August 2012

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    Re: August 2012

    Hope they're pool parties.
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    Re: August 2012

    That's just the way I eat my tomato sandwiches, Hats. Open sandwich. But you forgot chopped onions.
    That is one humongous tomato. I am surprised it didn't fell off the vine - or did it?
    I am procrastinating going out in the heat, but DS is impatiently waiting for me.
    So off I go. Have a nice afternoon - stay cool - Pingo

    ps. DS saw the picture of the tomato."Oh, it's Micky Mouse!". Wonder where he got that idea from. LOL
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    Re: August 2012

    We are fond of tomato sandwiches, too, hats. We toast them open faced with American cheese and 2 halves of a (fully cooked) turkey bacon slice on one piece of spelt bread and the tomato slices and another slice of turkey bacon on the ohter. Then, upon removing from the toaster, a spread of mayo before joining the two halves of the sandwich. Gloriously messy and delicious. That's actually what we'll be having for lunch tomorrow so I better put more bread in the breadmaker so it has time to cool before we have to put it away.
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    Re: August 2012

    Lunch is ready - 

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    Re: August 2012

    How utterly fabulous!
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    Re: August 2012

    Kitchen cleaned up and a macaroni salad made for a salad plate for supper. Something nice and cool.  Have finally given in and put on the A/C and will flick channels to see what's on the TV. Cheero is following me from room to room, altho silly nut, when the oven was on she laid on the floor right in front of it!  She does love the heat no matter what the air temp.
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    Re: August 2012

    DARN, Kargiver, you look FABULOUS!  I am going to have to start exercising - I had foot surgery 2nd week of July and once that fully heals I'll be able to begin exercising after 2 long years of being in too much pain.  Of course, I could have been eating better these last 2 years of little to no exercise, but oh, well.  I've graduated from a cast and crutches to a walking boot - which is hot in the heat and humidity but at least I don't have to use crutches when I'm in the boot.  And I've started physical therapy because my ankle is stiff and I'm developing scar tissue making my whole foot and toes tight.  Physical therapists are torturers, truly!  I broke out in a cold sweat from the way he was stretching my big toes yesterday....

    Hey, question to everyone who really cooks:  when I try to brown chicken in hot oil, it always sticks.  We have very good, non stick pans and yet the chicken parts STILL stick.  is the oil perhaps not hot enough?  Every recipe that says "brown pieces - should take 10 minutes" means I get sticky chicken parts, and none of them are very brown even if I do it longer than 10 minutes.

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    Re: August 2012

    Nice to see you again CT-DC. That sounds like a painful surgery and recouperation; Glad you are on the mend.
    Re: the sticking chicken. Most people with non-sick pans, make the mistake to turn the pieces over too soon. I made that mistake myself, until a chef friend corrected me. Heat up the pan, turn down the heat and use only medium heat while cooking. I know it is hard to do, but try to leave the pieces browning longer. When they are ready to be turned, they won't stick. You can gently lift one of them, to check if it sticks. If it does, it is not ready.
    He also told me, non stick pans should never go in the dishwasher, no matter how much the instructions tell you, it is dishwasher safe. The detergent is too hard on them. They are not hard to hand wash. Generally the dirt will slide right off. If not, you can boil a bit of water in them, and the scrapes and bits will lift off.
    Good luck - Pingo
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    Re: August 2012

    CT-DC, thanks so much!!! I'm very pleased with my progress and all your compliments and encouragement are keeping the momentum going. I resisted FREE whole sugar cookies at the market, and I really like those, you know the ones, the soft, white ones with frosting...oh, man. Anyway, I've got your back if you ever need support, too. It's so hard to get back into the swing of things after surgery or any setback to exercise. You can do it!! Re the chicken, I totally agree with Pingo. I am tempted to turn food before it carmelizes and releases so I actually set the timer to force myself to leave it alone. This is true for any type of pan, staiiness, hard anonized, and non-stick. The other problem with non-stick is using non-stick sprays. If you've EVER used spray on them, it has made your non-stick pan (ironically enough) very sticky, and there's not much you ca do about it. Also, for any pan, preheat. Add the chicken when it sizzles gently and leave it be. You can safely bring any meat to closer to room temp before cooking by leaving out things of chicken piece size out about 30 minutes before you cook them. This allows the inside to cook faster instead of being insulated from the heat while the outside cooks and carmelizes. If the chicken is not ice cold, you can be more assured that the inside is done when the outside is. If you are still having problems, you can pour a couple of tablespoons of white wine in the pan and use (my favorite) a straight edge bamboo spatula to scrape up the chicken. But, if you have to do that, I'm betting the pan is damaged at some possibly invisible level. Never use high heat on a non-stick pan; it damages it in a number of ways. Medium high at most, but medium is best. If you preheat to Medium it should be fine for anything. Gotta sign off and cook the stuff for tomorrow...wish me luck. :) ~kar P.S. CT-DC, you are welcome to use my email, kargiverbdc @ gmail . com if you ever want. (spaces added to foil auto spammers)
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    Re: August 2012

    OH yes, Kar. How did I forget, those non-stick sprays are the worst. IMO, it is a product made by the pan manufacturers. They know it will ruin your pans, so you need to spring for another expensive set. LOL
    The "non-stick spray" I use, is a bit of olive oil on a papertowel I then wipe all over the pan.
    How are the peppers coming along? And what else is on your menu? - Pingo
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    Re: August 2012

    Just sat down for the first time since 3. The peppers are all stuffed and ready to bake. I also made biscuits for a birthday strawberry shortcake (we figured we'd better do somthing), carrot/turnip mash, tomato sandwich fixin's, and raw veggie salad (lunch). Yeah, I don't know who those sprays work for, but they are particularly terrible for non-stick pans. And, I meant to add that even expensive non-stick pans lose their best non-stick properties after a few years of use even with perfect care and despite what the warranty might say. I'll take photos. :) Bye, everyone, I won't be on in the morning; we're leaving early in the morning.
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    Re: August 2012

    Happy Sunday All -

    Hope those of you who are away are enjoying yourselves.  Try and have a nice day kar.  Hopefully, you can go swimming. Have fun tulips, you deserve it.

    winter, take care of your eye.  Happy Birthday to Yoda.  You were so good to take him in and he knows it, even though he may not be able to express it in a manner you'd like or an appropriate time of day - LOL!  When you adopt a pet, you never know what happened to it before it came to you.

    Liz, congratulations.  Many happy wishes to you.

    princess, hope you don not have to go to the hospital.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

    tt, the moonflowers are just lovely.  When I open the door to my deck, I get the spicy scent of all the lilies along the fence.  I love it.  My grandmother used to slice beefsteak tomatoes and add cider vinegar and sugar and let them sit for awhile in a bowl.  She loved it.  My MIL used to make the best fried green tomatoes and serve them with a garlicky aioli.  Yum.   

    pingo, I bet you ate those lobsters inside tonight.  Too hot to be outside.

    I thought today was the most oppressive so far this summer.   When I first got up, I did a lot of housework and and watered everything on the deck and in the yard.  My SIL called and asked if I wanted to join him shopping for perennials for their yard.  I said ok.  By the time we got to the nursery, the humidity was awful. Anyway, we poked around for an hour or so.  I found two sturdy looking delphiniums to add to my weaker ones.  I want to circle the ones I have with taller stalks.  Mine keep bending over once they bloom.  Also picked up two pots of foxglove.  I love it and it's a biennial to boot.  On the way home I stopped by my father's and we went out to eat.  It was very cool in the restaurant.

    If it's cooler tomorrow, I'm going to try and get on my bicycle and ride around the Esplanade.  I haven't ridden since last year, so we'll see.  My foot feels ok at the moment.  It will depend upon the humidity.

    In the meantime, I'm up late, having some red wine and eating chocolate while I watch the Olympics. 

    I'm going to Maine on Wednesday and staying through Sunday.  Looking forward to at least one lobster feed.


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    Re: August 2012

    Good Sunday morning,

    Humid!  Lucky you up at the Lake today, Kargiver.  How nice to be able to sit out and look over the water.  Nice of you to bring along the fixings for a strawberry shortcake birthday celebration too, I'm sure everyone will enjoy it, along with the stuffed peppers.

    Here's what the moonflowers looked like around 7:00 last night, and the lower pic what I got up to this morning - enjoy

    And here's my Harry eating off his plate, one we purchased at an antigue shop in NH years ago - - nothing but the best for Harry! -
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    Re: August 2012

    Funny piece on the back inside cover of the Globe Magazine today - The Tomato Wars - one woman's battle with a groundhog/woodchuck over her tomatoes and flowers.
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    Re: August 2012

    Good Sunday morning,
    Just finished breakfast of omelets. Wanted to sit outside, but it was just too humid to be a pleasant experience. The air feels to thick, you can cut it with a knife, and my breathing apparatus doesn't like it.
    Yes mm, the lobster party was held indoors as well. We overfilled ourselves. 2 lbs of steamers and 6 lobsters for 3 people. I have never seen so beautiful and large clams and the lobsters were delicious. I cook them at home with my special recipe, I got from and old Maine fisherman, and they beat any restaurant lobster. I am planning to get another batch to cook and pick to freeze and save for a Newburg or a roll. $3.99/lbs can't be beat.
    Beautiful flowers, tt. Harry is a sophisticated cat eating out of an antique plate. Coming to visit you every morning, he know what a good life is.
    Kar, thinking of you hopefully getting time to enjoy it at the lake. It sounds, like you are throwing the party for your MIL. Raw veggie salad for lunch sounds delicious. Would you please elaborate some more sometime?
    Winter, I hope your eye is on the mend and that your pool party was a success despite the heat and humidity.
    Shopping yesterday, I hit some bargains. At REI I found my favorite Merrill winter shoes marked down to 1/3 of their normal price. For that price, I feel they may discontinue them, so I bought 2 pair. I also found a pair of dress designer jeans for DH for half price. DS found his rain jacket. Expensive but very nice and light.
    Will do some more shopping today and start to do some packing. He is going back business class (got upgraded), so he can take 3 bags and he is planning to fill them all. Happy Sunday - stay cool!
    - Pingo
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    Re: August 2012

    tt, Harry looks pretty well fed to me!  He's a handsome boy.  Must be a pretty smart cat, too. Looks like you're not the only one feeding him!  The moonflowers are beautiful.  I see a peek of your ornamental grass in back there.  I have some of it in my yard and the lovely stalks are just starting to come up.  

    pingo, do you make stock from the lobster shells?  I haven't for a long time because I rarely cook them at home.  I bet your son enjoyed his special meal.  All of you for that matter.

    I'll have to read that story in the Globe. Something has been eating my tomatoes and eggplant.  I don't really mind but whatever it is goes to the bother of removing it from the containers and eats only half. Not very good manners I'm afraid.

    I'm trying to decide if it's too hot to go along the river.  Doesn't seem as bad as yesterday.  I have fresh corn to have with a piece of steak I plan to grill tonight.  I haven't used my grill all summer.  The guys next door have been cooking on weekends when they're home and always ask me to eat with them.  I better make sure I can get mine going.

    Enjoy the day.

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    Re: August 2012

    Came in to check the windows - showers here right now - and saw 2 posts.

    You did good on your shopping expedition, Pingo.  I've never been to REI.  Is that the place where you walk for miles inside?  If so, couldn't do it.  My lobster roll last week was my first taste of lobster this summer.  Like mm, I don't cook my own anymore.

    MM, you mentioning walk along the river - my nanny friend called to see if I would like to go with her a little later, while she attempts to walk around the lake, said I could sit on a bench, if I'd enjoy it.  Depends on the humidity.  Right now it's not too bad.  I've a couple of hours to decide.  Don't like to pass up any invitation.

    Had a nice lunch of a slice of pre-cooked ham and some mac salad leftover from last night.  Don't know what supper will be.

    The angle of the picture of Harry makes him look a little more plump than he actually is - he's a long cat, rather on the skinny side, we think.  Nevertheless, he is a beautiful cat and a good boy.

    Hope everyone is enjoying their day and that Princess did not have to go into the hospital.  Amber, hope you are doing good also.
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    Re: August 2012

    tt, not a single drop here yet. It is so oppressive, I am hoping for a down pour.
    I am pretty happy with my purchases yesterday. DH was thrilled for his jeans. I bought several other items, I am going to save for gifts for later.
    REI is right next to the old RMV in Reading. Exit 40, second right off the traffic circle. It is primary a store for outdoor sports, but they have really nice quality clothing. Some is expensive, but they have sales all the time, and they are generous with coupons, if you are a member, which is free. DS has a credit card by them and he gets another 15% off on top of the price, whether it is regular or sales priced. I picked up 2 beautiful tops for myself, but they were running really small and they didn't have it in larger sizes. But I am considering going back to get them for DIL.
    DH and DS is thinking of going to a movie this afternoon. The Dark Night - not a movie, I will enjoy. I will stay at home and cook dinner instead. Not exactly sure what yet. - Pingo
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    Re: August 2012

    I almost think I have been in that store with my Fla friend one time, years ago, or another little one next to it.  I took her out to that DMV at the time and we stopped in there where she got a couple of really nice tops.  She was nice and slim and used to find the prettiest, most feminine tops - unlike me who sticks to Eddie Bauer!  lol

    I've decided not to go with Nanny friend.  Just took out some shrimp that I'll have on a salad for supper.  Opened up the peanut brittle I  bought at Yummy's, and my fingers and toes are like little sausages from the salt (peanuts).  Also, the slice of ham I had with the mac salad at lunch didn't help any.

    Just watched my "stayin alive" dance video again.  Love that.  Sent it to friends and they are hooked on it too, probably because the film clips used in it are all from movies we saw in younger days, and imagined ourselves back then (and now) looking and moving like Rita Hayworth!

    Our shower didn't amount to much, not enough to cool it off.

    GD called this morning to say the outfits I bought pumpkin fit or will fit in fall and that she loves them.  He was jabbering away in the not too distant background, putting his approval in too!  She had spent yesterday at her Dad's with presents and cake - so glad to see how much she does appreciate the Dad she's got. he's one in a million, "a real stand up guy", she would say.

    When is your son leaving, Pingo?
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    Re: August 2012

    Still no rain here. Hopefully later.
    Son is leaving Tuesday, and is sorting out, what he wants to bring. He has a lot of good kitchen stuff - he couldn't take the first time around. Like his set of knives f. ex. Everything is so expensive over there and on top of it, they have to pay 20% VAT. He is filling up three large suitcases. We had a couple of old ones, he can get rid of afterwards.
    Think they scratched the movie; not enough time. It is a 3 hours movie.
    You are confusing me, tt. GD's Dad isn't that your son?
    - Pingo
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    Re: August 2012

    Yes, GD's Dad is my son.
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    Re: August 2012

    You were smart to stay home tt.  I went out for about an hour and just got back. It rained twice - briefly - but did not cool off one bit.  My male cat looks  a lot like Harry.  I know what you mean about him being long.  Mine is, too, and although he looks overfed, when he stretches out, he looks quite lean.  The vet told me he's just the right weight.

    pingo, my kids and grandkids go to REI for their skiing "stuff."  The past couple of Christmases, I've stuck REI gift cards in their stockings. 

    Well, I got my grill going, so I can keep my kitchen cool anyway.  It's nice and cool inside. I'm glad I watered yesterday.  Won't have to do it again until tomorrow morning.  


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    Re: August 2012

    Hi all--had a great weekend with my two friends. It wa very hot down the cape, too. We had the AC on, and fans, so it was fine. We had a big air circulator on the deck, so no bugs.
    We did not do ANYTHING--it was wonderful! Started right in on cocktails and munchies mid afternoon, and I was in bed before dark! They stayed up until around midnight.  Next day we did burgers , mac salad, munchies on the grill for lunch. They took naps, and I read my kindle.Then started more cocktails, and had a big steak dinner. Stayed up until about 1AM. We had a lot of laughs.  My suprise gift "old lady" outfit I bought for my friend J's 40th birthday, almost 20 years ago. It has been passed back and forth  4 times now- she gave it back to me on MY fortieth, then apparently I gave it back to her at some point-I had totally forgotten about it. Vinyl slide shoes, a house dress, powder, blue hair gel, beads, scarf. I couldn't believe she still had it!   Some other gifts, too, and a cake. They loved the presents I got for them. One funny story we laughed about all weekend--
    Her daughter called her one day, around lunchtime. She asked her mother what she was eating. J looked at her food and said "celery."  Dead silence. Daughter says  "celery? With ...????  what?? ' J replies   "chicken salad, bread, potato chips, and chocolate milk. So all weekend long we kept saying "celery". too funny. Anyway--it was to us! So tired-heading to bed after a few games of Mahjong. Keep having put push Kitty off the keyboard. Hope Kar had a good time inspite of BIL.
    Pingo-enjoy the rest of your time with your son.
    I need to go back and read what everyone wrote again.
    TT-beautiful flowers.  We just got a downpour here-we have the ACs all going, though.
     Checkup with oncologist tomorrow afternoon--no test results, just a check up. 
    They are concerned with his weight loss, and lack of energy, so we will see......Big Yawn--good night all !
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    Re: August 2012

    Good morning -

    Great stories about your week-end, Tulips!  What a fun friendship you have with those two.

    I thought the muggies were supposed to be gone this mornng after some rain??? There was a little rain last night, but the sky looks bright this morning and it definitely is still muggy.

    Fed the cats but have to get around and iron something to wear and get myself in gear.  Mason comes this morning to give estimate on the stairs.  I went to bed last night before I realized how early it was - 8 o'clock!  I think the heat had knocked me out.  Crazy dreams again, nothing related to anything - one segment G.T.'s partner was repairing kitchen chairs by putting big thick blocks of cement (oops, there's thoughts of mason and stairs, I guess) between the seats and legs.  Terrible looking, but he was quite pleased with himself!  Others are lost to me, but I know some had to do with travel and a bus, I think.

    I'll stop in later.  Hope there's an update from Princess so we know she isn't in the hospital, and a report of a great day at the Lake from Kargiver.

    P.S.  Winter, check out the piece in the Globe magazine about the woman and her woodchuck.  You'll chuckle.
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    Re: August 2012

    Oh, that is beautiful - what an array of colors.