February 2014

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    Re: February 2014

    $30 for all that?  Sounds like a great deal.  Too bad you got a migraine; do you think it was sinus related?  Hope it's behind you and you can do class ok...9-10 is late for a Sunday night (to me, anyway - that's about when we go to bed).  Feel better, Winter.

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    Re: February 2014

    Good morning!

    Monday, again, but surprisingly, for the first time, DH's work has made Presidents Day a company holiday. Yesterday, I was assuming he'd have to drag himself to work and asked what he wanted in his lunch, and he gave me the good news. :)  He's off with the neighbor to get metal for a project.  

    Got a huge surprise this morning - a Valentine's present - two one hour massage GCs and card that choked me up.  He said he was too sick before today to enjoy giving it.  And, since we don't always do cards and gifts I just assumed this wasn't a year for it.  Yay!!

    Cold, again.  Gotta check the fire...  Have a great day, everyone - stay warm. 


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    Re: February 2014

    Good morning,

    Nice surprise to get a valentine's card and gift today, Kargiver.  Glad DH is off and able to do some recreational (for him) metal work - sounds like he and neighbor are tight, and that's nice to have a neighbor like that.

    Just got email from son who didn't come with Lilly yesterday saying he ate the lasagna but sent all the sweets downstairs for Lilly's family.  Don't know why he made a point of saying that, the sweets weren't for him anyway, his wife wanted the blueberry muffins and the cookies were for Lilly's fam anyway, and the whoopie pies were just 7, one for each of them.  I just answered, "OK".

    DIL had asked about taking me out for dinner around my birthday, but I'm wondering if I would be able to pull everyone together here like I did last year, having a celebration of multiple birthdays and an anniversary.  Was lucky it all worked out last year, I'll kind of throw out some feelers and see what reaction I get.

    Winter, sorry you have the headache - might it be sinus from the cold?  Hope you're feeling better and able to get your homework done today.  Lilly's bro had an assignment from school of taking pictures of 9 examples of Greek architecture.  9?  really? Where do they think 13 year old kids travel in and around their town to find 9?  He did take a picture of columns on a house at the end of this street.  

    Eggos and bacon for breakfast.  Now to get dressed and tackle some of the wash that has piled up.  Hoping temp will reach warmer temps this afternoon so I can clean my car off and do a light shovel push on the back walk.  Lilly's bro did shovel my stairs and next to the car yesterday.

    ETA:  additional email from son (Lilly's grandfather, "Papa") re the beautiful cookies:

    "She told me i could have a blue cookie, a butterfly or a flower, when I picked it up there was a shower of sprinkles that fell off"


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    Re: February 2014

    Good morning,

    What a lovely V-Day gift, Kar. I would have choked up too. Amazing he could keep it hidden for so long. DH really get use of his snowmobile this year. Do you ever go with him?

    Looks like you had a great visit yesterday, tt. What a sweetheart, that little Lilly is. Such a beautiful smile. Did a good job on the wreath and the cookies too. And you even got your stairs shoveled. I hope you can get your family together for your birthday. It was such a success last year.

    Hope you are feeling better this morning, Winter. Nice to have someone come and offer to shovel for you, when you are not up to par. $30, what a bargain.

    DH and I worked at home for a while yesterday, but then got cabin fever and went shopping. It was nice out but cold and windy. We bought a rattle and a set of spoon and fork (sterling silver) for the little one. They are being engraved. We can pick them up later today. DH couldn't believe, how expensive those thing are. I knew, since I have been browsing the net. But that is what he wanted to give her. And we bought a charm for DIL's Pandora bracelet. Today we go clothes shopping for the baby. That should be fun.

    We are invited to a dear friend's 75th birthday this Saturday, but will be in TX. So tonight we are taking him and his family out for dinner. They love Prince, so we will most likely end up there. Their daughter is here from San Francisco with her 3 daughters.

    Looks like we are getting more snow tmw. But then it is getting warmer, so hopefully our travel plans will go ahead w/o any problems.

    Have a good day everyone. Chat later.


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    Re: February 2014

    Kargiver, was thinking of you, when I got this e-mail. Amazing.


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    Re: February 2014

    Good morning all, Whenn is the snow going to stop coming??   Thank goodness for my snow guy, he does a wonderful job, sneaks in and out, have to call him today and ask him to please send me a bill.

    Mr DH got pretty good results at the Wound Ctr., he only goes every two weeks now, and the nurse comes in between, they are sending someone with a pump machine )?) for him to use on his legs, Dr. says the elastoc stockings are too tight, and this will fit over his bandages and help his circulation, I understand he is to wear it for an hour twice a day.  Will know more when Ivan comes to explain things to me on thursday.

    Heard there is more snow coming on Thursday, sure hope the weather man is wrong!!

    Take care all and stay warm. ss

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    Re: February 2014

    SS I think the more snow is tomorrow, Tuesday, in case you want to prepare.


    Glad DH is better and interested to hear about the new machine!

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    Re: February 2014

    Cheerio is getting very adventurous - I let her sneak out the back door a couple of days ago, figuring that once her feet hit that cold ice that was still on the back walk, she'd run right back in.  Instead she headed right along the walk and I had to really vigorously shake her treat jar.  A few minutes ago I was standing with the back door open, tearing pieces off a loaf of bread I had forgotten to freeze (wasn't moldy, for you bird lovers), she was sleeping in here, so I thought, and next thing I knew there she was stepping out ankle deep in snow that hasn't been shoveled yet.  At least she didn't like that and did turn around and come back in.  May have made a mistake by letting her out the other day, now I'll really have to be careful and watch when the doors are open.

    Good news about your DH's healing, SS.

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    Re: February 2014

    Good to hear, ss, that DH's ulcers are improving. Pump machine? Interesting. Like to learn more about it.

    tt, sounds like you have to have that shaking jar next to you, whenever you open your door now. Our DIL made the mistake to take their cat walking on a leash. It was a fancy leach, that went around the body and the neck. She had practiced several times inside to make sure it would be safe enough to take him outside. But as soon as they ventured outside, it took him only seconds to snake himself out of leash and disappear. They called and called his name all day long - no cat. Then when it got dark, they heard a meowing coming from their back yard. They went around with flash lights, but couldn't see him. They had to call the fire department. Going after the sound and using floodlights, they found him sitting way high up in one of their trees, shaking and afraid to come back down. He was finally brought down to great embarrassment for DIL, while the entire neighborhood was looking on. That was definitely "A Walk to Remember."

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    Re: February 2014

    What an experience with their cat, Pingo.  I had one cat that I put one of those harness leashes on, but he wouldn't walk with it.  Even tried attaching it to a lead out back, but he's just sit there.

    Going out to get what's left of the snow on the car off, I hope.  Later I'll have to do what I can with the back walk.  That's already gotten ahead of me as far as ice at the foot of the bulkhead.

    Just had leftover salad and a couple of spoonfuls of that apple crisp creation.  It is good, even without the frozen yogurt and whipped cream!

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    Re: February 2014

    I just indulged in a couple of apricots that I picked up at Market Basket last week.  Although they were not that good, still, it was nice to have some stone fruit.  And a very good apple!

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    Re: February 2014

    Boy, that sun is deceiving.  Cleared the light snow off back walk, but there's a coat of solid ice underneath.  Too cold in the shade for me.  Got to feeder and filled that.  Watched a family of cardinals out there yesterday.

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    Re: February 2014

    Umm! Fresh apricots. Saw a recipe for apricot ice cream, that uses cream cheese as a binder. No eggs. And you don't need an ice-cream maker. But I do think, the ice cream gets better using one.
    Went to MB the other day. They now has this thing - 4% off everything. But I feel they boosted their prices. I compared some of their price tags with the old ones, I still have some left of. Bread crumbs f.ex. had increased by 12 cents. And a glass of marinated artichoke hearts by 19 cents. Granted it is a long time ago, I purchased them. But still! Did you girls find that too?
    Waiting for DH to come back from a meeting. Then we will go shopping. In the meantime, I was pressing pants and ironing and folding shirts for our trip. Whatever we are taking is kept in one of the boy's rooms just waiting to be placed in our suitcase. I am ready to go.

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    Re: February 2014

    I also started piling my warm weather clothes in DD's room in preparation for our upcoming trip to FLA.  I'll do laundry later in the week. DH will pack the night before, as usual.  I'm starting to look forward to it. 

    MB - I had noticed several months ago that prices were going up, but they are still cheaper than other stores - esp since the ones available to me are Stop and Shop, Whole Foods, a really terrible Star Market, Roche Bros (good, but also expensive) and two Trader Joe's with tiny, tiny parking lots - unless you count the H Mart which is also expensive and carries a lot of stuff I'm either not interested in or don't know what it is or how to cook...I ran out of 1/2 and 1/2 just before a storm so I ran into S&S.  3.69 for a quart of their store brand - MB is $1.99.  Went to get DH's cookies at Roche's - 3.69 vs. 2.50 at MB. That's a lot of dough - if you buy 20 items per week, at $1 per item price difference (average) you would spend an extra $1000 by the end of the year.  To me, that's worth the hassle.

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    Re: February 2014

    To me, it's a toss up.  Some things at M.B. are the same price as S&S.  Some items I want a certain brand, cannot find at M.B. and so that means a second trip to another store just for them.  Plus, I always get suckered in by the unadvertised "specials" they have everywhere, of course they are things I would use, and end up with them in my cart.  Tally is usually over $100 when I go in their doors.  I understand that is just me and my lack of willpower, but nevertheless, when I go in S&S I buy usually just what's on my list, and that usually comes to between $69 and $85, which I'm prepared for.  $100, I'm not.

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    Re: February 2014

    Hi, ladies,

    Oh, yeah, tt - DH and neighbor are good friends.  Very nice guy with 2 very responsible young adult kids.  his daughter has taken care of Gracie before, and the son has done odd jobs with DH.  They took a short ride this afternoon.  I tried to post a photo, but it kept displaying as something else on my end so figured it would be a big pain for everyone.

    Pingo, thanks for the article; I tried to read it, but apparently it requires Adobe flash, and I can't download that on my iPad.  I'm sure others will find it interesting, too, though.  Speaking of which, mine said this morning that the "tail end" of nerve healing can take a really long time.  I've been at 98% for what seems like forever...he said that's normal.

    ss, my grandmother also had those inflatable compression boots that went up to her thighs.  I'm very familiar with the whole process and am sorry he's dealing with that.  I helped her the same way you are dealing with DH's legs so I understand and empathize wholeheartedly.

    We're supposed to get 3-6 more inches tomorrow!  Probably 6" at our house since they said the most will fall at "higher elevations." Um, yeah, that means the Kargivers!

    Hate to have DH go back to work - he's been home since last Thursday's big storm.

    ETA:  tt, meant to mention I'm glad Cheerio was lured back in with the treat can!  That gets Gracie in, too.  You must have been really nervous for a second.

    And, for those of you asking about the pump boots, my grandmother's were leg-length vinal-type material that inflate around the legs.  Hers had an electric pump that you could set to the number of pounds and time to be worn prescribed; not sure if they are all the same, tho.

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    Re: February 2014

    Greetings. Very busy day today with laundry, sync, since yesterday's migraine meant no laundry. Still feeling a little sick. I will be taking tomorrow off as DH is having a colonoscopy, it's been an interesting couple of days. In the morning I'll be headed to Malden Social Security office with DS to get him a new social security card.

    tt, good think Cheerio likes her treats so won't wonder off. Ss, glad your DH is approving. Pingo exciting that you are getting ready for your trip. Hope you had a good time shopping today. Kar, what a nice valentines surprise you got. Sorry DH has to go to work tomorrow. I'm sure Gracie will miss him too. Hats, lucky you going to FL. Are you leaving this week? 

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    Re: February 2014

    Hello Everyone - boy TT, Cheerio is getting to be quite the daredevil.  When we moved my mom up from Fl, of course we brought her beloved cat ("Sweetie").  We put her in the carrier for the plane but they make you take the cat out at the security check point.  We wanted to be extra safe so we put a leash on her too, boy - did she hate that. . .and the carrier . . . and the flight . . and the car. . Let's just say it was a long trip, lol.

    Yup, more snow today.  I'm hoping it won't be a 3 hour commute home.  What can you do though.  I find that if I just go into it with a good attitude, my SiriusXM radio, and a full tank of gas, I will be content! 

    DH, MIL and I tried the Yard House in Lynnfield on Sunday.  The place was packed, and we were there at 2pm, so an odd hour for lunch.  However, we were disappointed in the food.  The beer (and the selection) was really good, but we would not go back.  Plus the way they designed that parking lot is TERRIBLE!!!


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    Re: February 2014

    Good morning,

    Grey out, but not much snow predicted for here, think if it's still just grey when I get around, will get out and about for an hour or so this morning.

    Hats, when I pulled up my emails this morning, one was waiting from B&N, new book by Alice Hoffman, "The Museum of Extraordinary Things".  Looks good.  I do like h er style of writing.

    Your mother's cat, poor thing, Princess.  When you look at it from their point, air travel and all it involves, must be a terrifying ordeal for them.  Cheerio is just bored with the few escapades she can have in the house, I think that's why she's darting out into the big world.  Yesterday when I was sitting here on the computer I could hear this rustling, clawing noise.  Took me a couple of minutes to find where it was coming from, but eventually I saw her, at the craft bureau, clawing at the bottom drawer that I had left open when I took the paints out the other night for the wreaths.  Wasn't quite open enough that she felt comfortable getting in, and yet when I opened it more for her, she looked at me like, "Well, now you've gone and spoiled everything!"  It's the challenge she likes, clawing at a door to get it open, pulling bags out of the T.J.'s bag I keep them in, jumping on top of the chest of drawers and knocking things off - you get the picture.

    Well, if I'm to get out ahead of any snow, have to get dressed and figure what I'll have for breakfast.

    Winter, hope you are feeling better as the day goes on.

    Princess, as for the YardHouse, from the write ups, I got the impression people were drawn there mainly to try some of their large selection of beers, not so much the food.  I was disappointed in Davio's too, sometimes I think all the hype sets you up for a letdown.

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    Re: February 2014

    I think that since most, indeed all,  of us on this board are good cooks, we have higher standards for restaurants than people who don't cook.  Why pay a lot of $$ for something not as good as we could easily whip up at home?  So a restaurant has to either have the very best hamburgers in the world, or the cheapest most convenient hamburgers for me to go there.  (And I don't mean McDonalds by cheapest most convenient, more like Fuddruckers.)  Things like fried clams, though, are worth going out for because they are harder (and smellier!) to make at home.

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    Re: February 2014


    February 14, 2014, 11:45 am New Guests (and Actors) Headed to ‘Downton Abbey’ By DAVE ITZKOFF

    Good thing there are so many rooms at Downton Abbey, because that famous (if fictitious) Yorkshire estate will be receiving a few new visitors in its fifth season, which is currently being filmed in Britain.

    On Friday, Carnival Films, the British studio that produces “Downton Abbey,” and the PBS “Masterpieces” series, which broadcasts in the United States, said that Richard E. Grant would be one of three new cast members. Mr. Grant, who has starred in films like “Withnail and I” and “Gosford Park” (written by the “Downton Abbey” creator Julian Fellowes), and appeared on television series like “Girls” and “Doctor Who,” will play a character named Simon Bricker, who comes to Downton Abbey as a guest of the Grantham family. Anna Chancellor (“The Hour”) will play Lady Anstruther, and Rade Serbedzija (“Snatch,” “Taken”) will portray a Russian refugee. Harriet Walter will return in the role of Lady Shackleton, and Peter Egan will be back as Lord Flintshire.

    The current season of “Downton Abbey” will conclude on Feb. 23. Neither PBS nor the Dowager Countess has yet announced an American premiere date for Season 5.

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    Re: February 2014

    Good morning,

    Had a ball yesterday at Carter's. Bought quite a lot. It was difficult for DH to stop picking up the little jumpsuits and dresses. One was cuter than the other. I kept telling DH, we are buying too much, it's a newborn and they grow so fast. Well, he said, when we go down in April, she will be 3 months old - then we will buy that size. Yesterday they had 50% off on everything in the store, and we got a $10 coupon for next time, because we bought for more than $50. They also give 10% discount on Wednesdays for GPs and we signed up for their rewards (thanks Rama). Princess Pingo will be well dressed for a while.

    We were at the Market Street yesterday as well. Went to the Pottery Barn - but they haven't opened their Kid section yet. Will come in September. DH was commenting on the parking lot, and it was not positive. "What idiots have designed this mess?" It is definitely not consumer friendly. Everything is one-way, and you line up and are stuck, when someone is waiting for a parking spot to be available. Fortunately the area in front of Whole Foods is ok. That is probably the only store, I will use. I don't think, I will get DH up there again anytime soon.

    We haven't been to the Yardhouse yet. Haven't heard anything good about them. Plus every couple of weeks they have a brawl there. Davio's is according to friends, who have eaten there, way overpriced, and it it not the same menu as they have in Boston. DH and I took our British friend to Wagamama. DH ate there in Birmingham, it is one of her favorite restaurants. She got a kick out of that, but again - the menu is different and the food is not as good as the British.

    I believe you are right, Hats, that we are all good cooks here, and can make better meals at home. You happened to mention hamburgers. Have you been to 5-Guys? It is still fast food, but they have a decent patty and many different add-ons you can pick.

    Hope you feel better as the day goes on, Winter. Are you over your cold? Good luck at SS office. I had to go to Lynn - it was like being in a foreign country.

    Better get ready and go and pick up my trash barrels, before the snow starts. Have a good day everyone and stay safe.


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    Re: February 2014

    Been to 5 guys many times, many locations.  Interesting thing is that w/o add ons, they are terrible.  To me, without thecheese,  mayo, lettuce, tomato, bun, etc.  they are horrid so when I was dieting and eating only the cheese and patties, yuck!  And the portions are way too large - a small fry is too much for DH and I together.  But there's now one next to Market Basket in Burlington, so it's fast and convenient (but not cheap - 2 burgers, 2 drinks, and one fry are well over $20.  The peanuts, though, are heavenly! 

    Husband prefers Fudd's because they have good chicken sandwiches, and I can have the burger cooked rare, which I prefer.  Also, we can stroll around Jordan's for exercise and eat Richardson's Ice Cream instead of fries.

    TT, I haven't read Alice Hoffman in years, and I should.  Must put her on my Goodreads list but I have almost 600 books on the to-read list!

    Winter, we are going to FLA this weekend.  I am working very hard this week to try to get lots of work done before I go.



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    Re: February 2014

    I agree with you there, Hats. It is the add-ons that make them edible - LOL. We don't eat much fast food, so it is just recently, we "discovered" them. Better than McD and BK anyway - and ok in a pinch. Fudd's in Reading is close to our office. Didn't know, you can get a rare patty there. Will have to try them.

    So we will both be basking in the warm weather this weekend. Nice break. I am so sick of this winter. It is coming down quite heavily here right now, so I went out to rescue my trash barrel, before the plow would send it whichever way. But when I looked at my icy driveway, I didn't dare to walk out to get it, so I took the car and stuffed it in the trunk - with thumbs up from my neighbor.

    Spend the morning to take care of my plants. My watering set-ups are all in place. All my poinsettias went into the trash last night. Christmas finally over in the Pingo household. Now debating whether I should try to save the Cyclamens or let them go to plant heaven too. I paid only $2 for them, so I will most likely let them go and get new ones, when we get back. My Rosemary will go into a large ice cream bucket 1/4 filled with water Thursday morning. It survived during Christmas that way.

    Speaking of books, it reminds me to charge my Kindle and download a couple. I do prefer real books, and only use it when traveling.


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    Re: February 2014

    Yeah, I put my rosemary in the sink over XMAS and it survived....they like water, all right...