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February 2013

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    Re: February 2013

    Happy Birthday Princess!  Hope you have a terrific time in NH, thats Gods Country to me. 

    Pingo, so glad you realized your license wasn't due for renewal!!  I stood in line one year for at least a 1/2 hr., got up to the desk, gave the lady my money and she told me she was sorry buy she could not renew my license, of my goodness, why??? 
    She told me I was a year too DH wasn't too happy about the wasted time....

    tt. Hope GT's pain doesn't hang around too long, hope they gave him some good pain pills, how is his friend doing....will he be able to live alone if his partner has to go into a nursing home?  Went to Foxwoods today, no one won, but I had a terrific time gabbing with every one on the bus, and I brought home cookies (choc.chip) for DD and DH, and Oatmeal raisen for myself that I going to enjoy now with a nice hot cuppa tea.  Hope all is well with everyone, take care and keep smiling. ss

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    Re: February 2013

    Thanks Icer and SS for the Bday wish.  DH, MIL and I had a nice dinner at Tavern In the Square last night.

    TT - Poor GT, I hope he gets relief.  I hear that kind of pain is just terrible.

    Booked our hotel for the weekend, we are really looking forward to it.  Will be back Monday sometime so I can then go up and see Mom ad the hospital - it should all (hopefully) work out.  I"ll give a review of where we are going once I get back.

    Happy Friday!

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    Re: February 2013

    Good morning,

    Glad you had such a nice time last night, Princess.  I'm sure you're looking forward to the week-end.

    G.T. was feeling comfortable last night, but that was thanks to myriad meds!  Still thought he would go into work this morning.  His partner said, "I'll make sure he calls you in the morning," meaning, I think, for me to convince him not to try to do that long drive, in and from work.  No phone call as yet, so I'm sure he's stubbonly going to do what he wants to do.  Everything  has fallen into place with our friends, the one with Parkinson's has been placed in a nursing home and the one who was hospitalized with exhaustion is as of yesterday, still in the hospital.  At least both can rest assured that the other is being taken care of.

    SS, I know you enjoy those Foxwoods trips.  I get cards from them every once in a while, and emails, and that's a result of my last visit, a year ago.  

    Pingo, I can relate to your flour mishap.  I've done that more than once, grabbing the 3/4 cup instead of the 1 cup.  With me it has been the sugar cookie recipe that I chill and roll out.  Took some careful thinking before I figured out why the chilled dough was still so soft and hard to handle.

    A couple of things to get done before I go out to lunch, so will get moving so it won't be  rush at the last minute.  I'll stop in later.