I was reading a post about a cat with bad breath and thought I'd pass this along.....

My dog had really bad breath and had bad tartar.  This dog has Diabetes.  Diabetes and bad breath are fairly common and it's a bad combination.  Chronic Bad Breath can be a sign of periodontal disease (gum disease), which can cause your dog to lose teeth.  The Periodontal disease and tartar are a common combination.

The bad thing about Periodontal disease and diabetes is that the perio disease can make the diabetes hard to treat.  This is true of humans as well.  It leads to all kinds of health problems.

My vet said that they reduce a diabetic dogs life expectancy by 30% if it has perio disease.

The diabetic dogs has an added problem that he's missing molars.  He's missing 2 bottom molars between his molars way in the back and his canines.  It's not uncommon.  The problem is that he has a hard time chewing in bully sticks, which can prevent tartar build up and perio disease.

The Vet recommended 2 things.  First is a vaccine that kills a bacteria related to periodontal disease.  It's a shot, followed by a second shot 3 weeks later.  A booster is require annually.  It's been about a month since he got the second shot and his breath has improved immensely.

The second thing is a gel sold by the vet that gets applied to teeth with tartar build up.  You put it on twice a day, non eating or drinking for 30 minutes.  After a few weeks, the tartar build up just flakes off.  After that, you apply the gel once a week or so.

So far so good.  It's a much easier and less costly solution than having the dog's teeth clean by the vet.

I just thought I'd pass along the info.