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February Chat 2011

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    Re: February Chat 2011

    Haha, Kar -  You made me laugh, I feel better already. Yesterday, I was actually that person, you just described. Now I can think more clearly. I could always have a couple of veggie pizzas in the freezer. I haven't bought them in ages, as I always make my own. My problem solved. Thanks pal!

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    Yup, that's extra irritating.  They are not just next door and can pop in with a few minutes beforehand to decide.  HOURS.  But, I've come to learn that proactive people cannot force reactive people to see life their way no matter how I try to explain the benefits to everyone involved.  I've settled for believing that they must be happy with pizza, or they'd change that habit of just appearing with no notice.  If my guests are happy , I'm happy .  I let them take responsibility for not calling ahead and offering them whatever I can scrounge up.  Now, if they were to breath a COMPLAINT about the veggie pizza, I'd be fit to be tied.  I'd have to do the old "count to 10" thing while breathing in through my nose, out through my mouth so as not to blow a gasket.
    Posted by kargiver

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    Re: February Chat 2011

    tt, nice cookies. So little Lilly came after all. You must have had a great time and are probably p**ped by now. I imagine you taking a little nap with Cheerio.
    I made cookies too. Whole wheat flour sugar cookies. I wanted to try this recipe for a long time. They have a taste of nutmeg and orange peel. They are great, DH loved them. - Pingo
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    Re: February Chat 2011

    Glad to help. :)
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    Re: February Chat 2011

    Wow, Feb 2011 almost gone already.  Where is the year going?

    Raining here...everywhere, I guess, if we don't have the frozen stuff.  Staying in today, no big plans.

    I should disclose to the crocheters that I'm not very practiced at ALL at carrying colors along to switch like you need to for Granny squares.  It just doesn't look right to me.  The first time I ever did it was on the bear (for the cream colored paws), but I could see the brown behind the cream and the cream behind the brown (a little bit).  Know what I mean?  Anyone know if that's just how it is or if I'm probably screwing it up?

    We  need a new TV, and I'm hoping someone I trust has researched flat screens in the last year...?  We want a technology that's going to last.  LCDs burn out, plasma burns in and black fades or something or other, and rear projection bulbs die fairly often and are expensive to replace.  Seems like there's no "perfect" option.  Of course, we want a good value, too....yeah, probably a pipe dream.  DH bought this before my time, and it's 6 years old so technology has changed in that time.  I'm overwhelmed with having to figure out the best way to go.  58" on the diagonal is what we're looking for.

    DH hasn't left yet, but he won't be home 'til between 10 and 11 tonight. :(

    Woke up at 4:00 this morning with a bloody nose.  Yucky.  Then, couldn't go back to sleep for obsessively worrying about a repeat. 

    Hope everyone had a better night than that!


    tt, I see that The King's Speech cleaned up last night.  Did you end up going with your friend?  I don't remember seeing a followup...
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    Re: February Chat 2011

    Good morning,

    Rain has just started here, when I first got up I thought they had miscalled the forecast and we were going to escape it.

    Stayed up to watch the Oscars last night.  It was a good show, moved right along.  I was rooting for "The Fighter" or "Social Network", but I'm not surprised that "The King's Speech" won.  From what I heard from friends who saw it, including the friend I was hoping to go with, it was a wonderful movie. 

    Sorry to hear about your nosebleed, Kargiver.  Was it from a cold?  I don't think there's anything scarier than waking in the middle of the night with a bloody nose, afraid it's not going to stop.  Hope it's better this morning.

    Along with Lilly's cookies, sent home the remainder of hermits, brownies, and orange muffins yesterday, so today will definitely be a baking day.  Getting pretty close to St. Paddy's, so may opt to make an Irish Soda Bread.

    Ran out to Bed and Bath with DIL yesterday while she got a couple of things, and on the Clearance table found a great cushion for the chair I use with the computer.  It's a soft plaid of blue, yellow and green, just the right colors to match the valances in here.  Only 1 left so marked down a couple of times plus 50% off - got it for $4.00!  Now that's an unexpected find.

    Time to get a move on.  Sorry for those of you having to go out in what looks messy right now.  Cars seem to be moving right along, so hope that means the roads aren't icing up.  Chat later.
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    Re: February Chat 2011

    Good morning chat friends.  I hope that this weekend/today mark the last blast of winter.

    I want to apologize for not posting as often.  I think I mentioned that I have been given some additional responsiblities at work and it has kept me much, much busier.  My days go by faster, but I have less time to chat for sure.  Plus my extracurricular activities have had me out of the house 3-4 nights a week.  A couple of things are about winding down, which is good because I'm getting to the point where i need to slow down a bit.

    TT - your cookies look lovely, as do Cheerio's glamour shots.  She's such a sweet kitty!

    Kar - very creative of you to post your crochet instructions with photos! Also, sounds like it was a great day with SIL. I'm sure you cherish that friendship.  Having no sisters of my own, I hoped my SILs and I would be liek that.  Not so much.  We all get along and are friendly, but not necessarily friends.  Know what I mean?

    Pingo - you are always a gracious hostess.  I've often felt that if we knew each other in real life I could just pop in on you anytime.  Know I know to call first though.  Lol!

    Icer - things will pick up with your business venture.  It just needs time and attention.
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    Re: February Chat 2011

    Good to see your post, Novembride.  It's hard to keep up correspondence when you're still working full time, I'm sure.  We're glad to see your posts, whenever they appear.

    Cheerio was in  her glory yesterday - she loves company.  Lilly was down close to her face, whispering to her, stroking her back, and giving her head kisses.  She found the jar of treats I keep for the cat too, and Cheerio played it to the hilt, getting 5 or 6 instead of the 1 or 2.  Saturday when my friend was trying to show me the crocheting, she jumped up, grabbed the line of yarn in her mouth, and was trying to run and drag it away!  She comes to life when there are other people around, makes me realize just how boring this household is on a day to day basis.
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    Re: February Chat 2011

    You painted the perfect piture of Lilly and Cheerio.  I love when kids and animals get along.  My littlest neice has been known to curl up next to puppy when he's stretched out in the sun and sing or "read" to him.  They're pals.

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    Re: February Chat 2011

    Too cute!
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    Re: February Chat 2011

    Well, Hello All! we are experiencing some slushy weather here. Honey is home working on lists and I am preparing for my new venture. March 7th is a red letter day for me. It is always soooo scary trying new things. I am petrified.

    So today I will engage my most therapudic I bet by the time this day is over..this house will be very clean. Tomorow, I'll go over to Mom's.

    Nice to read about all the goings on...Have a day all!
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    Re: February Chat 2011

    Good morning, Icer

    You don't seem to me to be someone who would be petrified of anything.  You'll do fine with your new venture.  I'm sure you researched the area before going into it, and you must know you're capable.  If there are any problems, it will be because of the economy.  I'm sure all businesses are feeling the pinch somewhat.

    I've yet to do anything this morning except address a b'day card to my oldest son. Oh, and ate a few strawberries.  No water in cellar yet and that's a good thing.  Trying to get in gear to do some baking, but on the other hand, I'm trying to pare my hips down a little too.  It's a catch all situation - I bake, I eat.
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    Re: February Chat 2011

    Good morning, all!  DH just left for work; he's been home using the computer (he can access his work laptop online) so I've been "kicked off."  :)

    Nov, we miss you but understand - whenever you can post, that's great!

    Icer, I know you'll do great in your venture.  You have the guts to go for anything no matter how scared you are.  Life without fear is insane.  Life with debilitating fear is average.  Life with fear that doesn't stop you is extraordinary!  You go girl!!!

    tt, yes, I was almost afraid to breath and was laying there imagining I felt something dripping.  I couldn't get comfortable and wanted so much to be asleep.  I think it's just from the dryness, definitely not a cold, thankfully.  I put some water in the evaporator thingy on the wood stove; I've been lax about keeping it full.

    DH asked for pasta for dinner when he comes home tonight.  He works so hard and is so stressed out I'm happy to do anything that will give him a wonderful treat to look forward to even if it's not my favorite activity.  It's a yucky rainy day so why not, anyway?  :)  We're burning through our tomatoes, though - I think I only have enough for 2 more batches of sauce.

    Indeed, everyone be careful out there.  It's just awful.  I think we're getting freezing rain here, now.  Hard to tell.  Ice is weighing down all the trees, though...

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    Re: February Chat 2011

    Good morning all,
    Got a late start this morning, was helping DH to get ready for two meetings, he has today. Still raining heavily. Does not look like it will stop for awhile.

    Kar, sorry to hear about your bloody nose. Could be the dry air. I used to get them often, but since we started to use a small humidifier in our bedroom during the winter time, they have stopped.
    I am not a TV-tech at all. But the boys and DH did a lot of research, before we got the one we have now. It is a Samsung with HD. It is fantastic! We used to have a Sony, and it was never as clear as this one. We bought it at Costco for a very good price. Plus with our Costco membership we got 2% off plus another 1% with the True Earnings. If you want to go that way and not being a Costco member (?), it may be worthwhile to become one. Good luck, it is a big investment.

    tt, I just love, how you find things you really like - so discounted. Please tell me your secret. I have been looking for new chair cushions for our breakfast area for the longest time. But nothing comes my way. I saw some I liked in a catalog, but I am not going to pay $12.50 per cushion plus shipping. I did find some at Marshall's, but they had only 3. I need 4.
    I can easily visualize Lilly and Cheerio together - so cute.

    Why are you apologizing, November? No need to. We are "family", you know. I hope your extra duties will show up in a promotion or in "green".

    Icer, March 7? Believe me, it is a very lucky day! As always wishing you the very best with any venture you start. I am sure you will do fine. But it takes a lot of patience. And as tt mentioned, the economy is not the best right now for small businesses.

    I watched the "red carpet" last night. What boring dresses. But I didn't stay up to watch the winners. I was quite surprised this morning to find, that "my" tiny country won an Oscar for the best foreign movie. Then I went to my paper, and it was just a foot note. Like a by-the-way thing. That shows, how little foreign countries care about the Oscars, while we here make it into a circus.

    Hope you all stay dry w/o water in your cellars. I know a few of you have had problems in the past.
    - Pingo

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    Re: February Chat 2011

    Thanks for the Costco tip, Pingo.  Is the Samsung you got a rear projection?  Plasma?  LCD?  Glad you are enjoying it so much and got a good deal.  I'm a bit overwhelmed with all the types.  It used to be so simple, the good ol' cathode ray tube. 

    Yeah, I'm sure the nose issue was dryness.  I really should have been more conscientious about putting water on the wood stove.  It's full, now!

    Just put more wood on the fire.  It's not cold in here, but the rain makes me want it warmer.
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    Re: February Chat 2011

    Please don't ask me tech question. With 3 techies in the house, I don't bother.
    This is our TV:
    HTH - Pingo

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    Re: February Chat 2011

    Ah, that's pretty much the same TV as we are replacing - the 56".  We liked it a lot 'til it went kaflooey!  I hope it's a fluke.  I haven't read about any others behaving like ours, and I googled it to death.
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    Re: February Chat 2011

    Hi icer -

    Best of luck to you on March 7.  I'll be sending positive thoughts your way.  I'm sure you'll do very well.  


    P.S.  When you're done cleaning your house, be a dear and stop by mine.  It needs some tlc! 
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    Re: February Chat 2011

    Kar,  I can talk to DH about your TV.  Part of his work is home entertainment systems.  I know he always asks people what they care about more - brightness of color or sharpness of picture.  That is a determining factor between plasma and LCD, although I don't know which way it falls.  Also, what kind of light do you watch TV in - daylight, overhead lights at night, small lamps? I DO know he advises everyone against getting 3D tvs.   I will go back in the posts to see your specific questions.

    Pingo is right about Costco.  Sometimes they have the best prices and they carry some good quality ones.  Plus, now is a good time to be in the market!  TVs are like cars and new models come out every year around this time, so you can get a good deal on inventory the stores are trying to clear for the new ones.
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    Re: February Chat 2011

    Y&R is over for the day, so I'm back checking the boards.  Victor, Victor, Victor --

    Pingo, this was just 1 cushion, that I really wasn't even looking for.  I use a kitchen chair for my computer and so it has a matching kitchen cushion.  But, when I saw this one, and it was the perfect colors for this room, well it was a no brainer.  When I need to drag the chair back to the kitchen will pop the kitchen cushion on.  $12.95 is a good price per cushion - have you tried Bed, Bath and Beyond?  I think that's where I got my kitchen ones too and I've been very satisfied with them - no shipping costs.  Speaking of which - do you still get those oversized blue and white coupons with so much off from there ?  They used to come in the regular mail.  I never used them, but wished for my DIL's sake yesterday that I had had one.  She ended up spending close to $100.  I haven't seen them in a long time.

    Painful shoulder today, so have put off much of anything.  But, have to get a colored wash in and then I think I'll do the hermits.  Those I miss the most and they do freeze so good.  Yum.
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    Re: February Chat 2011

    Nov, thanks for asking DH for me!  We always have ambient light, never "bright."  No worries on the 3D - I get motion sickness from that.  We want a long-lived technology.  Not a lot to go wrong.  We don't pay for HD channels so we watch in regular def (unless we're watching a high def DVD).  Let me know if he needs to know anything else.  Thanks, again.

    tt, hope you're feeling better soon so you can replace your hermit supply! :)
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    Re: February Chat 2011

    I've been making my inaugural linguine.  It's all extruded and has about 15 minutes left to dry so the last of it to come out is dry enough to cook.  It's super hard to separate any shape, but I think this was easier than both spaghetti and ziti.  Although, I made the dough a bit drier this time so it would be easier to separate.  I'm afraid to make it "too stiff" (whatever that means), though, and break the attachment as per the warning in the manual.  Anyway, DH will have his pasta dinner whenever he comes home, probably between 10 and 11.  The sauce is about done.  I'm not making meatballs this time; DH isn't eating meat right now, and I'm not going to make them just for me.  I can stand to lose weight before our FL trip, too.

    I got one of those new gel manicures (CND gel polish brand as tested by "Does it Work" on NECN - it got an A+) Saturday with my SIL.  Someone else I know got one done with OPI's version, and it didn't last for 2 weeks as promised.  This is lasting perfectly so far.  I've washed dishes and had my hands in the wet tomatoes for a long time peeling them as they thawed in warm water.  Not a chip.  Of course, it's not been 2 weeks, but usually, my nails are a mess and a half after 2 days.  I don't even bother.  My SIL wanted me to test it out for her since she can't do it herself yet.  Her nails are very thin and sensitive from the chemo.  So, I'm enjoying being the guinea pig!  They are a soft pink, and DH reallllly loves it. Embarassed Laughing

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    Re: February Chat 2011

    Good afternoon all, leftover lamb stew for lunch with hermits and tea for dessert.
    Kargiver,  When my girls were younger I used to make them dresses, suits, jackets,bonnets, slippers etc, I also crocheted doilys, runners, etc. Now all I do are afghans, granny squares, multi colors, after each round I cut the thread, add the next color, at end of round cut thread, another round with main color, cut, do next color...I just attach each color by a chain stitch...when the square is done I weave the ends in with a steel hook (real small)....the back ends up
    real similar to the front. Reading this it sounds like greek to me!! Hope you can understand it.
    tt--bed and bath still have those blue & white coupons, I have a bunch, don't go there too often, but I save them, once when I was there the woman in front of me used 3 of on each item....I was surprised as I thought you could only use one at a time...the salesperson said it was okay....and altho they have an experation date on them, I was told they don't expire, Hallmark coupons that you get in the mail don't expire either....take care all, keep smiling, ss
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    Re: February Chat 2011

    Even though you are still in February, I will post to you here. I still get those blue coupons as well. You must be going to a friendly store. Where I (and tt, I believe) go, they will not let you use more than one coupon at the time. I went there once with two unexpired coupons buying two fairly expensive bed sheets. They would only let me use one coupon.. So I put one sheet back and hid it well. Paid for one, left the store through the exit door, came right back in through the entrance door, picked up the one I hid, paid for that one and got 20 % off on both of them. Pretty silly I thought, but it was worth my extra footsteps.
    Chat w/ you in March - Pingo

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    Re: February Chat 2011

    ss, I totally understand your method, thanks!  That's definitely a decent way to go,  but, honestly, I'm too lazy to run in all those ends, two per color change!  Carrying the yarn along keeps you from having to run in any ends other than when the skein ends.  But, I don't like the added bulk that that causes.  So, my solution has been essentially to crochet one-colored things. :)  Lazy, lazy kargiver, I know.  Embarassed