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the value of testing

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    the value of testing

    Why are so many negative about the value of testing? Is it because they or their loved ones have not done well on a test or tests and find that a barrier to success? As one who has had some good testing experiences, I think it unwise to discount testing. Testing is, no matter how much we wish it wasn't, hard. Doing a good job on a test can show that you have retained a certain amount of knowledge in a certain field and can read and think quickly.


    Those test results are valuable in school and employment. To ignore those results could be a fatal mistake. In a hypothetical situation, an HR person could end up with three candidates who were pretty much equal in the job market for a certain job. The main candidate differences: one had "the gift of gab" and was a pleasing personality; one had an ethnicity/race/gender and sexual gender orientation that was completely the opposite of everyone in the department where the job existed (the person would thus add diversity to a completely not diverse work environment); and one "aced" all the tests in the job application process, while the other two barely passed.

    Which candidate should get the job? If you ignore the person who did well on the tests, you could end up with less intellectual prowess in the company, which might not be good for business--in an extreme situation, not picking that person might be responsible for the company failing.

    I can see that their are good arguments for hiring each of the candidates, but I do not think one should focus on ignoring test results or complaining about tests.

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    Re: the value of testing

    The value of testing is really important and as an student in a business school at i refer to always do testing in what you doing to reach what is your aim to reach .