I have been actively looking for jobs in the Boston area, and I have had a few bites, but no offer. I was afraid that I was pigeon-holing myself into certain roles that I wasn't really qualified for, and that I may be passing on opportunities just because the job description was just a little too X or not enough Y. Then I decided to just start going on interviews even if there was the remote possibility that I might be a good candidate. This approach landed me several second round interviews!

So I decided to post a podcast episode based solely on my interviewing experience and tips on how to portray confidence at an interview, and about the fact that job descriptions are RARELY an exact depiction of what the role will be. I just hope this helps some of you out there with your job search! You can check out the full episode at:


(podcast also available on iTunes and Stitcher, just search for "Ina Nutshell Pod")