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    Urine smell

    Hello everyone,

    Is Nature's Miracle your choice for odor removal? We discovered our cat, who is ill, has been urinating on our wall-to-wall carpet, in the same spot (pretty much). I sprayed a supposed pet-odor-removal spray, but it didn't work at all. I need to get out to the store today to get something different. Just wondered what your preferred method is.


    Thanks very much!

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    Re: Urine smell


    Shampoo (steam clean) all carpeted areas and wash all floors, and pre-treat everything with Nature's Miracle, which is amazingly effective in destroying pet urine stains and odors.  It works on odors by breaking down their chemical composition.   Available at any Pet Supplies store.  

    The use of a black-light will help you locate areas that have been soiled by the cats.   Often we are amazed at how extensive their activity has been outside the litter box.   You should also investigate the reasons behind this behavior.  It may be a medical issue, may be a response to her smelling odors left by a previous pet, or may be "psychological" in response to seeing cats outside or just feeling insecure as a new cat and wanting to mark her territory. It is true that many times cats will scent-mark in the same place, but we have to figure out why, to stop the behavior entirely.    (info obtained from the Petco cat forum) http://community.petco.com/t5/the-purr/ct-p/CatCommunity

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    Re: Urine smell

    Thanks. We think it's connected to other health issues. She has had many "accidents" in the past couple of months since losing about 2/3 of her body weight due to cancer in her mouth. She is still eating, but it took us a while to find a new food she'd eat. I think she has been having trouble getting to her litterbox, which was in the basement. We just moved it upstairs. I've blocked off the entire downstairs (where the carpet is). I'm not sure how much longer she's going to be with us, but for now I'm thinking of it as a temporary solution. I'm not sure what else to do. We haven't even been in the house a year and the carpets are all brand new. Not to mention we have two kids under 3 and the little one almost ate a piece of p00p the other day after the cat used the area rug instead of her box. It's all very stressful and causing tension between my husband and I.

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    Re: Urine smell

    Nature's Miracle has never failed me. Both my dog and cats have had accidents on furniture or capets over the years and Nature's Miracle is the only thing that gets it out. However, you really have to soak the carpet or upholstry through and wait a good 10 minutes before you start to dab it dry. Once you get up the excess moisture, let it air dry. The smell will be totally gone. It also works for blood and vomit. It saved my car after a friend with food poisoning lost it all over the back seat on his way to the hospital.