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Growing a Fig Tree?

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    Growing a Fig Tree?

    No, Mr. P and I are not looking to run around like Adam and Eve. But I heard, lots of people have good results growing Fig Trees.
    My sister up North, where they "take their house inside during the winter" - (of course just kidding), use to have a Fig Tree in a container. It was out all summer and she brought it inside come winter.
    Does anyone have any experience with them? I have a huge leftover pot, I would like to plant with something. Any other suggestions?
    TIA - Pingo
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    Re: Growing a Fig Tree?

    If you keep your fig tree in a container definately bring it inside for the winter.
    Some of my Italian-American friends have fig trees growing in their yards. They keep the trees trimmed to a managable size and bend them over and cover them with layers of burlap and tarps and pack a protective mulch around the trunk before the first frost in the fall. Their trees have all survived several winters so far and every summer they get lots of tasty fresh figs.