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March 2013!

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    Re: March 2013!

    Thanks, icer, for the heads up.  But, um, well, I have to admit something.  DH thinks he's gluten intolerant mostly for two reasons: 1. he DOES have a bad systemic inflammation reaction to processed sugar and white flour, and 2. gluten intolerance is the "in" issue right now and he likes the idea of having it, too (?).  He can't seem to process that joint pain is not a symptom of gluten intolerance so I've stopped trying to get him to understand (see reason 2); no sense arguing every day.  So, I don't actually bake and cook gluten free.  He's none the wiser and does really well with what I serve him.  The sprouted grain flour does behave differently than anything else I've ever baked with, though, so there's a chance the whole project will be a severe flop long before it hits the freezer, but I'll let you know!

    Let's keep this between us, OK? ;)

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    Re: March 2013!

    You all have been very busy today. When I got home yesterday DS and I were shoveling, an hour in and half in and we had so much more to do...a neighbor from the cross street comes over with his snowblower and he took care of the driveway before DH came home from work. 

    tt, hope your party is a huge succes. Sounds like a fantastic spread of food to welcome your family. 

    Kar, I did not use shutterfly on my iPad, I was on a desktop. 

    We went to Sam's Bistro for dinner this evening. It was very good. Had the special, crab and haddock baked in a cream sauce with tomatoes and spinach. 


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    Re: March 2013!

    So nice of the neighbor, Winter!  It was so heavy...hope you guys aren't any worse for wear.  And, dinner - YUM!  I'd get that same dish; wish I lived closer.  I'm ready for a cook's night off.

    Not much happening here.  DH was going to snowmobile this weekend, but it's far too warm.  He's not happy!  25" of snow and all he can do is watch it melt and make a huge muddy mess of the driveway, garden, everything.  What can ya do; such is March.

    Just got up and dealing OK so far with the time change.  Yesterday, I actually did get up at what time it is now so I think I'm all set.  It's falling back that kills me.

    tt, this is your big party day - have a fabulous time!!  What a huge, lovely spread you have for all your loving efforts.  Happy birthday to you and everyone else celebrating in your clan!

    OK, gotta put the java on and heat up a biscuit...they came out better than ever, I can't wait.

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    Re: March 2013!

    Update:  Neighbors called to make the best of the still-cold morning and go for a jaunt so off they all just went.  I had my warmed biscuit with softened goat cheese and honey...a little plate of heaven.

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    Re: March 2013!

    Good morning,
    Had a fabulous evening at P F Chang's last night. DH and I got there a little early, only to find, they didn't have our reservation (made a week ago). DH hit the roof. Where do you sit 8 people w/o reservation and people waiting way out the door? Well, a little hassle back and forth, they finally gave us a corner booth. It is meant for 6, so it will be a bit tight, she told us. It turned out, the mistake became a pleasure in disguise. As it was in a corner, we avoided all the clatter from the large room, so it was nice and quiet, and we could actually converse. Even though it was a bit tight, we were all comfortable. Plus we had the best server ever. He was funny and pleasant. My BIL is a very picky eater. Doesn't eat many things. On of them garlic. So we had two of everything, we ordered. One with and one w/o garlic. The waiter got them all right; joking a bit about it in a nice way and had us all laughing. We hung out there for almost 3 hours, and he kept telling us, not to worry, just to take our time.
    I completely forgot about the time change, until you mentioned it here, Kar. I usually set the clocks before I go to bed. But I forgot completely last night.
    tt, you must already have been out to pick up your cake and is up in arms with the last preparations. Have a wonderful party with all you loved ones, and happy birthday to all march babies. Hope you are not too tired, when it is over, so you can tell us all about it.
    Not much happening here today. Will probably go to the office and work for a few hours. Was not there Friday, so there will be a pile for me to catch up with. Plus I am in the process of getting rid of and store 2012; meaning new folders for everything.
    Have a good Sunday everyone.

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    Re: March 2013!

    What a lovely dinner, Pingo!  Nice about the booth working out so well and the great service.  Your having lost 15 lbs helped the space issue, lol. :)

    My Dad was a pastor, and there were always people who forgot the time change and came into church just as we were singing the last hymn, lol.  Whoops!

    Told DH about the cupcake dilemma - if he's going to eat something anyway that will make him sick no sense spending $$$ on non-inflammation ones.  He agreed, but said he'd "try" to not have one of hers.  Um, have one or don't have one; as Master Yoda said in Star Wars, "Do or do not.  There is no 'try'."  He'll probably eat 3 and suffer the week for it.  But, if he doesn't and wants these I'll make them on Tuesday.  In the meantime, he'll have his yummy lamb, his favorite meat, and I bought frozen raw jumbo shrimp to cook today for shrimp cocktail as an appetizer, something he often chooses out at fancy dinners for an app.  Not sure about the sides.  Spinach, I think, and probably our mashed turnips which he loves.

    Need to get put together.  The boys came home after 20 minutes with the gate closed on one of the properties they need to cross to get to the trails.  So, he loaded up Gracie and his skiis and went back to Plan A.  I'd like to be dressed by the time they get back!

    My friend from town is going with me tomorrow to the chiropractor so she can go with me to Trader Joe's afterwards.  I'm really looking forward to spending time with her.  She works at night as a nurse so is often on the opposite day/night schedule.  

    Also planning to see if I can do lunch with the trips' dad (unlikely) or another way-back friend this week.  I've been having a down, exhausting time lately and getting out and about with dear friends lifts my spirits.  I need to counter having to pick BIL up from the airport on Tuesday with something fun or I'm going to have a nervous breakdown.  Maybe I'll buy some new Spring clothes, too.  Nothing I have fits given I was 15 - 20 lbs heavier last Spring.  I wish we could post photos.  I have before and after photos, one from last July 4 and one from this past Valentine's Day that really show the difference.

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    Re: March 2013!

    Kar, do your really have to pick you BIL? What did he do, before you married his brother? What would he do if you couldn't do it? Like if you were working or sick or something like that? It is just not fair, that he takes you for granted all the time for his airport trips. It is not like you live next door to the airport. I know, you do it for your DH and his family, but your are being too accommodating IMO.
    Your birthday dinner sounds lovely. We never had spinach with the lamb, but it sounds good to me. We usually have asparagus and garlic/rosemary roasted potatoes. And I have been told never to change a thing - LOL. Will BIL be part of the birthday celebration?


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    Re: March 2013!

    We're having issues over BIL, but things are going to change.  I've already agreed to this pickup, and his truck is here so what I'm hoping is that it goes so poorly that it will dawn on DH that his allowing this to continue is ludicrous.  And, if it doesn't, I'll have to force the issue.

    Potatoes sound good, too.  DH loves the baked wedges.  Maybe I'll do those instead of turnips.  The asparagus would be good, too, but I have spinach that needs to be used...we'll see.  We'll be getting our own asparagus soon!

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    Re: March 2013!

    Good for you, Kar. Stick to your guns. This is just too much going on for too long. Absolutely ridiculous. Tell your BIL (or even better have DH tell him), he needs to find his own way of transportation to the airport. And tell them both that Pingo says so. They probably couldn't care less - LOL.
    If you have spinach to use, I would go for that. Unless you come across a nice bunch of thick ones, like I did a couple of weeks ago, the asparagus in the stores right now are mostly the skinny ones. Not worth your effort.

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    Re: March 2013!

    DH will deal with it.

    The thin asparagus is awful imo, too - it's the early fat shoots that are like candy.  I have a hard time not eating them all raw before DH even gets home when they are growing here.

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    Re: March 2013!

    Yum! I could pick them and eat them raw too, if I had them growing in my back yard.

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    Re: March 2013!

    Hard to believe only two more months to go before they emerge from the ground given how it looks out there right now.

    DH tapped a couple of maple trees, and we've been reducing the sap in a kettle over the fire on the patio.  He rigged up something to hang the pot from, and we look like we're making witches' brew, LOL.  I made more biscuits (for DH to have instead of hotdog rolls) and bought hotdogs to roast over the fire after it goes down to coals. Splurged on potato chips to go with.  Will cook the spinach, too, since DH doesn't want his birthday dinner tonight, and it's on its last day of being good eats.

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    Re: March 2013!

    I thought I would contribute today instead of just lurking. I have a wonderful pot of spaghetti sauce on the stove simmering away and must thank Kar for her tip of freezing whole tomatoes! 

    You posted this tip on the parent boards this summer and I can't tell you how much help it was! By the time our tomatoes ripen,  my morning sickness was so bad I couldn't stand to be in the kitchen.  So I froze almost half our crop. And the frozen tomatoes are so much better than the ones I can.

    Thank you,  thank you, thank you!  

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    Re: March 2013!

    Hi all, I have not been able to catch up completely yet but I see I missed two birthdays at least so belated good wishes to Pingo and Winter.


    Back to a cold house, a snowy driveway and no food - so it's toast and tea and that's fine with me. 

    Channel 2 is repeating the Midwives series starting tonight from 8 - 11.  It's about midwives in the 50s in the East End of London - home of the cockneys!  Looking forward to it!  You guys might want to tape and watch later.

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    Re: March 2013!

    SAW, I'm so happy you came by to post your success with the tomatoes and that it allowed you to enjoy them so much!  Woo hoo!!!!  Thanks for letting me know, you made my day. :)

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    Re: March 2013!

    Good morning all.  TT - can't wait to hear the details of your bday party yesterday!  I'm glad your son came to clean off your car on Sat, but I can't believe none of your neighbors would do it.  We know of the, ahem, older women in our neighborhood and my DH goes around and cleans off their cars and walkways.  Oh well.

    Mom finally came home on Sat night with so many medications my brother and I had to create a spreadsheet.  She is really having a hard time with it, so we will have to call the Asst. Living place today to step her up to a higher level of care so they can give her her medications.  She's on insulin now so my poor brother has been having to go over there when she needs an injection (he lives about 8mins from her).  It's just difficult to see her deteriorate like this.  However, she still couldn't wait to get a smoke  . . . grrrr.

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    Re: March 2013!

    TT how was the party?  Are you tired from all the excitement and work?

    Princess, I am sorry to hear about your Mom, I hope she improves at home in her more familiar environment.

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    Re: March 2013!

    Good morning,

    gosh, prin, how stressful re your mom and her decline and heightened need for more care.  Praying her last years shape up as she settles into a routine that works well for her and your family.  Isn't it funny how so many still smoke after all that?

    tt, we are looking forward to the story!  

    'Course, I won't be here for awhile given the Monday routine. And, my friend from town who I often walk with is coming with me (and will be here just after 8) to go to Trader Joe's after my chiro appt.  She is the one who has lost 60 lbs since last May so maybe we will visit Lady Grace, too, since we both need new clothes.  I have ONE bra that really fit, and she has mentioned having the same problem.

    so, I have 15 minutes!  Gotta shake a leg.

    chat later,


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    Re: March 2013!

    Good morning,
    So sorry to hear your mom is still not doing well, princess. If your step her up to the next level, does that mean, she will have to move or will she just get more attention, where she is now? I hope for the latter. Re the insulin. Are you sure she needs to stay on that? In the hospital, they put diabetics on insulin as it is easier for them to manage. But that doesn't mean, you have to stay on it, when you get home. I was on insulin in the hospital, when I had my infection in my leg, but went back on my meds, when I got home. I know, you must trust the docs, but I am only bringing this up as an info for you. It is much easier to take a pill, than have to have injections several times a day.
    Nice to have you back, Hats. You have been missed. Hope you had a nice trip.
    Have a fun trip to TJ's today with your friend, Kar.
    Where are you, tt, we are all waiting to hear about your birthday party yesterday. Are you all partied out? Hope it went well.
    Had a very lazy day yesterday, which was nice after all the birthday celebration. Even though I had a wonderful time with family and friends, going out several nights a week, is not for me. And it showed yesterday; I was dead tired.
    Back to the grinds. Office is calling today. Have a good day everyone.

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    Re: March 2013!

    tt, how did your roof do with all the melting yesterday?

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    Re: March 2013!

    Thanks for your thoughts.  Luckily, she can still stay where she is, as I know a move would be pretty traumatic for her right now.  We're also lucky she can afford the extra $500/mth for the care.

    As for the insulin, she should only have to be on it for a week or so.  She is on prednisone for another issue, but is weaning off it.  This is what's causing her blood sugar to spike.  The other day we took her blood sugar and it was 800!!!  Can you believe that?  She said she felt fine, but I find that hard to believe.  Anyway, the insulin corrected it quickly.

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    Re: March 2013!

    Good morning everyone. Pingo, sounds like you had a couple of nice birthday celebrations. Hope you have a good time with your friend Kar. Hope tt had a great get together. Can't wait to hear about GD's decorations that she brought over. Princess, sorry your mom is going through this. Hoping her spirits get lifted in the next couple of days.

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    Re: March 2013!

    Good morning!  TT - must have been quite the celebration yesterday for you not to be up and giving us all the details!!

    Pingo, I'm glad you enjoyed all of your celebrations as well.

    I had a nice weekend.  Took baby girl shopping for an Easter dress Saturday, then Sunday had her 8 month pictures done.  Hard to believe she's 8 months.

    ETA:  Oh, and another first - she pulled the dog's tail!  He took it in stride.  At least that one's out of the way!

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    Re: March 2013!

    Good morning all....
    Sounds like you had a super birthday Pingo....Hats, glad your trip went well, too bad you had to come home to SNOW...we sure had a lot!!  Kar, Hope things work out good between BIL and DH, is it possible he is such a *(&%^&%$%$ because he is jealous that his bro has what he would like but can't achieve???  Winter, how nice of your neighbor to help out, next time you bake,slip a few cookies, cupcakes etc. in a baggie and have DS deliver them.  How does one freeze tomatoes whole?  I had a fun (??) day yesterday, had to call the plumber, toilet not working and leaking into the plumber (neighbors dad) came and removed the toildet, used a auger, not much luck, called his friend who works for Drain Shooter, he came and cleared the clog...thank goodness....all told they were here a good 5 hours.....price was real good IMO seeing as it was a Sunday.   Couldn't wash, do the dishes etc., as long as they were working on the the time they left, after 5:30, and we ate I was exhausted from doing almost nothing..... l'm glad it happened when it did as I'm having company on Wed. and I would hate for the toilet to give out then. Have a good day all, ss  PS:  Hope you had a terrific time yesterday tt.  

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    Re: March 2013!

    Good morning,

    Just enjoying a second cup of coffee.  Didn't get up until after 8:00.  Hips were killing me, too much standing yesterday.  It was a nice afternoon.  Everyone except college GS who had to work, came.  The minestone soup my oldest son brought was delicious.  That disappeared with just a bowl or two left at the end of the afternoon.  S&S cake was good too.  Everyone was remarking on how usually the bakery cake frosting can be too sweet, and this wasn't.  That was my supper, a glass of champagne and a piece of birthday cake!  A square of lasagna and a bowl of salad left for me for supper tonight, with a couple of squares of Spanish Cream, the rest, thankfully, disappeared in containers when they all left.

    I had bought the decorations for the table, Winter and GD put the bows along the front edge, and scattered the other decorations on the top.

    Washes to do today and odd bowls and dishes that they didn't know where they went, to put away.

    Cute birthday card from intown son, a bedraggled cat on the front and on the inside, "Happy Birthday.  Don't worry, you aren't washed up yet" !!  Of course when I gave the toast for "all the March birthday babies, and XXX's anniversary", my voice cracked when I added "May we all meet here next year" - - - son said, that's why I picked out that card, I knew you'd say that.