Canoli shells easy

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    Canoli shells easy

    original recipe from

    odd things to gather...I used wooden dowels wrapped in aluminum foil because that is what i had kicking around. The thing to remember here is that these "tubes" are going to be want something that won't melt or burn

    1 1/3 Cups flour
    1 Tablespoon shortening...I used trans fat free worked great
    1 pinch of salt
    white wine..
    oil for frying

    mix together all ingredients besides oil and wine...I did this with my hands
    add enough wine to "ball" state this will vary in different weather I am sure
    let dough sit an hour...or so
    roll dough an 1/8 inch thick...also I tried to make this part somewhat rectangular to save time
    cut into 5x5 inch squares
    fold around the "tubes" like swaddling a baby
    press the seams
    fry in the oil...I don't like to wast a lot so I just put in enough oil that I did have to turn the shells
    remove when fried all around and cool
    remove "tubes" when still slighly warm


    there are 8 pictures and I should have loaded them in the reverse order but I think you will get the jist of it
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    Re: Canoli shells easy

    looking for new stuff...look to the left of the screen
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    Apple Cake recipe

    Years ago on the Yankee Kitchen, Florence from Wethersfield, gave an apple cake recipe that she made for a wedding, it had apples and raisins in the recipe.  A friend of mine had the recipe and lost it, she would dearly love to have this recipe again, if you have it would you please send it to me. Thank You, Happy Sun Tan