2010 January Chat

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    Re: 2010 January Chat

    tt, how was lunch today? Hopefully you did not have to expose yourself too much to this cold. I don't know about you, but this weather today was just too much for me to handle. Heard on the radio, that the 20 degrees were more like minus ten, due to the wind factor.
    I had some must errands to do for our company (buying stamps and mailing W2's and such). Then I went to Hannaford to pick up a few items. I left my gloves in my car (stupid me) and by the time I had put my few groceries in my car - my hands were numb.
    We have a busy weekend coming up. Not looking much forward to it.
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    Re: 2010 January Chat

    First - anyone who hasn't looked out their window yet, do it now - there is the most beautiful, bright, full moon and Mars rising right to the left of it.  Heard on the TV that it is the fullest and brightest moon of 2010 because of how close it is to the Earth tonight.

    Never even stuck my nose out the door today, Pingo.  My sloped driveway had frozen rivulets and the back walk was all crusted snow, so I called my friend and said I was afraid of her falling coming in - and of me falling going out trying to sand it for her.  Did get out yesterday over to the North Shore mall and had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.  Macy's is having a gigantic sale in most departments and I got my usual clothing of fleece pants, mock turtle neck tops for a song - 3 pants and 2 tops for $25.00.  I really need to branch out more, but that's my everyday wardrobe, warm and comfortable, and I've found a brand name that I like and stick with.

    Don't know how, but when I got the cholesterol results back in the mail today it's "steady on the course" I'm on now, which is without the statins.  I had eaten so much rich food this past month that I don't know how it hadn't gone up.  Now, I'm really going to give the old South Beach Diet a go-at again.  Another fasting blood to be drawn in 6 months, and I'm determined to keep it down, perhaps even get it down lower.

    Hope your week-end turns out to be an enjoyable one, even with the cold.

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    Re: 2010 January Chat

    Oh my...I DID see the moon, It is gorgeous, but thanks for reminding me. I have been so busy with work I didn't finish til 7 p.m. tonight. So much for my slow season.

    Well , with this cold weather I think Honey and I will have a cuddle night.
    Cuddle up on the coach with a goodie and a movie.

     Good night all my chater friends
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    Re: 2010 January Chat

    Boy was it cold this morning.  I was up early to take my car for a sticker and the thermometer on the deck read seven degrees.  I went out and started my car and let it run in the garage for ten minutes and it was nice and toasty inside by the time I left. I heard on the news, this moon is called a wolf moon.  Never heard that before.  Said it is the brightest of all moons.  I went to Chinatown last night to meet a friend for dinner and saw it rising.  It was magnificent.  The reflection over the river was a sight to see. 

    Started getting clothes out for my trip.  I will be going to Florida for a few days and then over to New Orleans to spend Mardi Gras with my family and my 
    in-laws. All the kids will be there and the grandchildren.  I'm really looking forward to it. All told, I will be gone for two weeks. South Florida has been warming up after the cold snap there, so I'm hoping for swimming weather. New Orleans is apt to be cooler but still warmer than it is here, that's for sure. Obviously, my diet will be flying out the window! 

    Last night I had scallops in black bean sauce over rice - delicious.  My fortune predicted I am about to come into some money. Wouldn't that be nice!  Maybe I should buy a couple scratch tickets.  Stay warm everybody.

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    Re: 2010 January Chat

    Good to see your post, Mothermitzi.  Don't know when you're leaving, but in case it's tomorrow, have a wonderful time.  So good to be able to pull the whole family together for a getaway.  Money coming into your future, huh?  Hmmm, many opportunities to make that happen, try them all!  Think of us all freezing back here while you frolic in the warm weather.  We'll miss you.  Safe trip.
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    Re: 2010 January Chat

    Hi tt -

    I don't leave until Feb. 5, but I like to start packing early.  Two weeks is a long time for me to be gone, and I don't like leaving the packing until the last minute. Besides, I need to bring a couple of dressy outfits in addition to warm weather and casual wear.  The southern relatives tend to dress up more than I'm used to, so I need to step it up while I'm there.  

    I took my father out to dinner tonight and the moon is bright again, even through the clouds.  Not as cold as last night.

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    Re: 2010 January Chat

    A quiet Sunday here, but the Hallmark channel provided a couple of good afternoon movies to watch.  Had promised myself I'd tackle that back room that seems to grow a life of its own, but foolishly tried and tried and tried to turn a can opener on a silly can of black olives yesterday, and am feeling the pain today in my palm and thumb.  Decided resting it the best measure for a day or two.  BTW, did eventually pry the top open enough to spear the olives out one by one, and then completely forgot all about them when I was making my noon salad today.

    Peeked out the curtain a few minutes ago, but the moon is not where I expected, will have to check out the other windows.  Lots of stars visible, so I know it's out there somewhere.