For more than a year I've also had problems logging in when I use mozilla firefox. (I can use internet explorer and I am never logged out, but I don't trust all the junk that internet explorer lets through our security so I only use it to log into work sites, since they require internet explorer)

So, here's how I do it:
find the forum I want
click on log in
it opens a box that says LOG IN OR REGISTER TO COMMENT
I can't click on log in, it won't work
what I CAN click on is register, so that's what I click on
then it opens another box that says Register for FREE access to
below this you're supposed to enter your name, etc. BUT if I do that it says I already have a log-in, blah blah.
So I go to the blue shaded box on the right, enter my login username and password (actually, it's usually already filled in) and then click on login
and that takes me to another page that says You are now logged into and then you press continue
and that will get you way OUT to the Boston Globe's main website.  So you have to click on lifestyle (on the blue banner), then click on forums, then choose confidential chat (or weddings, or moms, or whatever)

So there you have it, my personal convoluted way to log in, which I do each and every time I come to this site.

It should work for you, kargiver, and for toytrumpet and anyone else.

I tried to complain by hitting the key that says "log in issues? click here"  - so I clicked there, and after many days the email said I had to register to use it, so I should go ahead and register. Sigh, which I did about 7 years ago and it won't let me do it again.  And anyway, I don't want to change my codename, etc. I have no faith in to fix these, they talked about fixing it years ago when it first broke, and they still haven't.

but at least I've figured a 'work around'!