August 2011

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    Re: August 2011

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    tt, I can't seem to start a new discussion :( .
    Posted by Winter2011Bride

    See the blue box (Start a new discussion)?
    Click on that and give it a heading - September 2011
    then type your message in the box and hit post.

    You probably know how to do it but are just telling me that for some reason it isn't doing it?  Try again, I'll be back on in a few minutes and if you still can't do it, someone else will come along at some point today and do it.  I'm on my way out.  Chat later.

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    Re: August 2011

    tt, I started a new one if that is ok

    ETA:  I can't "start a discussion" with IE, I have to go into Google Chrome. I think that is probably what you are finding Winter.