew the cuff shut,  usually 2 booties from one larger size lower sleeve.

        Two year old socks and knit cuffs often fit on pup's feet as is, as do small mittens.
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    Too cold to housetrain?

    We have a new 9 week old puppy and we are training him to go potty outdoors only - except in this bitter weather he refuses to go and just runs back to the door to be let back in.  Any thoughts?  Do we scr*w consistency and just let him go in the house, or keep trying outdoors a few minutes at a time?  Any thoughts?  Thanks.

    PS - He is about 6 pounds - a terrier mix