A schedule of the “ends of the world” up to 2020:
2008 - an asteroid will hit the earth
2009 - Armageddon according to Nostradamus
2010 - oil will end, a war for resources will begin, and the earth will turn away from the Sun
2011 - the end of the Mayan calendar cycle
2012 - all cosmic cycles will flatten, the poles will change
2013 - judgment day, transition to a fourth dimension
2014 - cosmic dust will hide the Sun from us
2015 - the end of the 9576-year cycle
2016 - glaciers will melt, flooding most of the dry land
2017 - the end of the world according to the theory of hierarchic catastrophes
2018 - a nuclear war according to Nostradamus
2019 - collision with asteroid 2002 Nt7
2020 - the end of the world according to Newton

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