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May 2013

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    Re: May 2013

    Happy Mother's Day all.

    Strawberry/rhubarb dessert is in the oven, I just finished my breakfast topped off with a chocolate donut, and I've had my "Happy Mother's Day" purr from Harry, who stopped by for his breakfast.

    Dreary, and I guess that's the way it will be til at least 3:00 or so, or so says the weatherman.

    Not expecting anyone til around noon, so I've plenty of get around time.  Got in a couple of games of MahJong already.

    Seeing regular walkers going by, in rain gear, and with their heads looking down, so must be a drizzle.

    Winter, what were you doing up at 1:00 a.m.?  Are you one of those night owls?  I made it up til about 9:30, when I started to doze off for the third time and decided I might as well crawl into bed.

    Pingo, does your house gleam and smell deliciously clean this morning?  I had picked up Mr. Clean at Job Lots and used that to wash my kitchen floor.  Thought it did a much better job easier than my previous cleaner.

    Off to shower and dress and flip and plump some cushions.  Hope you all have a wonderful day, however your choose to spend it.

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    Re: May 2013

    Wow, isn't mom supposed to be the pampered one this weekend?   You'd think I was a mom for how I've lounged.  DH only wanted his regular shake and a peanut butter and jelly rice cake as a weekend extra.  Pancakes were yesterday's endeavor.  This morning's only work was coffee, French pressed for me, coffee cone filter for DH who likes it watery and silt-free, LOL.

    Mmm, strawberry rhubarb - one of our favorites.  What kind of dessert?  Crumble? 

    It's cool and drizzly here, too, and I hope it clears up for anyone planning BBQs or other outdoor gatherings.

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    Re: May 2013

    Good morning and Happy Mother's Day to everyone,

    The cleaners were super excellent. They went over everything - EVERYTHING. Don't know what they used for my wood floors, but I never get them this shiny. Hardly dare to walk on them. Windows are all done inside. I believe I once told you how many I have; that itself is quite a job. I do them little by little  - now they are all done in one swoop. They moved furniture out from the wall and cleaned behind them. They removed all the books from our book shelves, dusted them, wiped the shelves and put the books back again. All bathrooms are shining. And so is the kitchen. Cleaned the oven and the micro/convection oven inside and out (would have done the refrigerator too, but I just cleaned it before we left on our cruise). Did all the outside of the cabinets. Except for the bathrooms, they use all natural products. The  house smells wonderful. Expensive? A bit. But it was totally worth it, and if I break it down, it is less than a cup of coffee a day. I think I can save for that.
    Even DH was impressed, and asked them to come Bi-weekly. Yeah!

    BIL called last night and asked to go out for dinner tonight instead of eating at home, since it was MD (I almost fainted), so I don't have to cook tonight after all. DH's sister and her husband will join us.

    Your strawberry rhubarb dessert sounds great, tt. But where did you get the rhubarbs? DH loves my strawberry/rhubarb jam, I make, but I have found none - not even frozen. Did they come out in the produce section, while I was gone?

    Have a good MD everyone, whichever way you are going to spend it. Kar, I am happy for you, that NH fell through.


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    Re: May 2013

    Have  to sit a bit, chopping celery and onions and slicing mushrooms for the brown rice dish.  I'm waddling side to side when I walk and don't want to be doing that when they come.  Will take an ibuprofen in a minute.  Why today?  Not painful, just how my hips are going.

    Yes, Pingo, a very few stalks of rhubarb were at S&S shop one week, but it was about 3 weeks ago.  I bought what I could and chopped and froze it.  Only enough (4 cups) to make a 9 inch square dish, and I usually like to make a lasagna size.  We'll savor every bite!

    So glad you're pleased with the ladies.  And, that your husband has opted for bi-weekly service.  You work long hours at your business, and this is certainly one thing you can delegate to them, especially since you both were pleased with the results.

    Would like to chat more, but have more to do.  I enjoy doing it, Kargiver.  As you yourself know because you do it,  cooking is a demonstration of love, and that's the way I show my love for my family.  This brown rice dish particularly, they all love.  Forgot that I have to toast the walnuts for it too.

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    Re: May 2013

    That was tongue in cheek, tt - I know exactly how you feel!  Enjoy all your preps and the feast and festivities.  Brown rice dish with toasted walnuts?  Yum!  Would love the recipe sometime it's more convenient.

    pingo, I'm drooling over the job they did, whoops, all over your shiny floors. ;)  So glad to hear it will be ongoing.  Out to dinner, too? How great!

    As for NH "falling through," yes, thank you; I found my inner sense of self preservation. :)

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    Re: May 2013

    Glad to share the brown rice recipe, it's

    Quick Brown Rice and Mushroom Pilaf

    on AllRecipes by Minute Rice.

    I use Success boil in a bag rice, and do cook it right in the skillet as recipe suggests.   For this group today I'll be doubling it.

    ETA:  Sorry, I just went in and looked for it myself and it's one of the recipes they have deleted, I guess.  At some point I will post it.  Maybe if you google Minute Rice recipes separately, it will come up, in the meantime.

    BINGO!  It does.

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    Re: May 2013

    Hello ladies! I have a dog question, and since a lot of you own dogs, i thought this would be a good place to start. 

    We moved two weeks ago into a new house (and new town), and ever since our dog has been acting out a little. In our old house we had a fenced in yard, so whenever he had to go to the bathroom, we could just let him out. We would still walk him twice a day, but if he needed to go inbetween that, he would let us know and we would let him out. 

    We do not have a fenced in back yard at our new house. Our back yard is a town forest, so I know there are a lot of animals back there, and I don't feel comfortable letting him out on his own. He has already gotten out once and ran around the neighborhood for about 10 minutes before he came back.

    He has p00ped in the baby's play room three times now. We have been walking him more often and longer walks, but he won't go #2. He will go #1, but refuses to go p00. I am a little worried that he was so used to going out and doing #2 at his own leisure, that he is not refusing to go when we walk him. Which, btw, he did go on our walks before!

    Any advice. I know dogs can get anxiety from new surroundings, but how do I prevent going to the bathroom inside? Should I start praising him and giving him treats when he goes outside now?



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    Re: May 2013

    Take him out every 2 hours on a leash, walk him to the area where you would like him to do his business.  Give him at least a few minutes...yes, give him a treat and praise him profusely when he goes!

    Continue to take him for a couple of walks around the neighborhood every day, this is a big transition for him, you should see improvement within a month, if not, I would consult an animal behaviorist, Angell has good ones, or ask your vet for a recommendation.

    Bottom line, he is confused and wants to go home, and he would prefer to use his regular bathroom.

    Cleanse the area he soils with Natures Miracle or a similar product, because they tend to return to the same spot, and it appears he is trying to establish a new bathroom area. 

    If you catch him in the act, say NO!  Don't hit him, carry him outside to the designated area.

    Some dogs become very anxious after a move,  if this change in bowel habits or behaviors continue, I would consult your vet. 


    If you have to leave him unattended, gate him in a small room that is puppy/dogproofed for now.

    Good luck

    ETA: Get the yard fenced in, it's worth it!  Or a kennel chain link fence pen, in the bad weather you won't regret it.  A run? As long as you can watch him.

    BTW: Anxious adult dogs don't do well with electronic fences, plus the wildlife can harm him and he'll be defenseless. If the dog breaks through and gets shocked, he won't come back.

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    Re: May 2013

    Thanks, tt - we have all those ingredients, I'll probably give it a whirl this week.  We'd both love it.

    liz, that's a dilemma!  Sorry you're dealing with that, yuck.  Would you be ok with his going outside if you knew for sure he wouldn't leave your yard?  If so, you could get a containment field static shock fence - we have one and it's perfect for us and Gracie albeit a LOT of training up front.  Aside from that I have no ideas, sorry!  Maybe if you haven't already you can post this in Pets for a wider net to garner more ideas.

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    Re: May 2013

    Sorry to hear about your dilemma, Liz. This may sound a bit unsanitary, but could you scoop up a couple of his pOOs and leave them on the spot in your yard, where you would like him to go? Then take him out every so often and circle him in a small circle around that spot. Round and round until he goes. Then praise him and give him a treat. It worked for us, when we were training our puppy. We also used it later on, if we had to leave for several hours and wanted her to go before we left.
    Good luck and Happy Mother's Day.

    ETA. I assume your avatar is of your little one. Very cute!

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    Re: May 2013

    @liz, no need to leave dog feces lying around, in fact I would use a canine feces scooper and throw it into the wooded area asap, a dog's sense of smell is 100 times greater than ours!

    Once they go in a spot, they can pick up the scent for a long time, that's why I mentioned using Natures Miracle or a similar enzymatic cleaner in the home.

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    Re: May 2013

    Post removed by me.  Saved for tomorrow.

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    Re: May 2013

    Thank you for the recommendations! I do feel really bad for him. He had been in our old home since he was 8 weeks old, so I know he is super confused. But, what is funny is that when we were on our honeymoon for 10 days, he stayed with my in-laws, and no accidents.

    I would LOVE to get a fence, but we have decided to spend the money on a kitchen instead. Hopefully we can get the fence done sooner rather than later. Does anyone recommend a lead? Our neighbors dog is on about a 50 foot lead and just chills outside sometimes. 

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    Re: May 2013

    It depends on the layout of your yard,  do you have a tree you could wrap a cable around?

    I would use a harness, and you would still have to watch the least from a window.

    If you want a pulley style run, a fence company or handyman could install.

    I would get estimates for a fence while you are at it, and compare the costs, often you can negotiate the price, if the dog runs off and requires veterinary care, it might end up being a lot more than the cost of a fence.

    Plus, you have a child,  and a barrier to prevent wildlife from coming into the yard might not be a bad idea.  Black chain link (5 ft) looks nice, lasts forever, and is less expensive than stockade.

    Out in the burbs you have fox, woodchuck, coyotes, deer, all kinds of animals, most of the time you don't see them during the daytime...unless they are rabid.

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    Re: May 2013


    I actually think a fence would be a good thing for your dog and because you have a baby and are going to want a fence sooner than later.  And I'd agree not to do an electronic one because that won't keep the wildlife (like deer, which eat all of your plants) OUT of your yard.  Either a black chain link if that's the least expensive option - and then replace it in a few years when you had the money to do a nicer looking one - OR go to lowes and buy the fence pieces they have already prepped. You don't need to have a Long fence, you could install the fence pieces or hire a handyman to do it in a few days. It might cost a few thousand dollars to get it done, but believe me, you'll spend lots more than $4000 on a kitchen, and this will bring some serious piece of mind!

    We bought this one from Lowes (you'll have to cut and paste, I can't make it a hyperlink):


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    Re: May 2013

    Good morning everyone.  Welcome home Pingo.  Happy to hear you were pleased with the cleaning crew.  I really adore mine.  It's so nice when I come home from work on days they've been there.

    Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day.  We had such a nice day.  Had my mom and DH's family over for brunch.  It worked out well because that way everyone could go to their games after on full bellies.

    Sorry to hear Liz that your pup is going through some adjusting because of the move.  I know when my parents moved to Fl with their little dog (years ago) they went through the same thing, but after a while of consistent walks, etc. she came around just find.  It's an adjustment for everyone!


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    Re: May 2013

    Good morning,

    Removed yesterday's post because it seemed to fall right in the middle of a fence discussion.

    Saved it, but I guess when I shut the computer off for the nght, it disappeared , clicking on "paste" this morning, I got nothing.

    Anyway, it was a lovely day.  The meal was enjoyed and appreciated, and except for a bowl of American chop suey that I kept for myself, I sent the leftovers home, this time with my oldest son.  The rice dish and chicken legs were things he could eat.  The hermits were in a container in another room, but G.T. found those and I saw a bag of them and a bag of the cinnamon buns made it home with them.  He kept saying, "Oh, cinnamon buns.  I remember those.  We used to have them on Sunday mornings."  He's right, but I had completely forgotten about that.  One of my gifts were 2 more butterfly bushes that G.T. planted out front.  Around 2:00, they left to go see the baby and when they had gotten back home G.T. emailed me a pic of he and partner holding the baby.  What a sweetheart she is.  Weighed in at 7lbs. 12 oz. and that's 3 weeks early.  Both she and Mom doing well.

    Did you have a nice dinner out last night, Pingo?  It was thoughtful of BIL to suggest that.  Maybe actually his wife was behind it and said, "You know, it is Mother's Day.  Pingo shouldn't be doing the cooking for us."

    Hope everyone else had a good day with their mothers, or just being a mother.  I'm looking forward to a leisurely day today - and maybe some chatting on the board?

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    Re: May 2013

      Pet Safe Dog Kennel 

    @Liz, just a couple of ideas, okay, I'm done!Smile

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    Re: May 2013

    Hi all, hope you all had nice mother's days yesterday.  Still very busy here, lots of meetings - 4 tomorrow! Think, well I know, that everyone looked at the calendar and said "Almost Memorial Day/Summer, gotta get on the ball!"  Liz, sorry about the dog, but have no advice cause I know nothing about it.  TT, I wish you were my MIL.  The food sounds delicious.  Wonderful that GT brought and planted the bushes.  I wish he were mine too!  Pingo, glad Bermuda was good, did you dock in Hamilton or ST George?

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    Re: May 2013

    Good morning everyone. Lovely day yesterday. We went to the Century House with my mom. Had a lovely time. I was so looking forward to the Baked Alaska. Seems like eveyrone had a lovely day. tt, your spread sounds great. Glad it was such a great time. I recently bought a butterfly bush, we have to get that planted soon. Liz, I have no advice on the pup for you. I did however, recently have a six foot white vinyl fence installed, so if you are looking for a recommendation, let me know.

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    Re: May 2013

    Hi Winter.  Century House has baked alaska??  My cousin and I go there a few times a year, and I never knew that.  Guess I never looked at the dessert menu.  It's in the back of my mind now.  We'll be getting together in the next couple of weeks to celebrate my birthday (a little late, but that's alright), and since the "birthday girl" gets to pick the restaurant of her choice, I may just opt for there and start with dessert!

    Did your son get his soccor game in?

    You will love the butterfly bush.  The secret, I guess, is to keep nipping off the dead flowers.  That encourages new ones to come along.  Every morning I would go out and pinch them off.  I had posted a pic last year of all the butterflies at mine.  Love the idea of having them out front too, one is right under this window, so I can enjoy it when I'm sitting in this room.

    Having second cup of coffee after getting dressed, and sort of picking up things here and there, putting dishes in the place they belong before I forget where the boys put them!  Oh, Pingo, sad news about my orchid - - - - - G.T.was checking it out because of the new roots that were coming out above the dirt level, and its original roots had rotted.  Too much water.  The last week or so the 3 leaves that had been left were getting limp looking - now I know why.  Instead of repotting it inside, he planted it under my wisteria.  Don't know if these cold nights will kill it off, but it was dying anyway.  We just won't tell his friend who sent it to me.  It certainly won't get over watered in my garden!

    Correction:  He just told me he didn't plant it, but set it up in the branches ?  I'll have to go out and check this out.

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    Re: May 2013

    Oh, sad news.  Just got a call from SS's dau - SS fell yesterday getting a plant holder out of the garage for a Mother's Day gift she had received, and broke a couple of ribs.  Really uncomfortable and on pain meds.  Dau said she couldn't lie down last night, and slept sitting up on couch.  Please send thoughts and prayers her way for relief from the pain, and a speedy recovery.  DD is taking off work today and will be home with her, and tomorrow another Dau will most likely come and stay with her.  Wish we lived in any kind of proximity.  Would be an excuse for me to do some more baking (!), and she and I could sit there and sip tea and gossip.

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    Re: May 2013

    Oh, no, tt - please tell her our prayers are with SS, that must be soooo painful.

    I've barely really caught up having just gotten home from the chiropractor and am ready to bolt out, again, with Gracie to take her to her annual vet appointment.  Will catch up in good shape about all the MD stories when we get back.

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    Re: May 2013

    Good late morning,
    Sounds like you all had a nice Mothers Day.
    BIL and SIL just left w/ DH to pick up a rental car. DH left before 6 this morning to start a new project. Came back home and we had a simple breakfast/brunch. Fruit, juice and TJ's Crumpets.
    Had a nice dinner last night at a Mexican restaurant in Beverly. Not my choice, but that is where they can get something to eat.
    So sorry to hear about SS's accident. Falling when you are up in age is always dangerous. Our balance is not what is used to be. I am petrified of stairs. Do one foot by one and make sure I have a good support, before I attempt the next. Just a way of life. SS is certainly in my prayers hoping for a quick mending and less pain.
    Ready to leave for the office. Will be a busy day. Have a good one everyone.

    Ps. Kar, TJ's have the large globe artichokes now. Will make sure to use them for dinner some night.



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    Re: May 2013

    tt, please let ss know that I'm thinking of her and hoping she feels better; must be very painful. Yes, they have Baked's so good. You can get either Hot Fudge or Strawberry drizzled on top, I go for the Hot Fudge.