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    When will it stop

    This makes me so angry. The laws need to be tougher so that jerks like this will finally get in trouble. And I mean they need extrememly strict laws. I don't understand why they are not already ? Dogs are living creatures, it should count the same way as if they did this to a human. UGH

    On a happier note, I am thrilled that this dog is going to be ok and is in extremely good hands. Second Chance Animal Shelter is the best. I adopted my Oliver there in October and I love love love him. I also take my other dog to the Wellness Center for shots it's the best. Easy quick and cheap. You don't end up paying all the "vet fees" just for the shots. The volunteers are super sweet to the dogs. My old Boston was alwasy terrified of anything and everything and the vet tech volunteer would kiss and cuddle him when he was getting his shots to make him feel better. It was so sweet Laughing
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    Re: When will it stop

    Sadly..there are a lot of cruel people in the world. That is one thing that will likely never change...
    Of course..another thing that will never change is that the good people will always outnumber the that is something.
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    Re: When will it stop

       Jharvey I know where you're coming from regarding the vets,  I get my dogs vaccinations through Luv My Pet and only go to the regular vet when I have to. 

    My dog recently had to have surgery [$] and I was disappointed as to how my post-op concerns were handled, I ended up at the emergency place and found that experience to be more positive.

       I have heard good things about MSPCA-Angell  they have a 24 hour ER  [have the paperwork with your pet's latest vaccinations in hand]. 

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    Re: When will it stop

    My only issue with going to a 'shots only' place AND then a vet when you need something like surgery or have a sick animal is that you don't create a relationship with the vet.  therefore, when you are confronted with a sick animal or an animal that may/may not need surgery, you don't have a relationship with the vet to have an honest conversation with them about the various options of meds, surgery, wait and see, which tests to do first, cost/benefit discussions, etc. 

    Parents don't take their children to a shots only place every few months and then to their pediatrician once/year for a well-baby checkup.  Why should pet owners do this? 

    Vets are more than shots, but they do this because it's an important part of the cat's or dog's health care.  When getting shots, the vet is also looking at the pet's health and can even see something early.  Or by asking questions the vet can learn something that is of concern to a vet that might not be to the owner (such as if a cat drinks lots of water when it didn't use to, and it has a dull coat, the vet might think it's something whereas the owner doesn't notic ethe coat is dull because it's been a gradual change, and doesn't really thinka bout the water except to refill the bowl more often.

    This is a philosophical question - vets now suggest that pets go to the vet twice a year vs. once a year for a check-up because things can change in just a few months.

     I take mine twice a year, and we have created a relationship with our vet that withstood the stress of making serious decisions for our 18 yr old ancient kitty, including when to take her off meds, when to put her down, etc. 

    My sister never takes her cats to the vet and mostly ignores health issues I would not.  She claims it's because she doesn't have the money but I think it's even more a philosophical thing.  If you decide to have 4 cats, then you have to know it will cost money in vet bills.  And limit the # of pets you have so you can have the $ when you need it.

    That being said, I won't spend an untold amount of money on our cat.  But because we know our vet and he knows us, he was able to do one xray which didn't find anything so he suggested we treat the symptoms and assume it is the thing his experience says it is (rather than cancer or other more horrible things) vs. having 2 more expensive ultrasounds, etc. that will most likely find that it's the thing he thinks it is because the xray was inconclusive.  So we are treating the symptoms, she's doing well, so we're all good with the status quo.  I never felt like he was trying to rack up the price of things. 
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    Re: When will it stop

    CT-DC...I agree with everything you said. I think it's a philosophical difference between our shared view and the view of others. I see my two cats as more than just possessions. They are important enough to me that I make their good health a priority when budgeting expenses. My vet also believes in twice a year visits and I am happy to comply. For one thing it strengthens the relationship and I agree that things can be addressed before they become more serious. If I could not afford proper and basic health care for my animals..I would simply not have them.
    In addition to that..I can't speak for dogs..but I know that taking my cats to a Petco clinic or some other similar situation which may be on the chaotic side would be far more stressful to them than a quiet visit to the vet.
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    Re: When will it stop

    In Response to Re: When will it stop:
    If you're lucky enough to find a good vet whom you trust and that provides good care, that's great.  I have occasionally found good vets and stuck with them for years until they relocated or retired but I'm finding that veterinary care has become similar to the medical care we as humans get,  most of the time you see the np not the dr... and forget about reaching him on the phone.  Same thing at the vets, the vet tech is sent out to deal with you and give vaccinations.  At Petco all vaccinations are given by a vet and actually for the last 5 years it's usually been the same one where I go and even though I'm not paying for an examination he answers my questions.  I was also very impressed with the care I got at the 24 hr emergency place when my vet blew off [or the vet techs rather] my post-op concerns, my dog was treated by a young vet [emergency place] who promptly changed my dogs meds and made himself available for f/u questions actually returned my calls.  I have enjoyed standing in line at Petco and so have my pets, it's a nice social experience for them.  Relaying medical hx for a pet takes approximately 3 minutes, example: breed...spay/neuter...age....vaccinations [proof of]...allergies...surgeries...medical conditions.   They are trained professionals they can look at an animal and quickly size up a situation.   I have only heard good things about MSPCA-Angell for routine care and emergencies.
    Posted by dog-lady

    Doglady..I appreciate your perspective..but standing in line at Petco would not be a positive "social experience" for them..but I am sure dogs are somewhat different and possibly not as traumatized as cats.
    I respectfully disagree that there few good vets out there. While it takes work and research it's possible to find the right vet. It took me a couple of different places but when I found my current vet..I knew he was the right one.
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    Re: When will it stop

    In Response to Re: When will it stop:

    I respectfully disagree that there few good vets out there.
    Posted by miscricket

    Those are your words not mine! 

    The cats are in carriers.

      I've exchanged and received some excellent advice while standing in line, the line moves quickly as the vet is only there a couple of hours each day on weekends, the longest I've waited is 20 minutes.

      The dogs look quite happy sniffing each other while the owners interact... again just my opinion based on my experience.

          BTW: I think ending up at the pound because the owner can no longer afford veterinary care would be a lot more traumatic for an animal, I'm glad there are at least some alternatives out there. 

    For those that can only afford the rabies shot [required by law] check with MSPCA and ARL sometimes they offer low cost rabies shot clinics.

!/pages/The-Shadow-Fund/146912702009312?v=info#info_edit_sections  to help people who can't afford veterinary care anymore.      Peace out.

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    Re: When will it stop

    The Health Departments of many cities and towns offer low-cost rabies shots, something like $5 per pet. Many vets will do it for free, or low-cost. The vet on the other side of my town does it for free; the vet down the street from me charges $15- just the shot, no checkup.
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    Re: When will it stop

    I can't imagine standing in a busy petco line with lots of dogs and people milling around would be fun for any cat, and of course cats are in carriers!  But still, people let their dogs walk up to the cat carriers and sniff them, there are lots of dogs which a cat can smell even if no dog sniffs their carrier.

    I can see dogs enjoying hanging out and sniffing each other but not cats. 

    Our vet actually has a cat waiting room and a dog waiting room with a WALL in between (low so humans can see over it so it feels like the same waiting room, but for the cats it feels separate). 

    And I have NEVER had any of my cats given shots by anyone other than the vet - and that's 5 different vets over 20 different years, in 3 different states. The vet techs now hold the cats during blood draws (when I first had cats, techs weren't used as much so I held my cats, but I can see that the vet tech knows how to do it and it is actually less stressful and it goes more quickly for the cat if they are held correctly).  Now, sometimes the vet tech takes my cat out back to draw blood vs. doing it in the exam room - I think that's because some owners get squeamish about blood draws, though! And once the vet couldn't get the blood drawn and the tech stepped in and did it in a heartbeat... they do it much more often so have more practice, I think!