February 2012

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    Re: February 2012

    Can any of you lovely ladies suggest a floor steamer that is not too expensive, but still good at it's job. I am sick and tired of mopping my wood floors! TIA :)
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    Re: February 2012

    Liz, I got this Haan on the high recommendation of our old pal Pinkkittie, and I can't thank her enough.  It's warming up right now, but since that only takes 30 seconds I've got to get to it!

    tt, the house is fresh here, too, thanks for the suggestion.  Getting cold, though, so that's it for now.
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    Re: February 2012

    Good afternoon all.  Yes, pingo, I'm lucky to have them nearby. I had gotten used to the kids being far-flung but like it so much better with her in the area. Yes, my father is invited to the party.  I took him out to eat last night and by the time I got home I was pretty sick.  Something I ate did not agree with me.  So, without going into great detail, unless I feel secure about going out tomorrow, I will be staying home.

    tt, don't press your luck by doing too much.  Take it easy.  The housework isn't going anywhere.  Bread pudding is one of the few things that appeals to me at the moment.  Luckily, I have plenty of ginger-ale and jello in the house.  Take care everybody and enjoy the rest of the day.

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    Re: February 2012

    mm, sorry you're not feeling well; I've had food poisoning before...not fun.  Hope it clears out soon and you're feeling tip top for tomorrow's festivities.  

    Liz, re the steamer, it's not a quick alternative to mopping the old fashioned way.  It takes longer, actually, if you want to sanitize which takes 15 seconds per spot.  I like the Haan and recommend it highly for a steam mop, but what are you hoping to gain by it over your current process?  If it's merely that you're "tired of mopping your floors," I fear you'll be just as tired of mopping them with the steam mop.  If, on the other hand, you are interested in sanitizing, that's another story, but it takes a LONG time to do that given that you have to slowly push it so that each spot gets 15 seconds of steam.  So, I generally don't technically sanitize the floors, just clean them.

    ETA:  Floors are done.  Phew!  Now, eating lunch of a reheated baked potato with 2 Laughing Cow cheese wedges melted in.  Needs salsa...
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    Re: February 2012

    Sorry to hear you're feeling poorly, mothermitzi.  It might not have been something you ate, stomach bugs are going around.  SS had something like that last week.  How is your father?

    As for me, I just took an ibuprofen and will clean the bathroom, but leave the kitchen floor washing til tomorrow.  You would not want my bread pudding, I'll make you feel better and not craving it, by telling you I got so absorbed in the Sundance movie (never caught its name) that I didn't hear the buzzer go off, and you know what happens to a custardy pudding when it's baked too long - got watery.  Me being me, I scooped some out, and then tilted the dish and spooned out the watery part.  Tastes OK, but I know it was baked too long. What would do you some good is a bowl of the chicken soup I made last night. Having that again tonight.  If I could, I'd send some over.  There's orange jello in the fridge too - again - no cream, but milk on jello is ok.

    Hopefully you'll wake up tomorrow morning feeling back up to par.
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    Re: February 2012

    tt, if you have to take an ibuprofen in order to continue, maybe the bathroom should wait 'til tomorrow, too?
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    Re: February 2012

    Too late, it's done, along with a couple, no 4 more rows torn out of knitting, can't seem to find my way back to the correct row, each of the 8 is different.  After ripping out almost a whole segment, I think I've finally found where I should be, row 3.  If this doesn't work up correctly, I'll just rip it all out and start a fresh square.

    How's everyone else's afternoon coming along?
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    Re: February 2012

    Just taking a break. I did something to my back, that pinched a nerve. Not bad, but bad enough, that I took an Aleve and sat down to rest for a few minutes. I am half done w/ the floors. Will do the rest later on and move to something else instead.
    Sorry to hear, mm - that you are not well. How is your Dad - is he ok? Hope you will be feeling ok tmw. so you can join the rest of the family. But like you said, staying at home may be a better option, if you are not 100%. Super Bowl is not THAT important, even though the news casters all think it is. I am already sick of listening to them and their predictions and the weather in Indianapolis. No one knows until tomorrow night, what the outcome will be.  - Pingo
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    Re: February 2012

    Aren't you and I the stalward little soldiers, Pingo - marching on regardless of pain in our backs!!   We're a couple of nuts, that's what we are!
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    Re: February 2012

    Hope you both didn't do real damage that you'll pay for!

    I'm resting, too, with DH and a delicious bowl of essentially sugar free vanilla ice cream.  Pingo, it has 1 Tbl of honey and 2 Tbl of vanilla liquer for real sugar, the rest stevia.  Given the alcohol (added to the original mixture to help prevent crystals due to the lack of sugar, not added later as suggested by Cuisinart) and the xantham gum (1/2 tsp), it's creamy and delicious.  You'd never know it was sugar free (almost!).  It's this recipe with 3 droppers of stevia and the aforementioned substitutions for the 9 oz of sugar.  I cooked it, otherwise, as directed, and cooled it overnight.  Alton Brown's Vanilla Custard Ice Cream

    Will be taking Gracie for a walk and then cleaning the bathrooms.  Doing 3 coats of shine took a long time.
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    Re: February 2012

    Boy, with all of this cleaning you gals are making me feel guilty, lol.  I actually did a light cleaning, but will leave the heavy stuff to the professionals.  Best $ I've ever spent, lol.

    Went over Mom's today.  It was nice, we really just enjoy spending time together.  I really love having her up here.

    Going out with friends tonight.  Tried to get reservations at the Capital Grille, but no such luck.  I find it hard to believe they are that busy.  So, we may end up at the Beacon Grille.  Shall I look for you Pingo?

    Good news for me - I got medical clearance to go back to work!  I am going back Tues.  A little nervous as I just can't let myself get so run down again. I have to make sure I eat lunch and maintain my strength.  My boss can be quite a bully at times . . .I have to be ready for it.  I am glad to be going back though, I really miss it. 

    While we will be watching the Superbowl, we will be doing it from home just the 3 of us (have to include Spencer).  DH works way too early in the morning to be going out late on a Sun night.

    Hope everyone has a good weekend.  MM- take care of yourself!!!
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    Re: February 2012

    Not tonight, Princess. Beacon Grille is nice - quite similar to Legal Seafood. Both are over priced IMO. But I think you have something to celebrate - going back to work - so it's ok to splurge. Enjoy your dinner out and let me know, what you think of Beacon Grille  - Pingo
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    Re: February 2012

    Hi Princess,
    Good news that you have clearance to go back to work, but I'm sorry to hear your boss is a bully sometimes.  No boss can force you to go without lunch, stick up for yourself.  The fact that you are looking forward to going back must mean that you have other nice co-workers.  Look to them for support if need be.

    I keep thinking it's an afternoon game tomorrow.  I am looking forward to catching some of the commercials, but I don't know, nighttime usually lends itself to some good story programming.  

    I'm done with cleaning for the day, and thanks to the ibuprofen none the worse for wear.  Had another bowl of the chicken soup and like all soups/stews, it tastes better the second day.  Looking forward to the ribs tomorrow.

    Nice that you and your mother get along so well, Princess, and enjoy each other's company.  I'm sure there's a very large part of her that is glad she moved back up here and is closer to you and your brother.

    Finally have my knitting ripped out back to where it should be and it seems to be rolling along now.  Will try to finish the square tonight.  Cheerio is a pest tho, wants to climb as much as she can into my lap and the needles keep rubbing her back fur, making her really annoyed.  If I shove her down to the floor she sits with her back to me and her ears back at a funny angle.  I think the message she is trying to get across is, "I'm displeased, very displeased."

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    Re: February 2012

    Prin, great news you can go back to work!  Indeed, be careful and have nice, iron packed lunches. :)  You must be enjoying a great celebratory dinner by now!

    tt, sorry you had to rip out your knitting. Oh, how I know how that feels.  But, you are on track, yay!  Good for you for getting to everything on your list; hope you're no worse for wear tomorrow.

    Had egg white omelets (left over from the egg yolks used in the ice cream) and butternut "pancakes" for dinner.  Yummy and easy.

    Didn't get to the bundles or the bathrooms given I was out with Gracie for an hour and a half, and when I got home we were hungry for dinner.  No worries, friend won't be here 'til 11:30.  I can do the bathrooms and make the bundles before then.

    mm, hope your tummy troubles are behind you.

    See you tomorrow,
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    Re: February 2012

    princess, I'm glad you are able to go back to work.  Good for you.  I can never understand why some bosses are bullies.  Such behavior is a waste of time and you can make your employees much more productive if they know you want them to succeed.

    Thanks for your good wishes.  I think I have a bug or one of those noroviruses.   I feel better tonight and am eating applesauce and drinking ginger-ale. No episodes since this morning.  I was up and down all night and never really slept so I'm going to bed soon.  I don't think it was something I ate because my father and I had exactly the same thing for dinner and he's fine.  I've already called my DD and said I'm not coming tomorrow.  My neighbors (bless them) will take my father. I'm sorry to miss it, but don't feel I should go.

    In the meantime, I have plenty of reading to catch up on and 'My Fair Lady' is on TCM.  One of my favorites.

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    Re: February 2012

    Hi ladies, I know it is late and everyone in bed. But had a great night! Liz I have the Shark steamer and love it! Don't confuse it with the vacuum / steamer. Strictly for cleaning. I do not find it time consuming at all. You fill the tank and 30 seconds later you are good to go. Filling the bucket, squeezing out the mop in dirty water is more time consuming IMO. Plus I love eliminating all the chemicals. Just curious why you would find it more time consuming Kar? As someone who has one day a week to do my housework I find it a blessing.
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    Re: February 2012

    Happy Sunday, Super Bowl Morning -
    Here's a little something to put a smile on your face, compliments of SS:


    A blonde wanted to go ice fishing.  She'd seen many books on the subject, and finally getting all the necessary tools together, she made for the ice.  After positioning her comfy footstool, she started to make a circular cut in the ice.  Suddenly from above, a voice boomed,   "THERE ARE NO FISH UNDER THE ICE".

    Startled, the blonde moved further down the ice, poured a thermos of cappuccino, and began to cut yet another hole.  Again, from above, the voice bellowed,  "THERE ARE NO FISH UNDER THE ICE".

    The blonde, now worried, moved away, clear down to the opposite end of the ice.  She set up her stool once more and tried again to cut her hole.  The voice came once more, "THERE ARE NO FISH UNDER THE ICE".

    She stopped, looked skyward, and asked, "IS THAT YOU, LORD?"

    The voice replied, "NO, THIS IS THE MANAGER OF THE HOCKEY RINK!"
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    Re: February 2012

    Amber, if you mop right along without sanitizing, it is FAST!  But, if you read the fine print on your steamer (they don't mention this in the ads) it says that in order to sanitize you have to have the steam hit each point on the floor for 15 seconds.  That's literally a very slow crawl.  But, like I said, if you want it to just get the dust and dirt up without sanitizing, it's faster than a mop and bucket.  That's why I asked what she wanted it for.  If just to clean, it's faster, if to clean AND sanitize it takes all day.  Mine also is ready to go in 15 - 30 seconds.

    tt, that's a great joke!  I'll have to forward it to my dad, it's right up his alley.

    Enjoying a leisurely cuppa then will kick into high gear.  3 things on the list before she comes:  bundles, bathrooms, window (to get the dog's nose prints off).

    Have fun at your parties!!!

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    Re: February 2012

    In Response to Re: February 2012:
    I won't have to get anything at the packie.  My brother doesn't drink and I think my SIL only drinks White Zinfandel and have some of that.  Actually, I may need to get some Mike's Hard Lemonade for me for putting up with her. :) 
    Posted by Winter2011Bride

    Everyone ready for the super bowl game?   I made onion dip and have chips, not for the game, but just cause I like em.....I enjoy Mikes Hard Lemonade too, I can't drink beer, don't like the taste or the smell (might be the reminder of unpleaseant times in yrs. gone by), one of of Son in lawas brought me a MHL one time, I liked it and now he brings it all the time.  ss
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    Re: February 2012

    Thanks for the explanation Kar. I def have not been sterilizing then. Crazy... it would take me all day if I had to wait 15 seconds. But I am confident my floors are clean from the looks of them. tt funny joke as always. I hope everyone has fun at their parties!
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    Re: February 2012

    Good morning,
    Nice to wake up to a good joke, tt. Thanks! How are the ribs doing. Did you start them yet? The Wowie cake is in the oven and the skirt steak in the marinade. Now I will start on all the chopping for the salsa, black bean salad and guacamole. Then later roll the enchiladas, so they are ready to going the oven.

    Do you ladies remember the discussion we had a few months ago about "cutting apples"? They have now engineered an apple, that is sweet, still tart, crispy and juicy, but does not turn brow as fast. It is called Lady Alice and will hit the produce section soon.
    Talking about them apples. What happened to all the good old fashion types of apples? The orchards must still be there; I can't imagine they suddenly stop producing. My favorite eating-out-of-hand apple was the Winesap. Can't find that anymore - at least not around here. Then I turned to Empire. That was my to go to for a long time. But my new love is the Honey Crisp. Have you tried it? It is sweet and yes, crisp.
    And now a vent, while at the subject. I just can't stand those little stickers, they put on the fruit. What kind of glue are we digesting? They are not necessary at all. Oh yes, I know they are for the tellers, so they can ring up $1.29 for Fujis, $1.29 for Gala, $1.29 for Empire etc. Why can't they just give all apples the same price like they do with potatoes and avoid the stickers? I am sure they add to the price as well. Enough venting.
    Busy day for many of us. Hope you all have a good one. Go Pats!
    - Pingo
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    Re: February 2012

    Good morning! I could not get on yesterday, but today no problem.I don't get all the problems .....how it is fine one day, then not the next. I do have some confusion over which email address it is, but I try them both. And password is the same on all, so it is definitely a BDC issue. I do get BDC news updates at both emails, so I think I amregistered twice. So all the more reason that one should work!
    Hope everyone has a fun Superbowl day ! And Kar, have a nice time with your friend.
    I need you all to come and clean my house--you all make me feel guilty !
    TT--I went on MSN, and found Mahjong dimensions--that is my new addiction. 
    I  also borrowed a jigsaw puzzle from my mother- that is on the DR table. I though DH or DS would maybe try a bit of it, but so far, no one else has touched it.
    Lots of cooking to do--I did some prep yesterday, so that helps.  We have 10-15 people coming.
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    Re: February 2012

    Ambergirl, you are not alone - I think many, if not most, people think they are santizing because of their misleading ads.   So, when anyone asks about floor steamers I'm mindful of that fun fact.  I'm with you, though, I don't sanitize the wood floors; they get clean enough and look very nice.  I sanitize the mat in the kitchen and the bathroom floors with it, though.

    SS, sounds like a fun treat-filled day.  I love onion dip, but I'd have a beer, sorry. :)  My SIL is a huge fan of Mike's.  Enjoy!!

    The bundles are done (minus the egg dip and breading).  I realized right before the last of 6 that I'd forgotten the butter.  Oh, well, I hope they are just as moist, but there's nothing I can do about it, now.  I'll go get sour cream to make a nice chipotle sauce.

    Now, a quick swipe for the bathrooms and trip to the store.  I'm still in my PJs...ack, I'm running out of time!!  DH is out with Gracie for her first woodsy walk.  She'll grab a nap while we cook and eat lunch, then she'll be ready to go, again.

    ETA:  We were posting at the same time, tulips, glad you could get in.  BDC is so messed up.  I think we're all a little tired of cleaning...you're on your own, sorry!
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    Re: February 2012

    Good morning, Pingo

    Ribs went in the crockpot on low at 8:00 and will come out around 4:00, just in time for my early hour supper.  Browned them a bit in the oven first, then just put them in and added a bottle of Sweet Baby Ray.  They were beautiful looking pieces of meat.  Have some rotini left over from what I cooked to put in chicken soup, and will make a macaroni salad to go with.  That and some sauerkraut.  What time are your guests coming?

    Today's an easy day for me, will throw a wash in, and may or may not wash the floor, it's only GD coming tomorrow and her eyes will be elsewhere.  Going to look through my coffee cake recipes and make one up for my breakfasts.  Finished off the last of the Friedhoff's whole grain oatmeal bread, toasted and topped with marmalade this morning.  That's the last of breakfast goodies I have.

    Apples?  My very favorite was one we grew in our backyard, the Baldwin.  Tart, crisp, delicious to bite into and even better for pies and applesauce.  Neighbors would come and bag the falls, and you could smell apple pies coming from every house.  That sturdy old tree held the swing my father put up for me too.  I've tried the Pink Lady recently and like that, tho I'm not too big an apple eater, prefer applesauce or apples in pastries.  As for the little stickers, I find I peel them off at the sink to wash the apple, and then afterwards realize I've left the sticker stuck on the edge of the stainless steel!  I'm forever peeling them a second time, off the sink.
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    Re: February 2012

    Hi, Tulips.  Oh, do try the #4, free online, it just says Mah Jong Tiles - it's not the dimensions, I don't care for that one or the other fancy mah jong game ones.  You may still prefer the dimensions, but hope you will give the plain stacked tiles a try.

    Glad you could get in this morning.  Yesterday was a bad day for me trying to get on and move around on the boards too.  Don't understand why when they are paying for a program they don't insist that they get all the glicks worked out.

    Laughed when I read you had started a puzzle too.  I think you'll find they don't like you to see them looking for a piece (especially the guys), but when no one's around they may find a piece here or there and add it.  Leaving it up for while is the key - after a while their curiosity gets the better of them!

    Boy, you are really having a party - 10-15 - with that size group, those of us with no plans could easily sneak in unnoticed!  I'd bring the ribs and whip up some finger dessert - how many hours driving time are you away?