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December Chat 2010

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    Re: December Chat 2010

    Had a wonderful morning.  Everyone seemed unusually kind.  Stopped to buy a purple scarf off a vendor and he insisted on giving me a large cloth (I guess it is) shopping bag with handles and proceeded to put all my bags from T.J. Maxx in there also.  It certainly was way bigger than what he would have put a single scarf in.  Said it was free, but me being me, I have a hard time taking anything free and gave him a dollar.

    Checked out some very nice, much more expensive cards that T.J. had, and lo and behold guess where they were made?  You've got it - China.  So, saved that money and will send out the el cheapo ones I had already bought but hesitated sending because of being made in China.  Little hedgehog isn't, he's made right here in Ohio.

    Picked up some gift cards to tuck in baskets and treated (?) myself to a cup of coffee and a Whopper.  Actually had to sit a bit before making it back to the car.  Mall parking was at a premium today.  Pleased with basket fillers I got in T.J., and altho I still have more to buy, feel I'm making good progress.  Love Christmas shopping.

    Pingo, I think your heated birdbath/drinker is great.  Unfortunately, I have no outside outlet, and no deck to boot.  I ran out with warm water to refill all the reservoirs this morning.  Haven't checked, wonder if it's warm enough now for them to have stayed melted.

    Icer, I have a footbath - great use for one - but again no outside outlet.

    Lemoncoke, I'm sure this is a very busy time for you with your volunteer work.  Did you make the brambles as yet?

    Winter, I second Pingo's suggestion re a step stool.  I bought myself a 2 stepper at Home Depot about 8 years ago.  Could have saved myself one fall off a chair anyway, had I used it.  I'm extremely careful now, won't even stand on those horrible little stools they have in library to reach top shelf.

    Okay, enough from me.  I'll get off and let you all feast your eyes on my hedgehog.
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    Re: December Chat 2010

    Your hedgehog is very cute, TT - excellent find!  Nice to hear that everyone was being kind, too.  I got flipped off in Christmas Tree Shop parking lot over the weekend. =(  Talk about a bah humbug!
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    Re: December Chat 2010

    Hello, hope you had a wonderful holiday. Been super busy at work so haven't been able to post. Agree with those who say knowing how to fix stuff comes in handy. I grew up in very old house which constantly needed fixing so I learned from a very young age to be my dad's helper. I can handle anything from a hammer to a chain saw. That said since DH was not super handy but has learned since being married to me. Still I prefer to hire out the big renovation jobs on my house. We look at how big the job is and how long it may take us doing it in our spare time. If it's more than a day or so then we hire it out so that it can get done more quickly.

    I haven't even started Christmas shopping yet. I have been a bah-humbug kind of mood. Watched LMN show @ Christmas Strike. I could really relate to the main character. Hoping to get into the holiday mood by joining my sisters for lunch in Boston this week.

    pingo - my heated bird bath is similar to yours. Is the bird store you mention on Rt 1 in Danvers? I searched on S&S since I couldn't find a listing for Wild Bird. The only S&S listing looks like it is on Rt 1. I avoid Rt 1 at all costs so probably won't go to the store if it's located there.

    kar - can relate to having to lug heavy wood around. I have to lug 40 lb bags of wood pellets around. It's not too bad but trying to pour directly from the bag into the stove can be a hassle. I'm looking for a container to store pellets by the stove but haven't found anything that I like. The containers at the stove store had open tops and were low to the floor. I am afraid that if I used one of those then the cats may think its a new litter box. yikes!

    tt - love the pics, especially the ones of Cheerio. Does she help you wrap? We had one cat that would love to sit on the paper and grab it with her claws. Even when we started using gift bags more we'd wrap a few presents so that she could have her fun. I'll have to make a trip to Trader Joe's for those cat treats that you got. Is it the only option or was there a specific item that you picked up? We use  a bag of TJ chocolate covered pb prezels as a stocking stuffer. Every one loves them in my house so each one has their own bag.

    winter - congrats on the house.
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    Re: December Chat 2010

    Celia, treats were Bench and Field Holistic Natural Feline Treats - red capped jar.  They're Omega enriched.  Company has been around since 1926, so figured that and the fact  "made in USA" were a good thing!  You know when I was in T.J.'s the other day meant to look for the peppermint pretzel packs Pingo mentioned, but forgot, and never happened across them.  MAY, make a trip back there, I don't know, not fond of getting to or leaving there.  The cookie kits they are advertising sound like a good filler for a couple of the baskets too.

    I was up to Home Goods one day last week, Pingo, and then stopped in S&S to do my shopping.  Must have walked right by the wild bird store and never saw it.  I love to poke in animal nature stores.

    Cheerio followed me upstairs while I put today's purchases in various baskets and now has followed me in here, lying right in front of the where the heat blows out of the wall vent.  She's got her back to me tho, evidently upset with me about something.  It's still so early, I may just run out again, this morning was so fruitful.

    P.S. Wanted to mention, Celia, that G.T. who has a pellet stove, fills an old coal hog (do you know what that is?) with pellets and has it standing on the hearth next to the stove.  It was originally in my parents house, used for coal, I saved it, painted it and used it to put magazines in, and now he has it and is using it again for what it was meant, well almost.
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    Re: December Chat 2010

    tt - did a search on coal hogs and got some odd stuff, mostly to do with coal or hogs but not coal hogs. The two pictures that I did see of coal hogs were very different so there must be a large variety of shapes & sizes. I've got to get out to the home goods stores to start searching but I really don't like to shop. (Malls are like torture to me.) Could probably use a pet food storage container as well if it was good looking. I'm getting tired of looking at the 40 lb bag of pellets sitting near the stove so need to do something about it.

    I'll make a trip to TJ's some time this week for the cat treats. Our cats are funny about treats. They like some treats but not others and there's no well to tell until we get them home.
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    Re: December Chat 2010

    Celia, I think if you search for "coal hod" you might have better luck.
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    Re: December Chat 2010

    Thanks,  lemoncoke.

    Three more basket stuffers down and one for the boy's stocking.  Worth my little trip out.  And nice to come back to my little "friend" here on my computer desk, smiling at me (and I don't mean Cheerio!)
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    Re: December Chat 2010

    Hi Everybody -

    Had to dash out of town quickly on Thursday.  My husband's aunt passed away in New Orleans at the ripe old age of 102.  She was a wonderful woman, always lovely to me, and I wanted to be there for her funeral.  It was a quick and tiring trip but I'm glad I did it.  We all saw her last February when we were there for Mardi Gras and I'm so glad I took lots of pictures of her with the kids.  Also went to see my MIL while I was there.  Sadly, she has Alzheimer's and has declined to the point where she did not know me at all.  Last February, there were glimmers of recognition but not this time.  Very very sad for me.  I adore her.  Terrible disease.

    Anyway, I came home to a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.  Apparently, my daughter kept her tree out of storage, just in case she had to put it up at my house and even though it is artificial (I always have a real tree) I must admit it looks as real as any fake tree I've ever seen. So, we have Christmas around the house now and I need to get my other decorations out.  It was a relief to come home and see a tree up.  I was looking forward to putting one up with the kids, but I was exhausted.  This weekend is all about cookie baking.  Each girl, including my little friend next door has chosen a cookie recipe and we're all going to bake.  Should be fun.  They are excited.

    I read some of the recent posts after I got back and want to throw my two cents in about facebook.  I have been on facebook for awhile now and like it.  I don't find the privacy settings challenging and have my page set up according to my preferences.  I like the fact that if somebody sends me a friend request and I don't want to be facebook friends with them, I can ignore that person.  I have no qualms about doing so.  You can also block somebody you have accepted if they post anything you find offensive and they do not know you are blocking them. I had one of the guys next door help me with the setup and he told me that any pictures you post are the property of facebook, so I never post pictures, just a photo of me on my profile page.  I didn't really like the idea of posting pictures of my family anyway, although I like looking at other people's photos. He was invaluable in giving me advice and I think that's key.  I do feel that I have enough control over who's looking at my page that I'm comfortable.  The plus for me is that I'm facebook friends with the kids.  I promised them I would never post on their wall, but I like to be able to send them messages.  I find it's a good way to keep in touch, especially with my far-flung extended family.  A lot of my cousins are on fb.  Also reconnected with several friends from grammar school and we had a little reunion last spring.  So, for me it's been a  positive experience.

    Have a nice evening everybody.

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    Re: December Chat 2010

    thanks lemoncoke, that helped. found one at lowes with a cover. Will probably go out and buy it this weekend. Getting 2 tons of pellets delivered tomorrow. Now just have to figure out where to store them since we don't have a shed.
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    Re: December Chat 2010

    Do you have a cellar, Celia? 

    Sorry to hear of your husband's aunt's passing and also your MIL's sad state, mothermitzi.  Yes, Alzheimer's is a terribly disease, for the person suffering from it, and those who have to watch the slow decline of the person they once knew.  Seem to hear of more people having it, I think years ago it just wasn't diagnosed, but called senility.  How nice to come home to a decorated Christmas tree.  One less thing you have to think of doing.  I'm sure your home is a whirlwind of activity with Christmas this close.  Have a fun time this week-end with your cookie baking.  Thanks for your input re Facebook.  I still haven't done anything about it.  Have a lot of questions, like, if I join will I automatically be able to read what my kids post or do I have to become a "friend" to them.  Want to give them the freedom to talk about whatever in whatever terms they want, without fear of "Ma" being able to read it.  In other words I don't want to stifle them.

    Forgot all about the fudge until I just had a bite of supper,  was wanting something chocolate - aha - tastes even better today.  You're SURE freezing it won't make it fall apart when I defrost it?
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    Re: December Chat 2010

    Hi tt -

    I relied on my neighbor, who was knowledgeable about all the ins and outs.  He was most helpful.  If you have somebody who can explain it to you and perhaps show you their fb page, it may help you to decide if you want to be involved or not.

    Cold tonight.  Looks like my nightly walks home are over.  I was walking home until last Wednesday.  Today is noticeably colder.

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    Re: December Chat 2010

    So sorry to hear about your relative's passing and your quick trip out for an unhappy occasion. I remember you went to a family sort of reunion for Mardi Gras (remember how we compared the King Cakes?). You know, I believe there is a reason for everything. You and your relatives were meant to go there to be with this Aunt.
    Alzheimer's is such a dreaded disease - so sorry for you all, that your MIL is fighting it. Fortunately she herself is not aware of it. It is more difficult for her nearest. My mother was suffering from it for 7 years before she passed away. And now, we have a "young" 66 year old friend, that has just been diagnosed. He does not know about it, but his wife does. Terrible!
    What a lovely thing for your daughter to put up and to decorate the tree. So much love has been put into that. I can see her thinking, "Mom is sad, let's do something nice for her!" One great Christmas present, you got already there. Bless her for that. - Pingo

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    Re: December Chat 2010

    I know, I promised not to talk about my birthbath any more. But I have to tell you, when I came home tonight, I could not help it, but to go and check it. 28 degrees out, probably a lot less with the wind chill, and the water was lukewarm. Yeah!
    If you don't have a railing, I have seen on the net, they also come with a stand. Also, my guy who set it up, used one of our outdoor lights to plug it into. Placed some thing-a-magic in the socket - then plugged in an outdoor extension cord and taped all the connections heavily with electric tape, so no water can enter.
    Come Spring, we will make a more permanent connection (for using next winter), but this is absolutely safe for now. I just don't like the look of it.
    tt, the bird store is called: Wild Birds Unlimited. It is very easily missed. It is on the right side of the pet store there, and looks as if it belongs to them. But it does not. I liked it so much, b/c it is a small privately owned store and most of the stuff is made in USA. They had some really neat things there. I could have spent a fortune. And btw. he gave us a large bag of birdseed for us to try. I am sure, he knew, what he was doing.
    - Pingo

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    Re: December Chat 2010

    tt, if you go back to TJs for something else, look for these Peppermint Pretzel Slims right next to the checkouts - red bags. That's where I found them. They were handing out samples, when I was there. That's how I got to know about them.
    - Pingo
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    Re: December Chat 2010

    I almost think that is the name of a wild bird store up at Lake Winnie, I can't think of the exact name of the town, not sure if it's in Laconia.  It's in a little mall by an Indian merchandise store.  They had everything imaginable in there and were very helpful.  Don't go out to Home Goods too often, but you can be sure next time I do I'll stop in there.  I'm obviously not very observant, I didn't even realize there as a pet store there!  Great detective I would make!

    Also, thanks for the hint about where to find the peppermint pretzels.  When I was in the other day, some clerk came right over and whisked me to a register he was opening, so wasn't standing there any length of time to have a chance to notice, if they were there.  As he checked out my stuff he reminisced about having helped his grandmother make pesto when he was a kid, and also how spaghetti used to be called macaroni and now everything is "pasta".  Nice guy.
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    Re: December Chat 2010

    tt, maybe that was my special guy, I always chat with. Once I couldn't find some mango/nut mix I was looking for. I was going to mail it in a parcel to our son, while he was in Japan. I asked this guy, and he went way and beyond duty to look for it. He finally came back to me, and told me that they don't carry it any longer. He was just as sorry as I. Now whenever I go there he will stop me and chat. How is your son, does he miss Japan etc. He still cannot forget, that I shipped homegrown tomatoes all the way to Japan.
    Talking pasta, have you tried TJs Lemon Pasta. It is just wonderful. It goes well with the Chicken Kielbasa. Which of course, I cannot find any more. I asked the butcher at my S&S to take some home for me, but they just got a load of the smoked Polish one and they don't seem to move well right now, so I guess I will have to wait.
    As for the bird store, could very well be the same. They have about 300 all over the country, but not many in NE - and they are all privately owned - not  franchises. That makes it so nice, one get personal attention. I love to shop at those mom'n pop stores.
    Dinner is ready, but waiting for DH to get home. He had a late meeting in Boston.
    You have a nice evening with you cute little hedgehog. Hope Cheerio does not the jealous - Pingo
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    Re: December Chat 2010

    I told you about T.J.'s lemon pasta, I think, pingo.  Have turned a lot of people on to it.

    Cheerio is busy investigating what was rustling at our back door a little while ago.  Like to think it was the wind blowing leaves up against it, but it sounded more like an animal scratching at the storm door.  Have the outside light on.  Not really concerned, but Cheerio's ears are back - and she's standing guard at the slider.  --  My hero.
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    Re: December Chat 2010

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    Re: December Chat 2010

    t.t., your hedgehog made me smile, as well as all of all you posters with your holiday happenings. I'm catching up tonight with this thread. D.D., and the emphasis is on "D" is having a difficult time right now. She is under the best medical care possible. The hedgehog was the first time I laughed in a week! Oh, and Kargiver , your D.H. and Gracie? How sweet! I'll be reading again tomorrow. This has been not such a great week,and I hate being a downer,good thoughts to D.D. would be so welcome. Take care all. bg.
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    Re: December Chat 2010

    Beautiful tree, Icer, and your Christmas Cactus looks so shiny and healthy.
    Finally have the date set for gal pals to come, the 17th, and may just take a pic of them decorating my tree - from the back of course, to protect the innocent!
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    Re: December Chat 2010

    Bg, good to see a post from you.  I feel so badly for all of you.  I'm sure you're doing all you can to help your daughter.  If only you could get inside her mind and know her thoughts so you could assure her.  Is she in any kind of a support group with other kids that are going through the same thing ?  I don't know if there are such groups, but it would seem easier for them to talk amongst themselves and share the feelings they have.  That way each one wouldn't feel like they're the only one with those thoughts, and wouldn't get down on themselves so much.  Holidays are always hard for anyone going through any kind of crisis.  I know I speak for all of us that you don't even need to ask - we already are holding your daughter and your whole family in our thoughts and prayers.  If I could give you my little "hedgie" to bring a smile to your face each morning, believe me, I would.  He's been looking for the right home.  Inside his tag is a sweet little story, apparently he was going through the forest looking for a good place to have a picnic, and he came upon frog and rabbit sitting by a brook, sharing stories.  He settled down with them and offered each an apple from his basket.  What a sweet fellow.  Good night.
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    Re: December Chat 2010

    T.T, Thankyou,thankyou so much. Much hugs to you all. bg.Smile
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    Re: December Chat 2010

    Three visitors in my backyard when I got up at 6:15.  One adult female deer and 2 younger ones.  Left the kitchen light off and watched them for about 20 minutes.  It makes me so nervous when they're down here, that far away from where they should be.  When they finally left the adult must have hopped the back fence, the two younger ones I guess couldn't make it, and cautiously came down the path from the buddha, by the pond, out the side yard right out into the street.  Traffic didn't really slow down for them and I saw them veer off back towards the wooded area again.  I always throw peelings up the back of the yard - I thought for the skunks, raccoons, etc., but maybe it's attracting deer.  Much as I want to help them find food, guess I'll stop that.  Don't want to give anyone in the neighborhood ideas.
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    Re: December Chat 2010

    Good morning all. D.D. is in one of the best eating disorders clinic Boston has, and is doing well right now. We were going to hold off on the decorating until she came home, but she said she'd rather come home to a tree already up. I took today and tomorrow off work to do just that. I was so sad, but when I had the time to read your posts, I felt so much better. Thankou everyone!bg
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    Re: December Chat 2010

    Good morning!

    mm, sorry about your DH's aunt.  We just learned of a death of an elderly family member and will have to go to services this week.  ILs were planning to fly to their winter home in FL on Thursday...not sure what's going to happen with that.

    The hedgehog looks so intelligent and kindly, like an old professor, @tt.  Love the tree, @icer.  Love that we can post pictures.  @Bg, thanks, yeah I think the shots I took of DH and Gracie are so sweet.  Too bad the DH/Gracie picture book got made before those were taken.

    (I've learned that "@" makes screen name references more easily seen in posts so I'm gonna do it.)

    @Pingo, I haven't talked to SIL about the concert yet - she worked yesterday and we went out to dinner and to Lowes (hot date, huh? lol) last night.  So, today, we'll catch up, hopefully.  I'll post a report when I do.

    My DH's family reported a death of an elderly (and failing at TG) family member he wasn't close to but that we'll, of course, be attending services for this week...Natick, I think.  Anyway, his folks were going to be flying back to FL on Thursday...what can ya do.

    DH is on vacation this week and has a list a mile long of home improvements (hence the Lowes trip).  One is doing some kind of drainage thing to prevent a sheet of ice from being formed across the driveway - you risked your life getting in and out of the car last year!

    I know I've missed things I mean to comment on, but yesterday was a rough day for me, exhausted from the ILs (despite it being fun), and I wasn't online.  Now, I can't remember everything I just read.  Pre-cuppa, you know. :)