January 2013

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    Re: January 2013

    Jeepers, WBZ news tonight was asking viewers for any pics of the storm.  Said where to email them.  Yours is such an unusual shot.

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    Re: January 2013

    TT, I think it's great that you and Cat Lady are now pen pals and soap opera buddies.  I was into Y and R when it began, back when Mrs Chandler wore the veil over her face....

    Over the years I had periods of watching Another World, Edge of Night, One Life to Live, General Hospital, Guiding Light and of course my Grandmother's favorite, Days of Our Lives.  So many of them are gone now.  It's sad.  Now the only time I watch daytime TV is in the summer - that's because I only have AC in the bedroom where the TV is!  In the winter, I'm never in there during the day.