Jeff Lewis - Interior Therapy 2013

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    Jeff Lewis - Interior Therapy 2013

    First show of the season last night on Bravo.  Really disappointed in the format - it wasn't interior therapy, they knocked down the whole outside wall of one room, changing even the beautiful decorative windows - saying they couldn't replace with the same style because they only had 5 days to work.  So?  Change the schedule to a longer work period when it can be redone to the owners' preference.  Nothing was said to the owners ahead of time about the severe reconstruction that would have to take place.  House was in complete decay/crumbling condition, and knocking down and fixing one main wall and redecorating 2 rooms with new paint/accessories and furniture, was not going to fix all that was wrong with that house.  It just gave the owners a false sense of security that "all is fine now".

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    Re: Jeff Lewis - Interior Therapy 2013

    My monologue continues.  Any time you want to dissolve these individual posts, it's OK with me, Dottie.  Embarrassing that I asked for them and now noone is interested in posting - that being said,

    The show last night again, I think, was just done for shock value.  Can you honestly believe that a couple would expose their baby with allergies and asthma to living in a houseful of 7 cats - and a dirty household besides.  Can't imagine these people would allow themselves to be portrayed on national TV, him a restauranteur' so he obviously is widely known in their area of the country.  And the end result?  Living with 4 cats is better than living with 7?  Please.  Someone needs to shake that woman and say, "Get your priorities straight".  Building that separate living space in the garage for the cats is never going to be the end-all.  You know she's going to be letting them back in the main house, it will become too expensive heating it in the winter, or some such other excuse.

    Holding out hope that the following shows will be more realistic in portraying interior decorating and the changes it makes - not  human frailities and Jeff's attempt (him?  of all people?) to remedy them.

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