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March 2013!

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    Re: March 2013!

    Good morning and Happy Easter to everyone!

    Thanks for posting your Easter poem again, tt. Your poems always make me smile and brighten my day.
    Happy travel tt and Kar. Hope all your goodies make it too. Your house must be withstanding the white glove test by now, Hats. Enjoy your sparkling clean home, despite the dark panels. Enjoy your brunch out, Winter.
    Whichever way you are celebrating, my best to you November, Icer and SS.
    Busy preparing brunch here for DH and me. DH brought out a couple of deck chairs. We won't be eating outside, but maybe we can sit outside for a bit this afternoon getting some sun and fresh air.
    Gotta run, the oven is beeping. Will check in later. Enjoy the day.

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    Re: March 2013!

    Thanks for the poem, tt!  They do add so much to the Chat.  :)

    Pingo, you could eat in our greenhouse - it's up to 60+ already in there!

    Signing off, have a wonderful day, everyone.

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    Re: March 2013!

    I can hear the birds chirping from inside!  Spring arrived with Easter, how perfect. 

    I have been running around prepping vegetables, letting the ham come to room temp, washing plates, etc.  I am enjoying the cleanliness, but mostly looking forward to 8 pm when the new 'Call the Midwife' series begins, plus the new Masterpiece Theatre presentation, "Mr Selfridge" at 9.  Had a couple bites of cake for breakfast, TT, so what with the poem and the recipe, you sure made my morning!  Will be putting it out with dessert in case someone prefers it to the other cakes.

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    Re: March 2013!

    Hats, quick post - I had enough leftover (with 3 pkgs. pudding) to fill another clear bowl, and sent it home with my intown son a few minutes ago when he came to pick up the cupcakes.  Didn't have enough Cool Whip to put in the middle, because I really splurged on the original - not knowing I would be making  2nd.  In the first I forgot to sprinkle Heath bar bits in the middle and just have them on top, but still, a beautiful presentation, especially in that fluted bowl.  He's taking his to a friend's where they are going for dinner.

    Hope everyone has a great day, another hour and I should be on the road.

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    Re: March 2013!

    Hope everyone liked the trifle, TT.  All of mine are gone and I noticed that Easter Parade is on TCM at 6 so I'll be jammied and in bed by then.

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    Re: March 2013!

    Happy Easter to all.  Pingo, care to share your lemon cake recipe??  Icer, cake was the hit of the day, knew Logan would want the bunny as his piece (the whole middle)!!  Everyone enjoyed it, Thanks so much.  Had a S&S Ham for dinner, everyone raved about it, have just enuf left to make some pea soup.....I spoke up and said thats what I was going to do before SIL

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    Re: March 2013!

    thanks was nice to see you yesterday...and meet your hubby...we had a great easter...night all

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    Re: March 2013!

    Home after a wonderful day, save a bad fall G.T.'s MIL took .  Scared the devil out of all of us, and shook her up badly.  She tried to put on a brave front, but after half an hour had her son drive her home in her car that she had come in, followed by a friend to bring him back to his house.  A friend came to stay the night with her, she refused to go to the hospital to be checked out, and seemed to be fine physically, just shook up.  I called a while ago and her friend said she was in bed resting.  I'll check on her again tomorrow.

    The trifle was a hit, Hats.  Everyone said it was delicious.  I felt I was a little heavy handed with the caramel sauce, but not for them, I guess.  Anxious to see how son's party he went to liked that bowl.

    Our gentlemen friends came and were thoroughly enjoyable.  The one I bring the half moons for said he always associates half moons with holidays now, instead of his old childhood memory of his mother getting him one at a bakery after mass, because I make them for him on the holidays that we are together.  I found that very touching that he had swapped that memory to a new one involving me.

    Talked with SS, Icer, and she said the cake you made was delicious.  Wish I had an "Icer" near me!

    Hope everyone enjoyed their day.  Looking forward to reading "chats" tomorrow with fill ins on everyone's day.  Goodnight.


    Oh, P.S.:  They bought me a phone.  Said I can text on it, take pictures, and a myriad of other things, but because of my limited mechanical abilities, for now, just showed me how to make calls, so I wouldn't get confused or overwhelmed - how well they know me!  They had already programmed in important numbers for me, and put a card in it plus bought 3 more.  SO, when I got home I call G.T. just to let him know I was home safely and enjoying a meal of take home ham!  He was surprised.