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June 2012

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    June 2012

    Good morning everyone - welcome to June.  Seems like May was a tough month for chatters (except for some happy things like baby Zach!), let's hope for a better June!
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    Re: June 2012

    Good Sunday morning,

    Nice you had a chance to get out with friends last night, Amber.  It was a beautiful evening.

    Today's the day Icer and SS will hopefully meet up.  They have a beautiful day for a parade, hope everything goes as planned.

    Couple of calls last night, one from a friend who is going on a cruise from Boston up through Canada.  Four days, that sounds like a nice little romp this time of year.  She is just getting over this nausea bug thing, so hope she's able to enjoy the great food and fun activities.  BF (tho I hate to call him that at this age) is taking her with another couple, in celebration of her upcoming birthday later this month.

    Just heard Cheerio jump up on the ironing board - I had opened the blinds and the sun shining on it has it nice and warm by now.  Think I'll tackle that room first this morning, she purrs away if I'm working in a room where she's settled down.  My hope every time I straighten it up, is that I'll be able to throw away some of the things, but it never happens.  Still little kids that enjoy playing with them.

    Hope everyone enjoy their day - especially those of you with graduations/parties to go to.
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    Re: June 2012

    Had to chuckle reading about your facials and pedicures.....only had one of each once.....pedicure was okay, the facial, well, It was a gift from my oldest daughter, at Elizabeth Grady studios.....don't know where my head was, but I was so excited, espected to come out of there looking terrific, I enjoyed the facial, felt so good, but I looked the same when ikt was over!!  I was so
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    Re: June 2012

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    Icer and Honey, Thank you so much for extending your hospitality to DD and I on the 10th.  The parade was terrific, DD and I especially enjoyed the Bagpipes. Will see that you get a picture of the one DD took.  We both had a real enjoyable time, thank you again so
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    We enjoyed having you