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    Your thoughts on cats hunting wildlife

    Here is a Q&A with two experts from the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University talking about a study that put the U.S. death toll from cats at billions of birds and mammals annually.

    What do you think about this issue?

    Does your cat hunt a lot?

    Take our survey: Would you put your cat on a leash?

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    Re: Your thoughts on cats hunting wildlife

    "Culturally, there’s also a very loose conception of cat ownership and acquisition in the U.S. People make the choice to get a dog. They research a breed before buying one, get a puppy from a friend or adopt a dog from a shelter. But so often cats just seem to show up at the door, where we might be willing to feed them, but maybe not bother with getting them spayed or neutered. There’s a lot of ambivalence toward cat ownership, and for the sake of the cats and the wildlife, we need people to take responsibility for the cats they do come into contact with. Some states, Rhode Island in particular, actually have changed the law so feeding implies ownership."  (quote from article, link provided in previous post)

    If the cat is a stray,  MSPCA or other organizations will help you with trap/spay/neuter and release, there are low cost programs to help feral cats.

    An outdoor cat is lucky if it lives till the age of 5,  an indoor cat can live as long as 20.