Hey, gals.

Just wanted to take a moment here to thank those of you who participated in the Pingo Appreciation Day event today and made it such a wonderful success...

In particular I'd like to thank pingo herself, who, as you know, boycotted the PAD when she voluntarily placed herself on "hiatus" from the board earlier this week. Ah, yes. Nothing enhances a party more than when the guest of honor refuses to attend, huh?

And mothermitzie who reads malign intent into everything I do here, even though there never is/was/or will be malign intent. Not from me anyway. Psssssst! Hey, mm. I am not a mean spirited guy. I'm just a goofball. When are you going to finally figure that out? When will you ever learn?

And to the person(s) responsible for sending in an "Abuse Report" to the mod that resulted in four PAD-related threads being removed from the board...Thank you! My appearance this time in the forum would have felt incomplete without at least a few deletions. I'm surprised you failed to get me banned though. Wow, gals. Youre slippin'!!

PS The PAD went so well, I am plannning on hosting an even bigger event next month. Please watch this space for "Kargiver Appreciation Day" due in September. Should be a doozy-woozy!

Until then, Peace & Love from your pal Thursby:)