Well, as the thread title says, youre still batting .1000

I posted five PAD-related threads this past week, and all five were deleted. Gee, what a SHOCKER, huh? Way to go. I'm proud of you

I believe that makes you 31 for 31 now. Of the 31 or so threads Ive posted here in the forum so far, all have been removed from the board. How about that? Staggering numbers for sure

This thread here is number 32. It will almost surely be deleted as well, so please read it fast before it is gone, okay? Thank you...

Now, I am not looking for sympathy or anything. Deletions are an integral part of my experience here. I expect them actually, so I take no offense to them anymore. Well, not much anyway

I am looking for two things though:

1) I am hoping that at least one of you knows in her heart that there was nothing in the PAD threads that merited deletion. That's "nothing" as in not one thing. Nada

And 2) I hope that at least one of you feels embarassment for the severe overreaction the PAD threads engendered, ie the out of proportion response to the slightest provocation...the most benign satire...the gentlest teasing

It was amazing to behold actually. It really was

I mean, what would you have done had I staged a Pingo Dis-Appreciation Day? Have me arrested?


The threads didnt need to be deleted, and you know it
The hysterical overreaction to them was ridiculous, and you know it

None of you will never acknowledge this publicly of course, but maybe one or more of you will admit it to herself privately. That is the best I can hope for, I guess

I see a few of you are nodding your head in agreement already. Good...

Okay, that's all I have to say on the subject

Peace & Love from your pal, Thursby

PS Unless I am mistaken, you also got my Thursby account banned again lol

Are you gonna ban this one too?