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June 2013

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    Re: June 2013

    Ahh, you must have gotten the same email.  I liked  ELEVEN PLUS TWO thought that one was clever.

    What day do you leave for TX?

    Was sitting here playing MahJong when I heard, "  XXXXXX, can you come out to play?"  Poked my head out the window and it was my FLA friend who spends the summers up here.  She was standing at the foot of my new stairs, admiring them.  She's a walker, but I did drag her in long enough to show her the new kitchen light and my poem/card.  She's the one with the heron who visits her koi pond.  I'll try to stop over one day next week.

    No phone call, so "Mom" must be hanging in there.

    Getting sticky, but channel 4 weather seems to think rain will hold off until late afternoon anyway.

    "Each one of us contributes in some unique way to the composition of life." 

    ~ Mr. Rogers


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    Re: June 2013

    No, tt, didn't get that e-mail, but some of them have been circling around for some time. Would love to see your new kitchen light. Too bad we can't post pictures, w/o worrying BDC will change them to something else. Cute call from your FLA friend.

    Here is another two.
    Debit Card: Bad credit and Christmas: Trims cash.
    And one I don't like. Mother in Law: Woman Hitler.

    Do what your heart feels is right; you will be criticized anyway.
    - Eleanor Roosevelt

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    Re: June 2013

    Good morning! 

    We're just starting to get moving this morning. We had a wonderful day yesterday.  


    And yes TT it is a huge event! I've been going since I met DH and him even longer.  This is the last year national race will be in Southwick and we decided we couldn't miss it. I don't know who had a better time DS or DH. DD seemed to have a good time too! We left the house at 9:30 and didn't get home until 9 last night. 

    So today has been a slow day. But I must get off the couch and start laundry and head to the grocery store.  And at some point I MUST get DS in the shower or tub. He is absolutely filthy and 100% boy. He's lay on the floor in his new hat playing with the new dirt bike his uncle bought him. And yes he is making dirt bike noises :)

    I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weekend ~ saw

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    Re: June 2013

    That was a long day, SAW, especially for the little ones.  Where will the national race be held after this year?

    Just had a salad and am thinking one of those little eclairs to fortify me until it's eating time at the cook-out.  That doesn't start until 2:00.  Had a really huge bag put aside perfect to load and carry the eats in, but I think G.T. piled his work clothes and tools he brought for the light installation in it when he left.  They were meeting friends in Cambridge, so he'd brought a change of clothes.  I'll manage, just make several trips, or get one of the younger generation to do it - there's a mountain of stairs.

    "Each one of us contributes in some unique way to the composition of life." 

    ~ Mr. Rogers


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    Re: June 2013

    Hi, everyone,

    Sorry for the absence; had a "difficult" morning over the stove I hate, still, and no progress toward getting a new one.  Got to the bottom of it, all is well, and we have a plan we're both happy with.  Life is good.

    I believe if we post photos and don't make any changes to that post the picture stays put, but I can't be 100% sure.

    Glad you like your light fixture, tt.

    Pingo, when are you leaving?

    Hot and sticky...walked Gracie and she panted for a good hour after we got back.  It's not that cool in here so it was hard to cool off.

    I've got strawberries to do...see you later. :)

    Discretion is the better part of valor.
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    Re: June 2013

    TT, I hope you're having a great time at the party!  The closest we can get next year for a national motocross race would be Unadilla NY, Budds Creek MD or somewhere in Pennsylvania. I'm not sure we're up for any of those rides with a 1yr old. We're definitely feeling our age today, awfully slow and unmotivated.  

    I never got to the grocery store today. My niece stopped by after lunch, so I'll just order from Peapod for tomorrow. I'm trying to make sure I remember everything for our clam bake next Saturday. I have to make carrot cake and trifle. I'm debating on cupcakes or sheet cake,  which would be easier to frost. Must remember cream cheese! 

    Back to laundry ~ saw

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    Re: June 2013

    Happy Sunday everyone :-)

  happy that your lasagna came out good. I know what you mean. The first time I tried the no boil noodles it was a disaster...but after a couple of adjustments I would never go back.

    Kar..sorry to hear about your stove!! So annoying.

    TT..I got lots of compliments on the highlights yesterday. I am getting used to them..but thinking that I like them a lot..especially for the summer.

    In spite of the fact that Mother Nature was not on my side at the beginning of the week..she really came through yesterday. Hubbie and son threw me a graduation party and the weather cleared up wonderfully. We had a house ( and yard) full of my favorite people. It was a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon..just a great time :-) They had it catered by a local restaurant that does amazing BBQ. I was not really permitted to do much in the way of preparing for it..which felt weird to me. I love hosting parties.

    I made up for it this morning a brunch for the WalkAThon committee I am on.

    It's so humid out today. I have really been taking it easy all afternoon..even got in a nap.

    TT..I got a chuckle reading your comment about Harry. This morning I ran out to the store to pick up fruit. I live on a small street, but before I reached the end of it, I  passed a turkey walking nonchalantly down the sidewalk..and came across two cats in a staredown...on opposite sides of the street.

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    Re: June 2013

    Well, I am home.  Tired.  Got there at 2:00 and now 3 hours later with oodles of little ones running around in and out of kiddie pools, grown up guys talking about the latest Patriot's firing, ladies taking sides on the Paula Dean fiasco, in and out on the deck and back inside, I filled a little container with some baked ziti and mtballs, grabbed a couple of my hermits (one of which I dropped in the middle of the street - well I dropped both in the middle of the street, but one stayed wrapped in a napkin so it made it home with me!)  Had my son go down their steep stairs ahead of me, stairs are not my best venture.  I'm so glad to pull back in my driveway.  Not a party girl any more.

    We had to wait until the cake came out to find the new baby's name - I, of course, can't tell you, but I like the nickname version of it.  Gifts weren't opened because they were all the same, what she asked for, diapers and wipes, so neither were any cards.  I know later tonight when they read it they will be pleased with the poem.  She swears these kids names are Irish as can be - but I never heard either one of them.  they are giving this baby 4 names however, his first, then his middle will be both her grandfathers' names, (his great grandfathers), both of whom are dead.

    I wouldn't call you and DH slow and unmotivated today, SAW, my gosh, that was quite a trip you took yesterday.  You need to recoup.

    Miscricket, what a great thing for your DH and DS to do for you.  And you're right, family and close friends are the best group to have around for a celebration.

    My Fla friend was tellling me she has seen a groundhog all around her neighborhood.  We were both wondering what they eat - pretty much anything green, don't they?  So far hasn't bothered any of her many flowering plants.

    Kargiver, wondered where you were yesterday, but figured you were busy working around the place with DH.  Sorry you are still have stove problems.  Hope a quick resolution was decided on.

    OK, going to get into something loose and relax in my nice QUIET house - Cheerio really isn't very noisy - lol

    "Each one of us contributes in some unique way to the composition of life." 

    ~ Mr. Rogers